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Message from Noam Chomsky about support to the Fukushima Evacuate Children Lawsuit

On 2012/01/12, at 11:50, Noam Chomsky wrote:

It is a privilege to be able to lend personal support to the Fukushima Evacuate Children Lawsuit.
There is no better measure of the moral health of a society than how it treats the most vulnerable people within it, and none or more vulnerable, or more precious, than children who are the victims of unconscionable actions.
For Japan, and for all of us, this is a test that we must not fail.

The Fukushima children’s lives are in danger!

Sign our petition for a collective evacuation of the children to protect them from radiation released after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

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To: Sendai High Court
Mr. Yoichi Sato, Chief Judge
Mr. Yoichi Suzuki, Judge
Mr. Naoto Ogawa, Judge
Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan


One and half years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, more than 260 000 children still remain in the highly contaminated areas. Although the parents in Fukushima are striving to protect their children in various ways such as wearing masks and consuming safe food products, their protection measures cannot be the solution to prevent radiation exposure. We demand of the government, as a part of their policy measures, to support collective evacuation of the children and to allow them a life in a safe and healthy environment.
On September 11, 2012, the first case of pediatric thyroid cancer was discovered by means of thyroid gland examinations of 38,000 children in Fukushima. Normally, the possibility of having pediatric thyroid cancer is around one out of 1 million children (Syunichi Yamashita, 2009, P 536 L1~2). Furthermore, the recent thyroid gland examination found out that 43% of 42,000 childrenhave abnormal thyroid growth. This number is alarmingly high compared to the findings of analternative examination conducted by Syunichi Yamashita, the radiation risk management adviser in Fukushima, resulting in 0.8% in Nagasaki in 2000, and 0.5% in Chernobyl five to ten years after the nuclear disaster. It is clear thatsomething abnormal has been happening to the bodies of children in Fukushima. If these abnormalities seen in these children’s bodies are left unsolved, Fukushima will become another case of Belarus or Ukraine today, where healthy children are only 20% of the whole. This is not an issue of political measures, but the issue of the basic human rights, which casts the questionwhether the endangered children are to be spared or victimised. The government must learn from the lessons of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and return to the very basic principle ‘lives are the nation’s treasures’. Sign the petition and support us to evacuate the children fromFukushima to the non-contaminated area immediately.
We demand that children be evacuated to the living environment where the air dose rate is under 1mSv per year.
The children of the Plaintiffs of Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial
Your signature is only used for submission to the court and the Prime Minister, and not for any other use.
This statement has been corrected a little the signature statement in Japanese.

Documenting Ian..

Playing with numbers.

 Wednesday, October 17, 2012
I started out the day in the Watari district of Fukushima City where I met Mrs. Gotoh, the worried mother of seven-year-old daughter, Satomi.  Mrs. Gotoh’s husband works for the prefectural government, and after the nuclear meltdown he was needed more than ever; for him, evacuation was not an option.  Mrs. Gotoh’s choice: to evacuate with Satomi and be separated indefinitely from her husband or keep her family together and remain in Fukushima.  She made the difficult choice to remain.
Mrs. Gotoh showed me the neighbourhood playground where her daughter, Satomi, sometimes plays.
Children play at a playground in the Watari district of Fukushima City
There were many children, accompanied by their mothers, climbing the equipment and playing in the sand.  I asked one of the mothers if she was concerned about the radiation level in the playground, and she told me that she was not because the playground had been “decontaminated”.  When I probed a little further, she said that she wants to believe the levels of radiation the government is releasing are accurate.  She then pointed to a sign directly above where two little girls, one of them her daughter, were playing:
Two little girls play under a sign stating the average radiation level for the playground.
The sign displayed the “average radiation level” in the playground.  The mother explained that every month “the people in charge” check the radiation levels “in different places” in the playground and that the figures are added together and the posted radiation level represents “the average level of radiation.”
While I was processing this idea of an “average level of radiation”, my phone rang and it was Mr. Kanno from the NPO ‘Save Watari Kids’ (Japanese website HERE).  He had seen my Tweet saying that I would be in the Watari area, and he was calling to ask if I wanted to meet.
My Tweet saying that I will be filming in the Watari district of Fukushima City.
Within ten minutes we had met, and I asked Mr. Kanno what he thought about the monitoring posts at the playgrounds, and indeed the monitoring posts all over the city.  He said that the posts are measuring the radiation level at 1 meter above the ground, which renders them virtually useless.  He brought me to a park that is currently undergoing “decontamination” and showed me what he meant.
A radiation monitoring station in a park that is undergoing radioactive decontamination.
He pointed to the “+” sign on the side of the monitoring station.  He told me that the mark, one meter from the ground, is where the radiation is being measured.  He explained that radiation collects on the ground and in dirt, in trees and grasses, on houses and gutters, but it doesn’t collect in the air so the levels on the ground itself are potentially much higher.  He continued by explaining that children are smaller than adults and are more susceptible to the effects of radiation, so it makes more sense to measure the radiation at a lower height.
A closeup of the radiation monitoring station showing the “+” sign
If children are more likely to play in, touch, fall face first in, and to eat dirt, then why aren’t the radiation levels being measured at that height?  I asked Mr. Kanno why the government doesn’t do the measurements closer to the ground, and he replied, “If they told the truth about the radiation levels, they would have to evacuate the entire Watari area.  Without Watari, the economy of the city of Fukushima would collapse, and without the city of Fukushima, the entire economy of the prefecture of Fukushima would collapse.  The people of this city are being sacrificed for the greater good of the prefecture, of the country.”
In the evening, I met with Ms. Sachiko Sato head of the NPO ‘Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation” (English website HERE).  She shared with me that she also felt the placement of the radiation monitoring posts only in areas that have been recently “decontaminated” and in places at a greater height from the ground was done intentionally in order to coverup the true radiation level. And she asserted that this act by the government is criminal.
Ms. Sachiko Sato, head of ‘Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation’
What Ms. Sato told me next was so utterly shocking that my jaw dropped in disbelief.  However, it is something so sensitive that I feel I need help in doing the official translation before I release the contents of the interview.  If what Ms. Sato said is true, and if I understood her correctly, then there is much more trouble ahead.
For more on Ian`s progress and a link to the upcoming video -Bookmark this

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