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The nuclear industry – one continuing experiment – ON US!

An Experiment Gone Awry  Activist Post, Richard Wilcox 29 Sept 12, Activist Post, an informative journal which is concerned with disturbing social trends, recently featured an author who prescientlyand saliently observes that:
Whether it is nuclear power generation or nuclear detonation, all nuclear industry is experimental ….

Will top management of utility companies – people whose focus seldom reaches beyond the balance sheets of current quarter and perhaps one subsequent quarter – exercise an appropriate level of control on wastes that will be dangerously radioactive for dozens of thousands of years? ….

The time, energy and resources that have been invested into nuclear experimentation are likely incalculable. It is an industry of inhuman lies and practices, one which voids all consideration of clean air, clean water and healthy food. Where humanity would be today without nuclear experimentation is impossible to say, but without it surely
the planet would be less toxic and polluted.

I submit that…if it
were not for nuclear experimentation humanity could already have free,
or for all extents and purposes endless and harmless, power sources
…. It is obvious that the oligarchical collectivism of the nuclear
experimentation industry has indirectly eliminated alternative power
systems to the extraction of and concoction of dangerous minerals. It
has done so simply through its existence as well as through diabolical
influence and outright subversion of systems less oligarchical ….
The biggest issue on the Earth is that of nuclear experimentation.
Stop nuclear experimentation, for the children (10).
While progress to create stability at the Fukushima Nuclear Power
Station (FNPS) can be said to be occurring, in some technical aspects,
it is so slow that in reality it can also be said to be deteriorating.
We are in the nuclear experimentation


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  1. Thank you for posting the article! I now believe Japan MUST (do or die) and CAN build a nuclear free future. Unfortunately most Japanese are brain dead consumer zombies, so that is an impediment. But most “fear” nuclear power so this can be fed upon by activists and organizers. We need to build a political coalition to support Ozawa in the DPJ to block the Nuclear Mafia getting any more momentum. I just heard the dude in charge during the disaster, Edano (old chipmunk ears) has come out AGAINST nuclear power for Japan! This is good news. Keep telling the truth and exposing the nuclear lies, and Japanese relying on outside pressure will have more leeway to push Japan in anti nuclear direction. We need a Green Party but that is a long way off, and any party will be immediately infiltrated and coopted. But the Nuclear Mafia is in trouble, let us not stop now.

    Comment by Richard Wilcox | September 30, 2012 | Reply

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