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Zapatistas under attack in Mexico- Transnational Corporations culpable?

Zapatista communities in the Chiapas region of Mexico have been under sustained attack from paramilitary groups since September 6th, one year after the previous invasion of their lands last September. The attackers, from the groups Pas Y Justicia (‘Peace and Justice…’) and Union Hidalgo, have been shooting at farmers on land of the autonomous municipality of La Dignitad as they attempted to peacefully resist without arms, forcing residents to flee their land. Around 70 people are said to be displaced while 14 remain missing.


Campasino leader Hugo Blanco says: ‘Lately the attacks on Zapatista communities are intensifying, the principal and strongest attack is the one that the autonomous Zapatista community of San Marcos Avilés is suffering… These attacks and the continued detention of Francisco Sántiz López and Alberto Patishtán Gómez, are the spearhead of the attack to crush the zone liberated from neoliberalism, where the people govern themselves through the Good Government Juntas. [The Juntas] are seen as the great enemy by the transnational corporations as they are a living example of the fact that “Another World is Possible.. A World where Many Worlds Fit”’.

The paramilitaries are said to be financed by the ex-PRI candidate Carlos Cleber González Cabello. Paz Y Justicia emerged in 1995 after a failed military assault on the EZLN (the Zapatista National Liberation Army).

The violence has led to an outcry from solidarity groups around the world, along with active movements in the country known as the ‘Other Campaign’. Meanwhile, Zapatista spokespeople have called on the newly formed Yo Soy 132 movement to unite behind the resistance. Yo Sol 132 is a mass protest movement for ‘real democracy’ which sprung up in opposition to the biased election coverage earlier this year.


For more on the Zaptistas and U.K based solidarity work

Article from here


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Soviet military man prevented Third World War in 1983


Andrey Mikhailov


“Just in 90 seconds it would have been over international waters. But the command to kill was made, and a military pilot Gennady Osipovich pulled the trigger. “The target is destroyed”, the report of the Russia pilot recorded by the American interceptors was broadcasted around the world. The government of the USSR kept silent. “The case of KAL-007″ was classified by the Soviet secret service and their U.S. counterparts in the CIA for 50 years.”

Soviet military man prevented Third World War in 1983. 48107.jpeg

On the night of September 26, 1983, a duty officer at the command post of early warning air defense “Serpukhov-15,” Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov decided to ignore the warning of the automatic launch from the U.S. territory of five intercontinental ballistic missiles “Minuteman” with ten nuclear warheads each directed at the USSR. Relying on common sense (five missiles is not enough for the first strike in the war), he declared a false alarm and was right: there was a failure in the notification system. The third world war did not break out. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if the USSR reciprocated.

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USSR’s first-ever nuclear sub was destroyed by “beer bottle cap”!

Publisher Pravda- Andrey Mikhailov

Date published 11.09.2012



“A non-standard gasket from…a beer bottle was installed in the ballast tank. Naturally it was displaced, the hydraulic fluid leaked under the pressure of 100 atmospheres and got sprayed onto the lamp, which had a broken protective cap. Inflammation occurred immediately,” former assistant commander of the K-3 said.


“By falsifying documents, investigation allegedly found that a submariner climbed into one of the compartments and lit a cigarette, but it was not true!” Leskov told a news conference


The first and one of the major accidents at the Navy of the USSR took place 45 years ago. On September 8, 1967, an accident on board the first Soviet nuclear submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol killed 39 people. The causes of the accident had been classified for 20 years. It is only now, in September 2012, when a special commission is going to finish the investigation.

ImageBefore we go directly to the accident, let us remember the heroic and long-suffering history of the submarine. Leninsky Komsomol, originally K-3, was the very first Soviet (and the third in the world) nuclear submarine, the head one of the series.

It was the only sub of Project 627. All subsequent subs in the series were based on the finalized project 627A. The sub inherited the honorary title Leninsky Komsomol from the diesel submarine M-106 of the Northern Fleet, which was destroyed in one of the combat missions in 1943. During the last years of service, the K-3 was reclassified from cruise to large submarine.

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Fukushima Radioactive Waste heads to National Forest

Other news on NHK and other stories from around the web.

Published on Sep 27, 2012 by 



“..Yep, you read that correctly. Radioactive debris (ash and mud) headed for the hills in a National Forest in Japan… Don’t worry, that forest can withstand earthquakes and rain, no radioactive ash or mud will slide down into the water table or blow away…”


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TV: Did army spray radioactive particles over St. Louis? — “Strong indication” it happened says researcher — Senator wants answers (VIDEOS)

Published: September 28th, 2012 at 12:05 am ET 



The I-Team independently verified that the spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide did take place in St. Louis on thousands of unsuspecting citizens. What is unclear is whether the Army added a radioactive material to the compoundas [sociologist Lisa]Martino-Taylor’s research implies.

“The study was secretive for reason. They didn’t have volunteers stepping up and saying yeah, I’ll breathe zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles,” said Martino-Taylor.

Army archive pictures show how the tests were done in Corpus Christi, Texas in the 1960s. In Texas, planes were used to drop the chemical. But in St. Louis, the Army placed chemical sprayers on buildings and station wagons.


“There is a lot of evidence that shows people in St. Louis and the city, in particular minority communities, were subjected to military testing that was connected to a larger radiological weapons testing project,” she said.

For the first time, she links the St. Louis testing to a company called US Radium, a company notorious for lawsuits involving radioactive contamination of its workers.

“US radium had this reputation where they had been found legally liable for producing a radioactive powdered paint that killed many young women who painted fluorescent watch tiles,” said Martino-Taylor.

While the Army admits it added a florescent substance to the zinc cadmium compound, details of whether it was radioactive remains secret.




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Radiation Fukushima Report, Sept. 27, 2012 – Enenews and Monticelllo NPP shutdown USA

A clear concise review of the latest Enenews headlines by;

Published on Sep 27, 2012 by 

Duration 3.45 minutes

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Professor Yukio Hayakawa’s Radiation Contour Map of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant Accident, Ver 7:

Translated by EXSKF Blog



“The dates and times of contamination that I have just explained above do not coincide with the dates and times of explosions that took place at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Unit 1 exploded at 3:36PM on March 12, and Unit 3 exploded at 11:01AM on March 14. However, it wasn’t at these moments when a large amount of radioactive materials leaked from the plant.Instead, the release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere seems to coincide well with the drop in the reactor pressure.”


He made this observation in the latest version (7th) of his Radiation Contour Map released in July, before the Fukushima prefectural government sheepishlypublished the data from the monitoring posts in Fukushima taken in March last year, which does show the spikes in radiation in locations in Fukushima Prefecture not after the explosions but after the change in the reactor pressure after the vent.

Professor Hayakawa of Gunma University first put up his hastily charted map on the Internet on April 8, 2011, after the Fukushima prefectural government announced the result of the radiation measurement in schools and kindergartens inside Fukushima. The first version of the map was released on the net on April 21, 2011. I remember seeing it, and also remember he was attacked for “fear-mongering”. It was around that time that Iitate-mura was officially designated as “planned evacuation zone”.


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Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update – Greenpeace

Blogpost by Justin McKeating – September 28, 2012

Here’s the latest of our news bulletins from the ongoing crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


Newly Established Nuclear Regulation Authority

The head of Japan’s newly-created Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), Shunichi Tanaka, announced this week that the NRA plans to completely rewrite nuclear safety guidelines. He emphasized that controversial so-called “stress tests,” computer simulations conducted by nuclear power operators themselves, will be discarded and the new regulations drawn from scratch. Tanaka hopes to submit a draft outline by the end of the fiscal year in March; by law, the new regulations must be completed by July. “Such tasks as drawing up countermeasures against severe nuclear accidents and determining how to deal with possible active faults beneath nuclear facilities will take a lot of time. I think the timeline is very tight.”


 Tanaka has not said when some of the nation’s 48 idled reactors might be restarted, although he clarified it would not be before next summer at the earliest. And, he pointed out that if reactors do not meet new guidelines, technical upgrades and retrofitting might mean that it could be years before they are approved for restart. Two reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture–#3 and #4—were restarted under the direction of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, and Tanaka said he has no plans to reverse that decision, in spite of the fact that they are sitting on a seismic fault that scientists believe may be active. If so, operating those reactors would be a violation of Japanese law.  
The new standards will reportedly include guidance on evacuating areas surrounding nuclear reactors in the event of a major nuclear disaster. Evacuation areas called “urgent protective action planning zones” (UPZ) will be increased from an 8-10 km radius around a reactor to 30 km; those within a 5 km radius will be forced to evacuate immediately. Municipal officials, who will need to create new evacuation and disaster management plans by March for up to three times as many people as before have complained that the central government is not providing nearly enough guidance or technical support. In some areas, there are not enough roads and vehicles to perform such a wide-scale evacuation if a nuclear crisis occurs. Tanaka said that if surrounding areas do not submit appropriate evacuation and emergency plans, reactors will not be restarted. 

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Nuclear news highlights of the week

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Uranium industry – keeps getting hyped by lobbyists, but the gloomy future market outlook remains.

Oil companies plan to drill in the Arctic Kara sea – exactly where the Soviet Union dumped 25 years’ worth of radioactive wastes, including  a nuclear reactor.

Japan. Under pressure from nuclear lobby, Japan contemplates reviving their very dangerous Monju nuclear reprocessing plant.

USA‘s new nuclear industry grinds to a halt, as there’s nowhere to put their accumulating piles of nuclear wastes.

UK. Military chiefs not happy with super expensive, but useless Trident nuclear missile ‘deterrent’

India; Kudankulam nuclear plant project before the Supreme Court – it could halt the project.

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Critical data is missing for two-thirds of children tested for thyroid problems in Fukushima Prefecture


September 28, 2012

Critical data is missing for two-thirds of children tested for thyroid problems in Fukushima Prefecture, because their families have failed to declare the children’s hour-by-hour whereabouts during the immediate post-disaster period.

Investigators need residence records for the four months following March 11, 2011, when radioactive fallout was high from a nuclear disaster and ingested iodine isotopes could have damaged the thyroid glands of growing children.

The records are arduous to complete, but are needed in order to estimate a possible dose. Absence of a dose estimate could make people ineligible for compensation if they later develop serious problems such as thyroid cancer, because of an inability to establish a cause.

By late September, about 100,000 children had their thyroid glands tested because of their relative proximity to the melted-down reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, following the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

The tests targeted those living in districts such as the 13 municipalities near the crippled nuclear plant, and Fukushima city, the prefectural capital. Results for 80,000 tests are now available.

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Danger as oil companies plan drilling in nuclear waste ocean dump

The Kara Sea is so remote that the Soviet Union used it as a dumping ground for radioactive material for more than 25 years. The two oil companies have avoided calls for the nuclear waste, estimated to consist of over 17,000 barrels of radioactive waste, worn-out reactors, and even an old nuclear submarine, to be cleared up before any exploration takes place.

The most dangerous item down on the sea floor in that area is the K-27 nuclear submarine, which was dumped their by the Soviet navy in 1981. The NRPA said that any significant corrosion could damage the ships reactor and cause an environmental disaster.

Exxon, Rosneft eye oil in nuclear wasteland
Exxon Mobil and Rosneft are planning to drill for oil in the Kara Sea, which the Soviet Union used as a dumping ground for radioactive material for more than 25 years, according to By James Burgess,   September 27, 2012 It has been well documented that oil majors from around the world are looking at oil exploration in the Arctic, where they believe that some of the largest untapped fields in the world still lie.

Environmentalists have been fighting efforts to start exploring for oil, fearing that any serious oil spill could mean the destruction of one of the last pristine wildernesses on the planet. Continue reading

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USA classes Assange with al-Qaeda and Taliban: Australian govt toes the USA line

‘Enemy’ tag poses fresh test of citizens’ rights, The Age editorial September 28, 2012 The law must be the same for Assange as for everyone else. THE designation of WikiLeaks and its co-founder, Julian Assange, as enemies of the US adds to the gravity of the consequences for releasing classified embassy cables two years ago.

The development, revealed in newly released US Air Force documents, puts Assange in the same category as al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban. Personnel who contact him risk being charged with crimes that may carry the death penalty.

Senior US politicians have called Assange a terrorist and demanded he be charged with espionage, hunted down or assassinated.

The Age has refuted Australian government claims of ignorance of US plans to pursue Assange. When coupled with public denunciations – Prime Minister Julia Gillard declared Assange to be a criminal – this government inspires little confidence that it would be any more diligent than the Howard government was in standing up for its citizens’ rights.

A member of the military charged with a military offence can expect to be tried in a military court. US Army private Bradley Manning faces a court martial charged with aiding the enemy by transmitting information that became available to the enemy via WikiLeaks.  However, as a result of being deemed ”enemy combatants” – an expedient but legally dubious categorisation – Australians David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib endured long detentions without charge at Guantanamo Bay until a special military tribunal was set up to try detainees.

That points to the risks for anyone declared an ”enemy” of the US military. Assange, though, is not a combatant; as WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, he sees himself as a journalist. The Age published excerpts from the cables by arrangement with WikiLeaks, as did The New York Times in the US and The Guardian in the UK. This information exposed the truth
about the conduct of governments involved in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Publication was based on the conviction that citizens have a right to know about glaring differences between what governments say in public and what they say and do in private. We had no compunction about making public the secret business of governments and their militaries when the public had been deceived about grave decisions of state,
which went to the justifications for and progress of two wars. At the time, The Age cited an obvious historical precedent. Four decades ago, the Pentagon papers, also illegally copied and provided to The New York Times, showed the Johnson administration had deceived Congress and the public about the Vietnam War.

It is hard to mount a credible argument that exposing deceptive conduct and collusion by elected governments is against the public interest. If governments are embarrassed, lose credibility and are politically damaged, they deserve to be…….

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VIDEO: USA making Julian Assange an “enemy of the State”?

Exposed: U.S. May Have Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks an “Enemy of the State Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have been designated an “enemy of the state” by the United States. U.S. Air
Force counterintelligence documents show military personnel who contact WikiLeaks or its supporters may be at risk of being charged with “communicating with the enemy” — a military crime that carries a maximum sentence of death. We speak to attorney Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and a legal adviser to Assange and WikiLeaks. [includes rush transcript] GUEST: Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and a legal adviser to Assange and WikiLeaks.

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Full impact of Fukushima disaster impresses general public, and local Councils

Occupy the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)   Cathy Iwane (CA). 28 Sept 12,  : ANOTHER unanimous local victory!!! Every Encinitas City Council member voted in favor of sending a letter containing even stronger language calling out Southern Cal. Edison to a judiciary procedure regarding inconsistencies on their public commentary about San Onofre.

In addition, their obvious evasion of NRC checks for relicensing. Bad karma for SCE rears it’s ugly head, to everyone’s relief! Tonight illustrates clear distrust of Southern Cal
Edison. The letter to the NRC will hopefully include all sides testifying under oath to include independent testimony from the scientific community.

Public safety concerns abound! Fukushima disaster is consistently referred to in conversations with City Councils everywhere so the conversation is creating awareness,
while parallels and connections to Japan can be drawn easily by the general public.

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World Health Organisation obediently follows nuclear lobby’s policies

Margaret Chan VERSUS World Health Organisation  http://tekknorg.wordpress com/2012/05/27/margaret-chan-versus-world-health-organisation/
May 27, 2012 by Mikkai    “……THE AGREEMENT WHA 12 – 40 between IAEA and WHO: QUOTE:

“Since the signing of this agreement, WHO has shown no autonomy of action towards achieving its stated objectives in the field of radiation protection.

On the contrary it has shown its capacity for misinforming the public about the health consequences of radioactive contamination caused by the civil and military nuclear industries.

WHO waited five years before visiting those territories that had been heavily contaminated by the accident at Chernobyl. They gave no instructions for evacuation or for the provision of clean food to the affected populations.

WHO has kept hidden the health consequences of this catastrophe, especially by not publishing the proceedings of the 1995 and 2001 conferences.

WHO still estimates the number of deaths caused by Chernobyl at less than fifty and attributes the health problems of populations of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia to fear of radiation.

WHO does not recognise the validity of the work published in 2009 by the Academy of Sciences of New York which estimates the number of deaths caused by Chernobyl to be nearly one million.

With Fukushima, WHO has the same attitude as for Chernobyl.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) does not respect its constitution which lays down the following principle:

“Informed opinion and active cooperation from the public are of paramount importance for improving the health of people …”

In the first chapter, Article 1:

“The goal of the World Health Organization shall be the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.”

In chapter 2 – FUNCTIONS of WHO:

a) to act as the directing and co-ordinating Authority on International Health Work.”

“The WHO experts had also rejected any relation between radiation and the significant increase in the morbidity in many somatic diseases established in the affected areas of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine soon after the accident. / the international radiation community practically played a role of an advocate of the USSR government that tried to play down the consequences of this accident  from the very beginning.”

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