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Third steel beam found beside the fuel rack. Tepco “Fuel assemblies may be damaged” Fukushima Diary, by Mochizuki on September 25th, 2012 · 
As to the latest accident in reactor3, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco
found 2 steel beams in SFP3.
(cf. [Reactor3] Underwater video, “Two steel beams were found in the pool”)

After this article, Tepco found another steel beam in the pool, now
they are considering the possibility that the fuel assemblies are

So far, Tepco finished investigating the 1/8 of the pool and found 3
steel beams in total. One of the 3 steel beams was found beside a rack
of fuel assemblies.

Tepco still hasn’t verified the dropped steel beam.

They have been stating there is no change in the radiation level in
the pool water and no change of the water level, which suggests the
state of the pool and fuel assemblies were sound, but they are
starting to suggest the possibility that fuel assemblies were


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