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Solar railway tunnel

from Occupy the NRC, 5 Sept 12, Paris to Amsterdam – Europe’s first solar powered train tunnel The project, known as the “Solar Tunnel”, is the first of its kind in Europe in that it is the first time the railway infrastructure has been used to generate green energy. The €15.7 million ($21.5 million) project will supply 3300 MWh of electricity annually, enough to power 4,000 trains.

High-efficiency solar panels — 16,000 of them, with a rating of 245W each — were turned on, on the roof of a

  high-speed rail tunnel in Antwerp, Belgium (all of which were supplied by JinkoSolar). The 3.6-kilometer (2.2-mile) tunnel was built to protect trains from falling trees as they pass through an ancient forest. The installation covers a total surface area of 50,000m² (538,000 ft2). The electricity produced by the installation will be used to power railway infrastructure, such as signals, lighting and the heating of stations. It will also power the trains using the Belgian rail network. The endeavor is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 2,400 tons per year.


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Inaction on climate change due to ‘mental blocks’

Mental blocks contribute to our inaction on climate change, Irish Times, September 3rd, 2012 JOHN GIBBONS The future of our species is under threat – yet we choose not to recognise the danger

IT’S REASSURING to imagine we are, by and large, rational beings who base our judgments and decisions on the best evidence we can muster.

The scientific evidence suggests otherwise.

Nowhere can the limits of human rationality be more forcefully encountered than in how we have collectively failed to respond to the existential threat posed by climate change…..Evidence from behavioural and brain sciences points to the fact that “the human moral judgment system is not well equipped to identify climate change – a complex, large-scale and unintentionally caused phenomenon – as an important moral imperative”, according to a recent article in the  science journal, Nature Climate Change.

The researchers identified key reasons why, despite the mountains of hard scientific evidence, we have signally failed to react to the colossal threats posed by climate change.
First, our moral intuitions are strongly driven by emotional responses…..
Second, the harms arising from pollution and resource depletion are a real but largely unintended by-product of economic activity……
Another roadblock is moral tribalism….
The deliberate politicisation of the science of climate change has allowed many otherwise intelligent, educated people (most notably, conservative white males) to reject objective scientific facts from credible sources in favour of shabby but reassuring conspiracy theories.
The final factor at work is the perception that climate change is a threat that affects others who live elsewhere – either people in distant countries or from future generations. We can easily frame them as out-group members, somehow different from us and, so, less deserving of our concern…..

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Shut down Japan’s 2 operating reactors – call from Osaka governments

Kyodo: Gov’t calls for shut down of Japan’s only 2 operating reactors
  September 4th, 2012  By ENENews 
( (Subscription Only) Title: Osaka pref., city gov’ts call for halt to 2 Oi plant reactors
Source: Kyodo News
Date: September 4, 2012

The Osaka prefectural and municipal governments on Tuesday called for a halt to the operation of two reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture ahead of the end Friday of this summer’s more than two-month power-saving period.


Kansai Electric […] restarted the Nos. 3 and 4 reactors at the four-reactor Oi plant in July


In a joint statement adopted at their meeting on energy earlier in the day, the two local governments said the two reactors should be shut down, noting the demand-supply situation for electric power is not so tight and that many Japanese nationals now want a nuclear-free Japan.

The decision to restart the Oi reactors does not respect people’s wish for a nuclear-free Japan, it said.

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USA Federal government responsible to clean up Hanford nuclear waste

State right to force federal Hanford cleanup
The federal government created the waste; it must clean it up.
By Editorial Board As of Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Washington state —
led by Gov. Chris Gregoire and Attorney General Rob McKenna — is
wisely threatening legal action against the federal government because
it continues to shirk its responsibilities to clean up the Hanford
Nuclear Reservation.

#Federal officials have been delaying fully funding the cleanup
operation for years. Congress trims current funding while promising to
make up for it some day — a day that never arrives. Continue reading

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Solar ”EDGE” in India !

urvishdave March 18, 2012  As you all might be aware that during these days a lot of activities have been going around across our Solar Industry in India & to list a few of them are Solar projects to come in Rajasthan under Rajasthan Solar Policy, New projects about 200 MW in Madhya Pradesh, Draft Solar Policy of U.P. & especially the news / speculations of soon to  be announced solar policy for phase III in Gujarat etc….

Among all this there are lot of questions arising in the minds of people I interact with such as Does solar really have a cutting edge over rest of the RE technologies ? Is it really affordable ? Is is right time to install roof top solar panels to generate electricity ? etc. to which my answer every time is YES, GO FOR IT !  So let us have look at some of the really important factors that play a major role in boosting the affordability of solar in India……

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San Diego needs renewable energy, not San Onofre nuclear plant

Spend Money on Renewable Energy Options Instead of Nuclear Energy  by Ace Hoffman 5 Sept 12

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been offline since Jan. 31, 2012. The root cause was human error — trusting computer output, to be specific. The problem appears to be difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Costs for replacing the broken parts and buying replacement fuel will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars if San Onofre proceeds with that plan — but instead, the money could be used to support renewable energy options that become part of a lasting green-energy solution.

What can be done? Lots! Solar rooftops, solar parking lots, solar everything. Wind turbines, stored energy, even wave and tide energy systems are all available — as are skilled workers to build these things. The equivalent of San Onofre’s energy output has been added to the SoCal power grid many times in the past; once more with green energy replacement would be a big step towards making San Diego a truly great place to live.

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Petition to Chief Justice of India to stop Koodankulam Nuclear Plant

Stop Kudankulam Nuclear Plant! Help Save The Indian Ocean!  Indian Voice
   Petitioning: Chief Justice of India.
Petitioner: Ignatius Fernando started on September 4, 2012

We, ardent lovers of humanity and marine life, request the Chief
Justice of India to persuade the Govt. of India to keep the Indian
Ocean free of nuclear discharges, and convert the Koodankulam Nuclear
Plant into an alternative source of energy. Let us present a safer
world for our generations to follow.

The Indian and Russian authorities have been adamantly going ahead
with the project without respect for the apprehensions of the local

Nuclear waste from Koodankulam is to be discharged into the Indian
Ocean and the local villagers have been engaged in peaceful protests
like hunger-strike. The Indian Government has to be persuaded to
convert this facility into an alternative source of energy.

Everyone agrees that nuclear waste will remain radioactive forever in
the Ocean….

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VIDEO – Arnie Gundersen lecture in Japan

Gundersen in Japan: Lawmakers told me they don’t believe Tepco or NISA
— Crowd laughs out loud when Tepco responds to Unit 4 comments (VIDEO)
September 3rd, 2012   By ENENews  Arnie Gundersen Lecture in Japan
Presented by Green Action Japan
September 3, 2012
Question: I’m curious about the Diet’s reaction to your comment about
the Unit 4 fuel pool. Have you seen any indication that the gov’t
would be willing to accept outside help?

Gundersen: There were about 10 parliamentarians in the meeting…
afterward the parliamentarians contacted me, no they did not believe
NISA or Tepco. And the remainder of the crowd laughed out loud when
Tepco responded. I have seen no interest on the part of Tepco or NISA
about getting other experts involved in the process…

I asked Tepco if they considered using lighter casks…

They said this was the best they could do…

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A Q Khan not to be trusted

Nuclear Politics NYT, By CAROL GIACOMO, 4 Sept 12 In Pakistan’s history, Abdul Qadeer Khan holds a unique place as the father of the country’s nuclear weapons program. Now at the age of 76, he’s mulling another vocation – political candidate, in elections expected next year.

There are many reasons why this would be bad for Pakistan, which has wasted millions of dollars over the years on its nuclear program when the need for improving the economy, creating jobs, establishing a better school system and building infrastructure is so great. There is also the not-so-insignificant matter of fighting the Pakistani Taliban that is trying to destroy the state.

Mr. Khan brought disgrace upon himself in 2004 when he confessed to having sold nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya. Pakistan’s president at the time was Gen. Pervez Musharraf who pardoned Mr. Khan but placed him under house arrest. The government relaxed the restrictions in 2009 but his movement remains somewhat limited.
Nevertheless, he is still revered by many Pakistanis and could have some electoral appeal. He recently founded the Movement for the Protection of Pakistan…

… The bottom line is that Mr. Khan was quite content to provide some of the world’s most repressive regimes with the capability to blow up its neighbors and anybody else. Pakistan’s needs a vibrant, competitive political system that will produce a new generation of enlightened selfless leaders who will commit to building a functioning democratic state that will serve all its citizens. Mr. Khan is not that person.

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The Fallout of Fukushima – James Corbett on Danish TV

James Corbett, an independent news blogger running “The Corbett Report” has been covering the Fukushima crisis as well as other matters.  He has a great presenting style with some well researched topics. i thought i would show how bloggers have reached out to the main stream media to give detailed and precise information. a short video but he has many more on his You Tube site. Well worth a browse!


Published on Jul 3, 2012 by 

James Corbett joins Danish TV program Deadline 22:30 to talk about Fukushima and what has occurred in the wake of the nuclear accident. Access the Deadline 22:30 website here:



And a more recent video here…

Corbett: IAEA and Nuclear Monopolists a “Gang of Thugs”

Published on Aug 24, 2012 by 

Iran and the UN’s nuclear watchdog are set to resume talks later on Friday – more than two months after the previous round failed. Tehran insists it only wants peaceful energy, but the West remains suspicious of its nuclear ambitions. Hopes aren’t high for these negotiations either – while Iranian citizens continue to be hit hardest by US and European sanctions. For more on this we RT talks to James Corbett – journalist and editor of The Corbett Report – an online multi-media news and information source.

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Hunt for Ramen with Anti-Copyright Activist in Akihabara Tokyo (Video Ryan)

A light hearted take on activism in Japan. The You Tube blogger Ryan having a night out with fellow activists. An interesting insight on the Tokyo scene here by “The Ghost Writers Report”. Ryan has many videos covering a wide range of issues in Japan and has also been covering the Japanese anti-nuclear demonstrations with English commentary. 


Published on Sep 3, 2012 by 


A rare video for all of you. An inside look at hanging with the Anti-Establishment in Tokyo Japan.


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Touching faith of Steve Kidd that our grandchildren will solve the nuclear waste problem

“SOMEHOW the waste issue will UNDOUBTEDLY be taken care of” 

In Today’s issue of Nuclear Engineering  I found  a fascinating article by Steve Kidd, deputy director-general of the World Nuclear Association.   I was fascinated because of the insight this article gives into the thinking of the nuclear lobby.

It’s all about South Korea, and Mr Kidd is full of praise for the  culture there.  You see, they’re not only hard-working,  – but Mr Kidd seems to be rejoicing that the South Koreans have none of that pesky individualism, that slows  things up in other countries. In South Korea, he says, there’s  ” a feeling of national unity, initially fostered by strong state control and somewhat repressive policies,  which it carries through to today.  Critics would argue that there is a lack of individualism, and it is certainly true that South Koreans all seem to think and speak with one voice….  every Korean is part of ‘Korea Inc’ and the economy drives forward with only the odd bump on the way”

This is awfully handy for the nuclear industry, – South Korea sounds like one place where the populace will believe their government. Mr Kidd seems agrees with all the economists, that nuclear energy needs government backing to survive “A strong national consensus that a nuclear programme is both necessary and do-able is also important, as is the guarantee that support won’t suddenly be withdrawn by political change.”

But my favourite part is that wonderfully religious bit, in which the nuclear advocate shows complacent faith that somehow, in the future, somebody’s grandchild will fix the problems that the nuclear industry has created –  no doubt long after Mr Kidd and the rest of them have made their money, retired, and died.

Of South Korea’s nuclear power problems, Mr Kidd is happy to conclude:
The major difficulty may turn out to be obtaining sites for the additional reactors in the 2020s, as the current four sites will run out of space for extra units by then. But somehow this will undoubtedly be taken care of, as will the waste issue, which is rising in significance as the volume of stored used fuel grows rapidly.”
Touching faith, isn’t it?  – Christina Macpherson

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Video: VIMEO international conference on Chernobyl radiation

Nuclear Controversies  by  PLUS   by Wladimir Tchertkoff, 51min, 2004 In 1995, the Director General of WHO Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, tried to inform on Chernobyl by organizing in Geneva an international conference with 700 experts and physicians. This tentative was blocked. The International Agency for Atomic Energy blocked the proceedings, which were never published. The truth on the consequences of Chernobyl would have been a disaster for the promotion of the atomic industry.

This film shows the discussions at the following WHO- congress in Kiev in 2001, that lead to the fatal disregarding of internal radiation consequences throughout the nuclear world.

The full transcript can be found here:

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VIMEO video TRANSCRIPT on international conference on Chernobyl radiation

NUCLEAR CONTROVERSIES  Vivre Tchernobyl , W. Tchertkoff:  Script english version    
Dr. Michel Fernex, retired, Medical Faculty University of Basle, is part of a campaign denouncing the conflict of interests between two organizations of the UN: the IAEA -International Agency for Atomic Energy- promoter of nuclear industry, and the WHO -World Health Organization-.

An agreement was signed in 1959 between those organizations: the WHO is prevented from undertaking independent medical research on the health effects of radiation, or for informing populations on the consequences of accidents like Chernobyl, when the atomic lobby does not agree.

Here a letter is being delivered for Kofi Annan and Dr. Brundtland, Director General of the WHO, asking for an amendment of this agreement and freedom for the WHO to work freely on the health effects of radiation. ….

In 1995, the Director General of WHO Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, tried to inform on Chernobyl by organizing in Geneva an international conference with 700 experts and physicians. This tentative was blocked. The International Agency for Atomic Energy blocked the proceedings, which were never published. The truth on the consequences of Chernobyl would have been a disaster for the promotion of the atomic industry.

Fernex The interdiction to publish which fell on the WHO conference will maybe be lifted for the next WHO congress. But the IAEA will also be there, don’t worry : UNSCEAR, IAEA, with fantastic money. To buy scientists in poor countries doesn’t cost a lot. With 10.000 dollars you can buy many persons.

…… Never before, had such an authority admitted, that health institutions are subordinate to the promoters of the atom. The WHO and the IAEA, two UN agencies, when working together, should be free to fulfil their institutional tasks, for peace and the world’s well being.
Contradictions, tensions and conflicts which exist in the UN system, were expressed during this conference, by the protagonists of the 1995 WHO Conference and the physicians and scientists of the civil society.

Zupka english The consequences of Chernobyl do not fade away, but actually grow increasingly uncertain, and in many ways more intense. The United Nations Secretary General, Mister Kofi Annan, put it very clear when he said that: “The legacy of Chernobyl will be with us and with our descendents for generations to come”.

title: D. Zupka – OCHA UN Comment The representative of the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs shares the view of Kofi Annan, who estimates at 9 million the number of victims, and says that tragedy of Chernobyl is only beginning.
…..  tle: A. Gonzales – IAEA UN

CommentThe representative of the International Agency for Atomic Energy, maintains that the Chernobyl catastrophe caused 31 deaths, a few hundred highly irradiated individuals and 2000 thyroid cancers in children. This UN agency recognizes only validated data, validated by the laboratories of Los Alamos and the French Atomic Energy Commissariat -CEA-, two atomic bomb makers. …….

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Republican Party opposes sustainable energy plan of Agenda 1

Apparently, the Republicans would prefer to have their own patch ruined, than to take part in helping others to keep their patch clean and sustainable !C.M.


Republican Platform Opposes Agenda 21 By LESLIE KAUFMAN The G.O.P. platform approved Tuesday in Florida included tough language on many expected issues like abortion, but also takes a stand on an issue that has historically been out of the party’s mainstream: Agenda 21.

“We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty, and we oppose any form of U.N. Global Tax,” the platform reads. Agenda 21 is a 1992 United Nations resolution that encourages sustainable development globally. Although it is nonbinding and has no force of law in the United States, it has increasingly become a point of passionate concern to a circle of Republican activists who argue that the resolution is part of a United Nations plot to deny Americans their property rights.

In a New York Times article in February written with my colleague, Kate Zernike, we reported about activists aligned with the Tea Party disrupting local city and state land use planning meetings nationwide to denounce sustainable efforts to reduce energy use — including bike lanes on public streets and smart meters on home appliances. The activists see such community projects as  the first steps in a plan to limit individual rights.

Since that article, land use officials in many parts of the country have  complained of anti-Agenda 21 disruptions, most recently in Notasulga, Ala.

Most of those pushing the Agenda 21 theory have been largely on the margins of their own party. But the inclusion of language for Agenda 21 in the Republican Party platform could mark a turning point, said Tom Madrecki, a spokesman for Smart Growth America, an advocacy group that works to limit sprawl.

“Though the actual language of the platform does not say anything besides ‘we oppose Agenda 21,’ the fact that it’s in the platform gives credence to something that just shouldn’t get any,” he said.

He said he’s concerned that formalizing opposition to Agenda 21 will bring more disruption and will “continue halting beneficial conversations about community planning.”

Mitt Romney’s campaign did not return e-mails asking whether the nominee supports the inclusion of formal opposition to Agenda 21 in the platform.

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