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Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power – Article by Chris Busby

Posted January 20th, 2012 


“….Following up his 2007 book “Wolves of Water” Chris Busby calls for the development in Society of legal mechanisms to investigate issues of scientific dishonesty like those in Denmark. Such issues, he argues, can be seen in the same category as perjury in criminal court cases for which serious sanctions exist. The essay has been published in Iraq-Silent Death edited by Chris Scherrer (University Sains Malaysia 2011) and is also to be found, (together with several examples of possible scientific dishonesty) presented on the website of the Low Level Radiation Campaign The matter is one of democracy and goes to the core of expert evidence on Policy to governments. It is argued that scientists (like those who talk down the Fukushima catastrophe) or those like Prof Wade Allison who advise people to move into radioactive areas because doses of up to 100mSv a month are harmless, should be investigated in a court or law and if found guilty of knowingly giving bad advice (rather than being stupid or careless) suffer penalties….”


The Royal Society and  Depleted Uranium
Prof. Brian Spratt FRS and Prof William Bonfield FRS

But why did the Royal Society set up such a committee?
The WHO, IAEA, EURATOM, the UN, the military, the NRPB, all said DU was safe. 

Did someone at the RS wake up one morning and think: what a good idea?
Or were they asked to by the government?

To use the good name of the RS to reassure the veterans.?

To reassure the public that the UK was not responsible for all the dying children in Iraq?

more on video link above


And here a link to enable you to do something about this dishonesty here

deadline for petition 31 august 2012





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