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Breaking! Economist Appearing On Max Keiser Show Forced To Resign


 8/26/2012 @ 11:47AM 



On August 16th, Jaitly elaborated further on Russia Today’s Keiser Report:

Mises didn’t look back to Menger’s original axiom which was that value is not outside of your own consciousness. And he didn’t observe what Menger observed about market action in the sense that there are always two prices, there’s a bid and an offer. And von Mises didn’t like to admit that interest was a market phenomenon. He sort of wanted to imply that it’s a sort of natural consequence of not having a present good basically. So to develop a theory of interest without going back to Menger’s original observations is not continuing the tradition in the Austrian way as we would see it.

Then, after much debate in the blogosphere, someone known as kdt postedthis text purporting to come from The Gold Standard Institute on August 25th:

Lest there be any misunderstanding, the views expressed by Sandeep Jaitly in his interview with Max Keiser ( are not the views of The Gold Standard Institute. To the contrary, we strongly disagree with those views. There is no doubt that Ludwig von Mises made mistakes; that should not diminish the respect due to a great scholar. The mistakes of Mises are dwarfed by the enormity of his positive contributions. The Institute believes that history will judge Ludwig von Mises far more kindly than does Mr. Jaitly. The Ayn Rand diatribe was of a tone that displayed little understanding of her philosophy and needs no further comment. The philosophy of The Gold Standard Institute has always been, and will remain, to debate and promote ideas, not to attack people.

Sandeep Jaitly has resigned from his position as Senior Research Fellow with the Institute and we sincerely thank him for his past contributions.

Philip Barton


Going Knee-Deep With Sandeep (with video)


I considered another title for this post; Degrade With Dave, but I really like Sandeep Jaitly.  He’s willing to wade right into a subject matter that most folks wouldn’t even consider.  If most folks did bring it up people would think they were crazy.  You see Sandeep is willing to talk about human consciousness and its role in value creation in reference to gold.  On top of that he’s willing to attempt to melt his ideas with those of Karl Menger and the Austrian School of economics.   

Max Keiser of The Keiser Report recently interviewed Sandeep.  They talked about the subjective and objective aspects of gold and why Sandeep, unlike Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, believes that gold is money.  If you listen to the interview carefully however you will also hear two things that may surprise you. 

1.  Gold has no intrinsic value

2.  Gold is being debased by mankind

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Noam Chomsky- Julian Assange deserves applause rather than denunciation and punishment (video)

AUG. 25, 2012

What’s at stake here?

“…At stake is the question of whether the citizens of a country have a right to know what their elected officials are doing. Those who have a lingering affection for an odd notion called “democracy” believe that this is important. To be sure, a state has the right to keep some matters secret. I haven’t read all the WikiLeaks exposures, but I have read quite a few, and I have not seen an example of anything that could legitimately be kept secret, nor, to my knowledge, have the horde of angry critics presented an example. I should say that this is not unusual. Anyone who has spent time studying declassified documents is well aware that overwhelmingly, they are kept secret to protect elected officials from the scrutiny of citizens, not for defense or some other legitimate purpose.

Someone who courageously carries out actions in defense of democratic rights deserves applause, not hysterical denunciation and punishment. We understand that very well with regard to official enemies. Since you bring up the matter of “hypocrisy,” it is the extreme of hypocrisy to refuse to apply the same standards to ourselves…..”

And this is the julian assange show with Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali discussing activism


“Julian Assange should be congratulated for carrying out the responsibilities of a citizen in democratic societies, where the population should be aware of what their selected representatives are doing and planning.

The Wikileaks revelations have surely advanced such awareness and understanding, and are a valuable contribution for that reason”.

December 2011

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China tough against Tokyo but reins in activism

AUG. 26, 2012


“…Wu Qingjun is no dissident. In fact, this activist’s pet issue – China’s claim over a set of islands controlled by Japan – aligns him squarely with Beijing’s government. But that didn’t stop authorities from sending four agents to tail him.

As Beijing continues a tense war of words with Tokyo over a set of islands in the East China Sea, it is quietly reining in anti-Japanese activists at home, trying to keep them from staging protests that could threaten relations with Tokyo or even backfire into criticisms of China’s communist government.

The government’s sensitivity over protests that took place in several Chinese cities on Sunday over the set of islands – known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan – reflects its perpetual fear that allowing its people too much freedom to hold protests – any protests – could snowball into domestic dissidence….”


“…To save himself from the trouble of explaining the appearance of police to his neighbors, Wu said he decided to check into a hotel and inform the police of his whereabouts.

“I’m not hiding or fleeing,” said Wu, whose past experience told him the police would find him anyway….”


“…In Beijing, Li said he has been told not to attempt to travel to the islands. “It has become impossible,” Li said. “The biggest obstacle for groups defending the islands comes from the government.”

“The Chinese government is not used to any grass-roots organization, whether it is for environmental protection or AIDS,” Li said. The government is suspicious of such groups’ motives, he said…..”


“…“The government has no strategy to deal with the dispute with Japan. But whenever there are internal protests, it is quick to take action to ensure order,” Li said….”

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£57m and rising: the cost of inquiries into British ‘war crimes’


“…..In the latest development it can be disclosed that G4S, the company whose failures led to thousands of troops being drafted in to the Olympicssecurity effort, is poised to take up a new multi-million pound contract investigating soldiers’ activities in Iraq.

Disclosure of the escalating costs is likely to raise concerns over howmoney is spent by the MoD at a time of budget cuts, and will also raise further questions about G4S’s suitability for such a role following theOlympic security fiasco.

A special investigation unit, the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), is already staffed by G4S employees and will more than double in size under a new contract which is out to tender….”

And for more information about G4S…..

Open letter to Ecotricity regarding its meter reading contract with G4S

Corporate Watch | 17.08.2012

Involvement in unethical industries

“…G4S is primarily a security company. 52% of the company’s revenue comes from providing security services to other private companies and wealthy individuals (what G4S calls “secure solutions – non-government”), and 27% comes from public contracts (“secure solutions – government”).

In addition to manned security, which accounts for over 60% of the company’s “secure solutions” work, G4S provides a range of other “security services”, an increasingly broad definition that now includes security systems (CCTV, etc.), monitoring services, and ‘integrated security services’ for entire sites or estates.

Industry sectors ‘secured’ by G4S include energy (oil, gas and nuclear operations around the world), mining (especially in Africa and Latin America) and aviation (over 100 airports and more than 80 airlines in more than 40 countries worldwide). For a more detailed overview of G4S’ businesses, please see here.

G4S’ involvement in these unethical and environmentally destructive industries goes against Ecotricity’s Environmental Policy, in which you claim you will not work with organisations involved in industries “we consider to be unethical, immoral or just plain wrong.” Thus, just as you advise your customers that “it is part of your energy supply agreement with us that you allow us or our appointed agent reasonable access to your property to obtain a meter reading”, your customers have the right to question whether your contract with G4S Utility Services is in breach of your own Environmental Policy, and therefore your contracts with customers…..”


more here

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Radiation Monitoring Data In Japan Systematically Faked Downward

July 31st, 2012 



As with so many things going on in relation to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, people know something isn’t right or outright bogus, yet it takes time to document and prove it. We documented earlier this week about the discrepancies in Miyagi Prefecture in radiation & contamination government figures vs. non government figures for the region including elevated thyroid nodules in children.

In yet another case of this, government radiation monitoring has been being systematically faked to show far lower than actual levels. Academics and an engaged public can and will eventually uncover these lame attempts by the government to deceive the public about the safety risks in Japan due to the nuclear accident.

Stig from has been following this in various Japanese language sources and has documented much of it here in a new article on their website…..”


“…The various monitoring posts around Japan are also not completely correct. Per this MEXT spreadsheet from July 26th you can see that many of the monitoring posts are quite high in the air, likely on building roofs. The one in Miyagi is 80meter off the ground, the government claims they put it on the roof of the govt. building to make maintenance easier…..”

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13,299 Bq/Kg from home-grown rosemary in Kashiwa


It’s very difficult to judge what to eat, what not to eat in Japan. Radiation measurement of local governments and supermarkets may not be trustworthy. However, it seems like we must avoid home-grown products at least.



Sample : Home-grown rosemary

Date : Early summer of 2011

Location : Kashiwa Chiba (200km from Fukushima plant)

Cs-134/137 : 13,299 Bq/Kg




13,299 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from rosemary in Kashiwa.

A media writer, Chidai conducted radiation measurement of rosemary, grown in the garden of Kashiwa Chiba. Kashiwa is about 200km from Fukushima plant, known to be a hotspot.

The sample was taken by the person who found the highly radioactive yellow substance. (cf. 180,000 Bq/Kg from the yellow substance in Kashiwa Chiba) It is from early summer of 2011.



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Fukushima starts radiation checks on rice- New 10 second test for Cesiums only


The Yomiuri Shimbun/Asia News Network
Sunday, Aug 26, 2012


“….The inspection took only about 10 seconds for each bag, with none of the bags showing measurable levels of radioactivity. The lowest measurable level is 11 becquerels per kilogram.

Rice farmer Takayuki Anzai, 58, smiled after his first bag passed the check. “I don’t think consumers will feel safe immediately, but we have to demonstrate scientifically proved safety and security,” he said.

The rice harvest this year in Fukushima Prefecture is expected to total about 360,000 tons, or about 12 million bags, according to the prefectural government. Most of the checks will be finished by the year-end…..”

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Mainichi: “Nuclear devastation” for Japan, in peace time — Fukushima disaster “the same as war” -Buddhist Nun



Future historians looking back on our time may conclude that the nuclearaccident changed Japan not much less than the atomic bombs did. There’s a lot happening, where little was before. The weekly Shukan Gendai talks to three female lawmakers who lately bolted the governing Democratic Party of Japan, largely over its decision to reactivate two nuclear reactors in Oi, Fukui Prefecture. “Foreigners think the Japanese are sheep,” said one of them, Kuniko Tanioka. “But we’re raising our voices now, saying no to nuclear power, no to reactivation.”


“Perpetrators of the subway sarin affair were given death sentences,” she says. “The top people in the company that caused radiation contamination are still in their executive boardrooms, drawing high salaries. That’s odd, isn’t it?”



Nuclear Power Is Incompatible with the Way of the Buddha



Buddhists Must Send a Message

Q: After the nuclear incident at Fukushima happened last year, Rev. Kono, as the President of the Japan Buddhist Federation (JBF), made the following comments in August about nuclear energy while considering the people who had become victims of the incident: “Who is making sacrifices to ensure our convenient lifestyles? Each person, individually, must think more about their responsibility. So that this kind of incident does not happen again, we all must adjust the way we look at our daily lifestyles.” Rev. Kono, then, in yourrole as the Chief Priest of the Myoshin-ji branch of Rinzai Zen in September issued a declaration calling on the abolition of nuclear power and then further in December helped to draft the JBF declaration entitled “Appeal for a Lifestyle without Dependence on Nuclear Power.” Today we would like to hear about Rev. Kono’s thoughts since the time that these declarations were made.


Rev. Kono: In a manner of speaking, it is about causes and conditions (hetu-pratyaya, innen). Two years ago I became the Chief Priest of the Myoshin-ji branch of the Rinzai Zen Denomination and then I became the Chairman of JBF. Since this latter position is a rotating one among the chief priests of the traditional Buddhist denominations, I couldn’t turn it down. Then the Great Eastern Japan Disaster struck, and there were critical victims whose lives and lifestyle rights were affected by the nuclear incident. I thought then that Buddhists should not become silent on this issue.

For myself, I would say that the fundamental teaching of Buddhism is to value life and respect human rights. The year before the disaster in November (2010), the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) bi-annual general conference was held in Sri Lanka. At this time, I gave a speech while keeping in mind the armed conflict between the Tamils and Sinhala in that country. J.R. Jayewardene, who served as President of Sri Lanka from 1978-89, had been the Finance Minister during the time of the San Francisco Peace Accords of 1951 formally ending the Pacific War. As the representative of the Sri Lankan government at the time, he suggested waiving the rights of reparation towards Japan, citing the words of the Buddha from the Dhammapada that go,” Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.” (Vs. 5). I not only have a feeling of gratitude for this act, but also, while speaking about the critical self-reflection and confession for the enormous suffering brought on the various countries of Asia by Japan during the war, I wish for Sri Lanka to also open the way to world peace by following the teachings of the Buddha in these further words from the Dhammapada, “All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.” (Vs. 129)……”


Japanese Buddhists’ Increasing Involvement in
Anti-Nuclear Activism

Jonathan S. Watts
International Buddhist Exchange Center (IBEC)
July 2, 2012


“….From this writer’s own personal interest, this demonstration was the first at which a coordinated group of Buddhists participated beyond the regular activism of the small Nipponzan Myohoji order. A small but not insignificant group of 8 Buddhist priests and at least 5 lay followers representing AYUS (a Japanese Buddhist development NGO increasingly involved in the nuclear issue) and the Japan Network of Engaged Buddhists (JNEB) gathered amidst the crowd and, holding high the Buddhist flag, maintained a presence throughout the demonstration……”

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UK ‘may not have enough sailors to crew subs’

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

“…BRITAIN risks not having enough sailors to man its submarine fleet including those armed with nuclear missiles, according to internal defence documents.

It is among a range of threats to the UK’s defence nuclear programme identified in heavily censored papers published under the Freedom of Information Act.

A shortage of personnel with technical nuclear skills is highlighted as a particular concern, in the face of growing demand from the civil industry.

Naval job losses as part of sweeping military cutbacks are unlikely to have helped problems of recruitment and retention.

The threat of shortfall in the submarine service was revealed in the risk register by the Defence Nuclear Executive Board (DNEB).

Under the ‘risk’ of submarine manpower, the report states: “There is a risk that the RN will not have sufficient suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) to be able to support the manning requirement of the submarine fleet.”….”

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Glass offers improved means of storing UK’s nuclear waste

August 22, 2012

“….ILW makes up more than three quarters of the volume of material destined for geological disposal in the UK. (1) Currently the UK’s preferred method is to encapsulate ILW in specially formulated cement. The waste is mixed with cement and sealed in steel drums, in preparation for disposal deep underground. Two studies, published in the latest issues of The Journal of Nuclear Materials and European Journal of Glass Science and Technology A show that turning this kind of waste into glass, a process called vitrification, could be a better method for its long-term storage, transport and eventual disposal. HLW is already processed using this technology which reduces both the reactivity and the volume of the waste produced. Until now, this method has not been considered suitable for ILW because the technology was not developed to handle large quantities of waste composed from a variety of different materials. The research programme, funded by the UK’s NDA and led by Professor Neil Hyatt in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, at the University of Sheffield, tested simulated radioactive waste materials – those with the same chemical and physical makeup, but with non-radioactive isotopes – to produce glass and assess its suitability for storing lower grades of nuclear waste….”

‘Sellafield is where we house the toxic legacy of our failed nuclear industry’

Jan 2011

“…Industry experts say the government must deal with legacy waste before committing to new nuclear in the UK.

The clean-up of nuclear legacy waste at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant – a site historically plagued with mismanagement and technical difficulties – is running behind schedule, according to the 2009-10 annual report from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which was quietly released in December….” 


“…The safe removal and treatment of legacy waste has failed to hit the targetsdue to “factors including deteriorating building structures, uncertain material inventories and difficult working conditions,” the report says. Theconsolidation of “legacy sludges” in a storage pond are running behind, and the report gives no explanation for the delay….”


“….”Sellafield is a national disgrace. Sellafield is where we house the toxic legacy of our failed nuclear industry,” said Paul Dorfman from the University of Warwick, who has worked extensively on radiation and nuclear wasteissues with the government and industry….”


“….Prof Gordon Mackerron, the director of the science and technology policy research unit at the University of Sussex and who chaired the original Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, agrees that the consequences of creating more nuclear waste have not been properly addressed and debated….”


“The government has proposed a requirement that they store nuclear waste on site for a very long period, and why that’s politically important is that spent fuel has been moved off to Sellafield as soon as it was feasible to do so in the past.”





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Nuclear power station hopes to attract up to 10,000 children visitors this next year

“…Planning permission for the centre has gone to Hartlepool Borough Council. If approved, it will be built near the site’s existing training centres….”

“…The centre is scheduled to open early next year and will employ a centre supervisor and guides. It will normally be open on weekdays and it is expected it will attract up to 10,000 visitors a year…”

“…Most of the visitors will be children over ten on school trips,…”

“…Earlier this year, it was announced the firm was planning to extend the operation of the power plant until 2026 by investing£50m in the site….”

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by Ellis Butcher

Last updated at 14:07, Thursday, 23 August 2012

The experts call it a “geological disposal facility”. Opponents call it a “nuke dump”. They all agree it’ll contain “high level and intermediate nuclear waste”.


“…A history-making vote takes place on October 11 which represents one of Cumbria’s most important ever nuclear decisions.A trio of councils, involving hundreds of community leaders, decides on whether West Cumbria takes part in a search to site a massive underground bunker containing the UK’s most toxic nuclear waste. Business Editor Ellis Butcher looks at the definitive report facing them.

This is the skull and crossbones stuff. The worst from the nuclear process, the residue from the bowels of nuclear reactors which lasts for thousands and thousands of years.

Some argue a repository will create hundreds of jobs year-after-year and lever a multi-million Government pay day for west Cumbria to sweeten the pill. Others argue it will cost jobs, wreck tourism and daub one of England’s finest landscapes with a big dirty nuke brush.

Few issues polarise opinion like the nuclear legacy conundrum…..”



The partnership’s final report – a hefty 270-page plus document neither proposes a recommendation for councils to follow, nor suggests an intended site. That was never its brief.

Instead it has overseen the complex evidence-gathering process. It was shared with about 2,300 people and organisations.

The final was signed off and is now the reference point for the issue.

Recently, it was released into the custody of decision-makers at Cumbria County Council, Allerdale and Copeland.

Between now and October, staff at these authorities and elected-representatives will be pouring over every single line with highlighter pens to inform what they stand up and say in a few weeks.

The report is available to download from the West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safely website….”

The Final Report of the
West Cumbria Managing
Radioactive Waste Safely


“….Long-standing Cumbria-based anti-nuclear campaigner Marianne Birkby, a wildlife artist based in south Cumbria, has been a critical opponent.

Ironically, her father worked at Sellafield as a young man. Marianne established campaign group Radiation Free Lakeland. It has seen Welcome To The Nuke District headlines in national newspapers, gained support from some scientists and found influential allies across the patchwork of parish councils which make up west Cumbria and its district seats of Copeland and Allerdale.

Radiation Free Lakeland was invited to formally join the 17 member partnership but declined.

Instead, it has maintained a distance on the sidelines – protesting, demonstrating, and issuing counter-challenges through the media. So too has academic Dr Ruth Balogh, of Save Our Lake District Don’t Dump Cumbria!.

It developed an associated website and blog and contributed a critical challenge to the partnership. Its opposition is clear….”


“…..Essentially, testing the ground for compatibility.

Opponents say the proof already exists – the soil in these parts isn’t right. Counter evidence argues that is not the case. Even one nuclear insider, who refused to go on record, questioned the chronology of the whole process.

“Why didn’t they just check the soil first at the start and save three years of work?” The answer is cost. Tests of this nature are so expensive you’d have to be sure you weren’t wasting money before putting pipes in the ground….”



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Is this the photo that could clear Assange? Grinning for the camera, WikiLeaks boss and woman who says he sexually assaulted her 48 hours earlier


PUBLISHED: 22:57, 25 August 2012


“……It seems an unremarkable image: a group of friends smiling broadly. But this is the photograph Julian Assange hopes will clear his name.

The face of the woman on the left has been obscured for legal reasons. 

For although she is seen beaming, she would later tell police that 48 hours before the picture was taken, the WikiLeaks founder pinned her down in her flat and sexually assaulted her…..”


“….The photograph was taken on August 15, 2010, at the Glenfiddich restaurant in Stockholm, at a dinner of meatballs and schnapps hosted by Rickard Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party (PP), which campaigns for greater government transparency.

Although by all accounts it was a jolly occasion, there was some serious discussion that at times became ‘passionate and intense’….”


“…But he made it clear that he did not think Woman A behaved like a victim or someone who had suffered a traumatic sexual experience only two days earlier….”


“…The Mail on Sunday has also learned that just hours after the alleged attack, Woman A accompanied Mr Assange to a Social Democratic Party conference….”



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