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Cars with radiation threats, Business Recorder August 19, 2012 HUSSAIN SIDDIQUI (ISLAMABAD)    For quite sometime, concerns have been shown by the local automotive industry about the import of refurbished and used cars from Japan into Pakistan that could possibly be contaminated by radiation. It is a grave issue of public health and safety,..

Unfortunately, however, import of large number of cars from Japan,
directly or indirectly, continues unabated by the dealers in the guise
of the facility extended by the government to the overseas Pakistanis.
During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, a total of 55,703
vehicles have been imported by Pakistan and out of this number, 17,872
units were used/refurbished cars of 1300-1500 cc from Japan.

Japan received enormous exposures of radiation from a series of
meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. During August
2011-January 2012, the Japanese authorities at dockside had not
allowed export of 500 new cars as these had failed radioactive tests.
Reportedly, these cars were later auctioned in Japan and were being
shipped by dealers to many countries including Pakistan, after
re-registration in other regions. However, another 660 used and
refurbished cars, said to be contaminated by radiation, were sent out
of Japan during the same period. …..

..  Earlier, in June 2011, Australia had imported 800 vehicles from
Japan and reported a significant level of radiation. …..

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