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World health Organisation fails to protect people from nuclear radiation

At Fukushima, the lessons from Chernobyl are being ignored For the independence of WHO  «The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect those populations who are victims of radioactive contamination.»  The Vigil is held in front of the World Health Organisation (WHO) headquarters. It has been maintained every working day since the 26th April 2007 to remind this United Nations body of its duties as defined in its constitution.

A directive was issued by the University of Fukushima not to mention nuclear issues. Only one young ecology professor is attempting to carry out studies on the effects of the disaster on children. He has received threats. The majority of academics are toeing the line, and are ‘looking the other way’ for the sake of their careers: this is very serious. A country as strong in matters of research as Japan, should be thoroughly investigating the genetic alterations induced by the contamination and developing antimutagenic agents to reduce genetic abnormalities that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Thyroid diseases have already appeared, but cancers have a latency period and will only appear in four years time, as will brain cancer in children – later in adults. The number of babies with low birth-weight is increasing. The number of female births is down by 5% because the female embryo is mo


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