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VIDEO: Albuquerque rain radiation fallout test

ABQ NM rain fallout test   Aug 9, 2012   Tested an overnight rain shower around 1am 8-7-2012 In Albuquerque NM, west of the Airport. This is normal monsoon moisture. 11:05 1st 10 min test ends with a reading of 567.0 12:30 2nd test begins with a quick spot average of 715 cpm 2nd ten min
test concludes with a Whopping 671.7 !

Comments ( mrjoeman )
Wow ! those readings are insane ! I live in Vancouver BC just across
the Pacific from Japan and my daily readings have been only 270 – 300
CPM (10 min) of background the last four months. My rainwater readings
have been only slightly higher than background with a few spikes 3X
background back in May. Does NM have much Radon gas? Are you
downstream of Nuclear Plants. Thanks for posting your vid.
If it was from the granite it wouldn’t be coming down in the rain.
This has to be fallout from a nuke plant nearby or Fukushima coming
in on the jet stream.
Redawgy in reply to mrjoeman (Show the comment) 6 hours ago
holy smokes that is HOT, as in nuclear waste.
Redawgy 6 hours ago
stupid tablet…..
Is there any way you can post what the numbers mean?
jrruper1 23 hours ago
Any way you that you can link what the numbers mean?
Thanks for stepping up and posting your results.
jrruper1 23 hours ago


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