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USA has done 1030 nuclear bomb tests – it’s time to stop

Rid world of nuclear tests Observer and Eccentric, Fern Katz, 9 July,  “….July 16 marks the 67th anniversary of the first nuclear test explosion in New Mexico, commonly known as “Trinity.” In the years that followed, the United States conducted 1,030 nuclear test explosions — more than any other country in the world.

Radioactive fallout from nuclear testing has negatively impacted health all across America and the globe. A National Cancer Institute study showed that every county in the lower 48 states received some amount of fallout from nuclear tests.

With the negative effects that come from nuclear test explosions, how can our nation’s leaders think that holding open the option of ever conducting these tests again is a good idea?
America should renew our commitment to achieve a permanent ban on
nuclear weapons testing with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
(CTBT). U.S. ratification of the CTBT will enhance U.S. security by
adding an essential tool to current efforts to stop the spread of
nuclear weapons. There are three significant ways that this treaty
benefits U.S. security.

First, developing a nuclear arsenal under the best of conditions is
expensive, time intensive, and technologically difficult. By
eliminating the testing option for new or potential nuclear states,
the global community throws a nearly insurmountable monkey wrench at
their proliferation aspirations.

Second, a test ban would diminish the ability for countries with
nuclear weapons, like China for example, to innovate smaller and
deadlier nuclear weapons technology.

Third, American ratification of CTBT would support essential global
efforts to curb nuclear proliferation. With the most sophisticated
nuclear arsenal in the world, the United States is in a unique
position to take on a leadership role. That said, pushing others to
not test while refusing to commit to a permanent ban ourselves makes
American leadership in nonproliferation look hypocritical.
Ratification would enhance the U.S. credibility needed to push for
greater world cooperation to more effectively isolate and thwart
nuclear weapons development in countries like North Korea and
The fact of the matter is that the United States does not plan or need
to ever conduct nuclear test explosions to stay safe. We need to do
our part to keep other countries from conducting nuclear tests and
further developing nuclear arsenals. The CTBT is an essential tool for
this security need.

We, as a nation, cannot allow this treaty to be brushed under the rug
of Washington politics. We must continue to advocate for a world in
which it is no longer acceptable for any country to conduct nuclear
test explosions. We cannot wait any longer to ratify the CTBT. I
encourage U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow to examine the
NAS study and new evidence in support of the CTBT and urge colleagues
to move forward Senate approval of this treaty for the safety of us


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