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It looks as if USA and Israel are murdering Iran’s nuclear scientists

The undeclared war on Iran’s nuclear program, PAUL KORING TEHRAN—  Globe and Mail  May. 25, 2012 Over the past 28 months, assassins have targeted at least five Iranians scientists or engineers, men linked by Western intelligence agencies to the country’s controversial nuclear program….

No group or nation has claimed responsibility for any of the attacks on Iranian scientists. The killings are clearly part of a deliberate campaign. Some in the West see them as justified in the broader effort to deny a nuclear arsenal to Iran’s bellicose leaders……
the series of attacks on Iranian scientists like Mr. Rezaeinejad, most
in broad daylight and in conspicuously public places in the capital,
are widely regarded as a bloodier tactic in an undeclared war that
aims to wreak havoc on Iran’s nuclear program. A parallel
cyber-warfare campaign introduced the so-called Stuxnet virus, which
reportedly sent Iranian centrifuges used to enrich uranium spinning
out of control to their own destruction, is another…..
Some Iranians, including those who are usually at odds with the
government, say that if American scientists were being killed in
Washington by motorcycle bombers, there would be great furor and clear
cries of terrorism…..
Suspicion here, and elsewhere, has fallen on Israel, which has its own
nuclear weapons and has threatened air strikes against Iran’s nuclear
sites. Israel has not denied involvement in the attacks on Iranian
scientists. ….
A 24-year-old man named Majid Jamali Fashi was hanged in Tehran’s Evin
Prison this month after being convicted in the murder of Massoud
Ali-Mohammadi, a physics professor at Tehran University. At his trial
last summer, Mr. Fashi admitted to travelling to Tel Aviv and being
trained by the Mossad. Some believe his testimony was coerced. But
three months ago, the American television network NBC reported that
U.S. officials, speaking on background, said that the Mossad, Israel’s
intelligence agency, has trained Iranian exiles from MEK for the
assassination campaign.

The targeted assassinations are clearly effective in instilling fear.
Killing leading scientists, whether or not they are actually involved
in a covert nuclear-weapons program, does have a chilling impact and
makes it more difficult for the regime to recruit anyone to national
security research efforts, an Iranian official here admitted, speaking
on condition of anonymity.

Prof. Ali-Mohammadi, for instance, had lived in fear for years that he
would be targeted, his widow told The Globe and Mail in an


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