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Archival test results of low level radiation do NOT show health benefits

Reactor casualties 4 – The phony lost archive versus the real one. Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 11 May 12, In a recent issue of “Nature” claims are made of a “lost archive” of Cold War era animal tissue. The animals had been injected with radioactive isotopes in the USSR and the USA. 1,000s of animals were involved. Both nations’ governments wanted to know the effect of internalised substances which were radioactive. The claim in “Nature” involves the supposed recent “discovery” of these lost archives of tissue in both countries. Lo and behold, the quoted scientist claims that the tissue “proves” the health benefits of low dose radiation. Sound familiar?

As Aebersold and Pecher determined in 1941, there is a multiplier effect as far as internalised emitters go. Their injection of Sr89 into terminally ill people in 1941 consisted of a few milligrams of Sr89 Cl (the soluble salt) and it was found to be the equivalent to 600r whole body external x. Bone marrow depletion turned out to be the limiting factor in the treatment. So while DOE concentrates its billions of dollars of global research on low dose, low let external x, and steadfastly refuses to conduct animal injection studies of the internal emitter type substances (Pu, Sr, Cs, I, etc – the industry emissions) it CLAIMS (and I am sure the Nature article is one of theirs) that the old tissue samples in the US and USSR ALLEGEDLY prove health benefits. They don’t.

Pecher injected rodents and cows with radio strontium from 1939 until the time of his suicide in August 1939. The editor of his final, really important paper, (published posthumously in 1942) was C.D. Leake, a US chemical weapons expert who had been called to the same university as Pecher – UC Berkeley. Leake lectured in pharmacology. Both made him perfect to act as Pecher’s editor. We are dealing with physical chemical substance in the body here. Radio-Pharmacology had not been invented as word then. Radioactive substances are chemicals. They have weight. They have varying degrees of uptake by the body from food. They have various modes of possible travel from the lungs.

It is easily seen that the US was considering radiological weapons as early as 1939.  In fact EO Lawrence reported to the Uranium Committee that if the atomic bomb did not work, then strontium bombs could be dropped on the enemy food and water supplies. Pecher may have been the first to inject a fission product into animals and humans (his patients gave full informed consent, they were dying, and Sr89 relieved their bone cancer pain). BUT these results were used by the military……
Hamilton and others cited Pecher without referring to his name, and the original papers were forgotten. This is the true “lost archive of animal tissue results”. The US radionuclide injection program did stop after it started in 1939. Pecher may not have been aware of the use to which Lawrence was putting his work (reporting it to the Uranium Committee) until Feb 1941……
there is no “lost tissue archive.” Only a revision of history in the service of the false cult of hormesis. And if the tissue of these animals is so important why did the US DOE pull the funding for the experiments completion and why do they refuse to conduct such experiments in the current era….

DOE conducts low dose low let experiments on mice world wide and claims radiation is good for you as a result. But no internal emitter substance produces low dose low let radiation to the tissue which surrounds it. Alpha is 20 times more effective than x or gamma at producing ionisation. Beta about 8 times. though the sievert value for beta equates it, wrongly, with gamma. (that’[s another deception). So how do the modern DOE low dose advocates justify industry pollution by way of radionuclide emission into the biosphere as a health benefit? for the public they throw out their strict specification of “low let low dose external” used in their experiments and instead, in the public domain extend their findings in the lab with mice to the pollution from reactors and mines. So how does DOE propose to control the exposure? It doesn’t. It says, “Drink red wine”.
This is Orwellian.

Summary: the injection of the fission started in 1939 (Pecher), was carried on by Hamilton then Libby et al, and stopped in around 1974. There is about 50 ton of radioactive
Beagle shit (Sr90 contaminated) waiting at Hanford to be flushed.
There is no lost archive, only a lost history. DOE knows very well it stopped Patricia Durbin Wallace’s research funds. Read her full oral history here:    …………..


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