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New book on the world’s great leap to renewable energy

Renewable energy among industrial revolution’s next ‘leaps’ BY DAVID DODGE, EDMONTONJOURNAL.COM MAY 4, 2012   EDMONTON – Author Chris Turner calls it “the great leap sideways.” The leap Turner is referring to is the next industrial revolution. It’s replacing non-renewable energy with renewable energy in the next 50 years. “We need to move to wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, some
small scale hydro, maybe some large scale hydro and maybe some

Galvanized by the attention that wasn’t being paid to climate change
Turner started writing about solutions instead of problems.

Chris Turner inspired many people with his first book, The Geography
of Hope. Like his latest book The Leap, it’s focused on telling the
stories of the people who are not simply dabbling in green energy
solutions, but taking the leap and “going all the way in their

“The grand narrative of the industrial revolution is in some ways
about people seizing opportunity,” said Turner. Today that opportunity
is in renewable energy where not only can we seize a sizable economic
opportunity but avoid catastrophe at the same time.

This transformation doesn’t mean halting the use of fossil fuels on
Monday and firing up wind turbines on Tuesday. The credible scenarios
and models done by non-profits and oil companies alike foresee fossil
fuels being used for quite some time through even the most aggressive
transitions to sustainable energy.

Turner says we need three big leaps: the leap to green energy, a leap
in urban design and finally a leap in transportation.
Urban design…….
The German example……


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