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Wrap up of the week’s nuclear news

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India. Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) resumes the fast against Koodankulam nuclear pproject.  India’s Central Information Commission orders  Nuclear Power Corporation of India to make public the safety reports on the project.   India ramps up its nuclear arsenal with new long range missile.

North Korea preparing for 3rd nuclear test.

Israel – dissent over Netanyahu’s aim to attack Iran –   former PM and military leaders oppose this policy.

USA turmoil in Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as pro nuclear enthusiasts attack safety-conscious chairman Jaczko

Japan to close last operational nuclear reactor on May 5.

UK in dilemma as 2 companies have pulled out of nuclear project. Meanwhile France, Japan, China compete for the building of Britain’s new nuclear reactors. France demands that UK govt subsidises the build.

South Korea. Nuclear executives prosecuted for corruption.

Chernobyl – The world remembers Chernobyl on its anniversary. the suffering continues, with the health and social problems of Chernobyl’s radiation evacuees

Iran.  Hopes of a compromise plan. USA may let Iran partly enrich uranium.


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As nuclear radiation spreads around the world, fewer girl babies are born

the study is ‘the most convincing documentation’ so far that radiation may lead to a gender bias in humans.

Nuclear age has led to millions of fewer baby girls being born  Study claims nuclear radiation from bomb testing and power plant leaks hits female birthrate
Japanese nuclear disaster could hit girl births in U.S. Nuclear radiation from power plant leaks and bomb tests resulted in millions fewer baby girls born worldwide, according to a new study.

Scientists noted these types of atmospheric blasts rather than on-the-ground incidents like Chernobyl, effected birth gender across the globe. Continue reading

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Activists, particularly women, resume their fast against Kudankulam nuclear plant

Indefinite fast against Kudankulam nuclear plant resumes NDTV Indo-Asian News Service   May 01, 2012 Chennai:  At least 24 activists of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) launched an indefinite fast on Tuesday at four villages in Tirunelveli district, around 650 km from Chennai, in protest against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP).

While 14 indefinite fasters are in Idinthakarai village, eight are in Kuthenkazi village and one each in Kudankulam and Kuduthazhai villages.

According to M Pushparayan, a PMANE leader, more women have proposed to join the indefinite fast protest based on the outcome of a scheduled meeting with the Tamil Nadu government on May 3…..

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People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy demands transparent study on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

PMANE resumes anti-nuclear protests against Kudankulam Project May 1, 2012, Resuming their indefinite fast against commissioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, People’s Movement Against Nuclear
Energy,which is spearheading the stir, listed six major demands, including setting up a national committee of experts to study the region around KNPP.

“Our primary demand is the government should institute an independent and transparent national committee on hydrology, geology, oceanography and seismology of the region,” PMANE leader M Pushparayan told PTI at nearby Idinthakarai. Continue reading

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Controversial brachytherapy treatment for breast cancer

“It’s important for any woman really to discuss with her physician the risks and benefits of either approach,”

More women need breasts removed after brachytherapy  By Genevra Pittman NEW YORK   May 1, 2012   (Reuters Health) – Women who got seed radiation as part of their breast cancer treatment were more likely to have an infection or breast pain than those who were treated with whole-breast irradiation, in a new study.

And more patients treated with the quicker and more local radiation technique, also called brachytherapy, went on to need a mastectomy as well — but there was no difference in their chance of dying in the few years after treatment. “The decision of whether a patient was treated with brachytherapy or whole-breast irradiation was the single most important factor in whether a patient had a mastectomy,” said study author Dr. Benjamin Smith, who called that result “surprising.” Continue reading

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The world watches as renewables succeed in Germany, as nuclear power fades

A vast majority of Germans have made up their minds on the need to phase out nuclear. And what happens in Germany will be a major indicator for other countries…..  The world is watching Germany’s Energiewende.”
 Germany: Fighting Climate Change And Phasing Out Nuclear Power Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Think Progress,   Apr 27, 2012  by Arne Jungjohann Recently, the editorial board of the Washington Post asked if the world can fight global warming without nuclear power, looking to Germany and Japan for the answer.

Both countries are known for a nuclear shutdown path. In Japan, only one of the 54 nuclear reactors currently remains in operation. Germany has closed eights reactors following the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima in March 2011 and the remaining nine are scheduled to be closed by 2022.

That obviously must lead to rising emissions, the Post claims. …. If you look at the most recent emissions data, however, the opposite is happening. Germany reduced its carbon emissions in 2011 by 2.1 percent despite the nuclear phase out. How can that be? Continue reading

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Wind farms really do fight climate chnage

Wind Farms Fight Climate Change Wind Farms Falsely Linked to Climate Change. By Zoë Casey , May 1st, 2012 Media sources have today published reports claiming that wind farms can cause local temperature increases. The news, based on a study carried out on large wind farms in Texas, has been widely reported and, in some cases, falsely linked to global climate change. Continue reading

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USA and Russia – just the bare 2,800 non-strategic nuclear warheads !

The report concludes that non-strategic nuclear weapons are neither the reason nor the solution for Europe’s security issues today but that lack of political leadership has allowed bureaucrats to give these weapons a legitimacy they don’t possess and shouldn’t have.

2,800 Nuclear Warheads in Russian and U.S. Arsenal, According to New
Report  May 1, 2012 From the Federation of American Scientists: A new FAS Special Report – Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons – concludes that Russia and the United States combined possess an estimated 2,800 nuclear warheads for their non-strategic nuclear forces. Several thousand other non-strategic warheads have been retired and are awaiting dismantlement. Continue reading

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Up to date analysis of the risks of low level radiation

Misleading interpretations of low-dose epidemiologic data result in an underestimate of the full health impacts, because of failure to account for diseases with accelerated onsets,

Experts write on the risks of low-level radiation Eureka Alert, Los Angeles, CA (May 01, 2012) – Each time a release of radioactivity occurs, questions arise and debates unfold on the health risks at low doses—and still, just over a year after the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, unanswered questions and unsettled debates remain.

Now a special issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by SAGE, examines what is new about the debate over low-dose radiation risk, specifically focusing on areas of agreement and disagreement, including quantitative estimates of cancer risk as radiation dose increases, or what is known as the linear non-threshold theory (LNT). The issue, which includes essays written by the top experts in their fields, does not claim to put the argument to rest—however, it does provide an indispensible update of the existing literature. Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Corporation of India ordered to make Kudankulam safety reports public

Make public safety reports of Kudankulam nuclear project: CIC DNA, May 1, 2012, The reports relating to safety, site evaluation and environmental impact assessment of controversial Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant should be made public, the Central Information Commission has held.

The Commission also directed the Nuclear Power Corporation of India to publish safety analysis reports, site evaluation reports and environmental impact assessment reports prepared by the Department, before setting up any nuclear plant, within 30 days of receiving them as part of mandatory disclosure clause of the RTI Act. Continue reading

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Australia’s Aborigines fight laws that will take more of their land for mining

NT elders fight Stronger Futures law plans, THE AUSTRALIAN AAP , May 02, 2012  ABORIGINAL leaders from Arnhem Land communities have threatened a revolt against the Federal Government’s Stronger Futures laws by refusing to participate in land lease negotiations or give the nod to mining exploration licences. Continue reading

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Rogue nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan promoted for Pakistan’s Presidency id

Return of the mad nuclear scientist Toronto Sun,  BY TAREK FATAH, MAY 01, 2012   “……..The man Pakistan promised would never be allowed to peddle his nuclear wares again, is today a free man and has teamed up with the notorious pro-Taliban Pakistani politician, Imran Khan donning the title of ‘Patron’ of cricketer-turned politician’s political party.

While the anti-American Imran Khan is being groomed by Pakistan’s military-judicial-jihadi complex to take over as the country’s next prime minister after the 2013 elections, the mad scientist Dr. A. Q. Khan is being promoted as the country’s next president.

Already a Facebook page has emerged with the title “We want Imran Khan as PM and AQ Khan as president.” The possibility of President A. Q. Khan of Pakistan is already creating waves in The Netherlands; Holland is to host the 2014 World Nuclear Security Summit where Pakistan will be at the table and some members of the Dutch media are raising the issue with alarm.

It seems neither the U.S. nor Israel have woken up to the scenario of a nuclear-armed Pakistan headed by a pro-Taliban prime minister and a rogue nuclear scientist as the president; one who admits to have sold nuclear parts and know-how to both Iran and North Korea.

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North Korea preparing for 3rd nuclear test

NK nuclear test seen ‘imminent’  The Korea Times, By Kang Hyun-kyung, 1 May 12 North Korea appears to be preparing for a third nuclear test amid high tensions on the Korean Peninsula after the reclusive nation’s failed launch of a satellite when it fell into the West Sea on April 13. Continue reading

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Potential for clean energy at airports

Clean Energy At Airports Could Find Space Around Runways, Study Says HUFFINGTON POST  05/ 1/2012 From EarthTechling’s Beth Buczynski:  VIDEO a look at Denmark’s clean energy  A new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that bustling airports could serve a vital new function, doubling as alternative energy factories.

The study findings, recently published in an Environmental Management article titled “Airports Offer Unrealized Potential for Alternative Energy Production [PDF],” indicate that airports might want to consider converting empty land into alternative fuel power plants where it is both economically and environmentally beneficial…… Alternative energy projects at major hubs like the Indianapolis and Denver airports, as well as smaller airports like the one in Chattanooga, Tenn., demonstrate the potential for benefits across the airport spectrum. Such efforts may be particularly beneficial for rural economic development, as many rural airport properties contain expansive grasslands that potentially could be converted to biofuel crops or other renewable energy sources…

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Silex Laser Uranium Enrichment – is it safe?

NRC to hold hearing on proposed laser-enrichment facility Star News,  May 1, 2012   by Gareth McGrath  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission  (NRC) will hold a public meeting on May 10 to discuss the proposal to build a laser-based uranium enrichment facility  in Castle Hayne….. GE Hitachi  Global Laser Enrichment’s proposed facility would be constructed on about 117 acres in the north-central sector of GE’s sprawling campus at Interstate 140 and Castle Hayne Road, according to the project’s environmental impact statement.

The laser-based technology would be used to enrich uranium in the U-235 isotope to concentrations up to 8 percent by weight. The enriched uranium would be used in manufacturing fuel for commercial nuclear power plants.

By some estimates, the facility could cost $1 billion.

The May 10 meeting will be to discuss the project’s safety evaluation and environmental impact report  recently issued by the NRC staff…. If built, the facility would be the nation’s first laser-based commercial uranium enrichment operation, using an Australian technology called SILEX, or Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation.

Commercialization of the SILEX technology has sparked concerns of nuclear proliferation. Arms control advocates fear that commercialization could lead other countries to follow suit, raising concerns about the technology falling into the wrong hands.

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