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Overwhelming majority of Japanese businesses want safety, not restart of nuclear reactors

Japan businesses choose nuclear safety over profitsFirst Post, Apr 20, 2012  Tokyo: Nearly three-quarters of Japanese firms want safety guaranteed before idled nuclear reactors in the country are restarted, seeing no need to rush the process despite the impact the loss of the power source could have on their businesses.

Japan is set to have no nuclear power within weeks for the first time in over 40 years following last year’s crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which crushed public trust in nuclear power and prevented the restart of reactors shut for regular maintenance checks.

The poll, taken alongside the monthly Reuters Tankan company sentiment survey, showed only 15 percent of firms want an early restart for idled reactors, while 72 percent said safety should be the key priority…… Trade Minister Yukio Edano this week signalled two reactors idled after the Fukushima disaster would not be back online before the last one currently operating is shut down…..


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Nuclear power plans becoming a nightmare for UK government

ministers have been looking at how to transfer the spiralling cost of delivering nuclear power to taxpayers and consumers. 

But despite the government’s best efforts, the nuclear dream is fast turning into a nightmare.

The government’s nuclear dream is failing. It’s time for plan B Greenpeace, by Richardg – 20 April 2012  years the government has placed its faith in nuclear power and the corporate interests that drive the nuclear industry. Its committment to the nuclear dream has warped Britain’s energy policy at the expense of both bill and tax payers. Continue reading

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“Contracts For Difference” – UK’s deceitful plan to subsidise the nuclear industry

“Industry on all sides believe this is a subsidy.”

Green campaigners believe the Lib Dems have been persuaded into allowing higher energy bills to flow into increased profits for nuclear companies by a sleight of hand that lets ministers disguise nuclear subsidies as support for “low-carbon power”.

“even the nuclear industry accepts this is a covert subsidy.”

Ministers planning ‘hidden subsidies’ for nuclear power Lib Dem worries over leaked document revealing plans to subsidise nuclear through electricity bills Fiona Harvey and Terry Macalister,   20 April 2012 Ministers are planning to subsidise nuclear power through electricity bills – despite their promises not to, a secret document seen by the Guardian reveals. Continue reading

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Military experts condemn USA’s wasteful and unnecessary nuclear weapons spending

Redirect the nuclear weapons budget, The Hill, By Brigadier General Keith Kerr (Ret.)         – 04/19/12   Every few years, some outrageous abuse of the taxpayer’s dollars rightfully grabs headlines. Many will remember the infamous $400 toilet seats that were part of the defense procurement scandals of the 1980’s. More recently, there was the “bridge to nowhere,” a $25 million dollar boondoggle that perfectly exemplified poor Congressional oversight of our taxes.

The problem with these headline grabbers is that they often focus on comparatively small matters in the relative scheme of federal spending and arguably distract attention from vastly more wasteful spending.

You need look no further for an example of this than the hundreds of billions of dollars that the U.S. is projected to spend on redundant and unnecessary nuclear weapons over the next decade. Continue reading

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Don’t look to Japan to resuscitate the nuclear industry

 environmentalists say even if they lost that battle they are winning the war. And now that they have their foot on the throat of the nuclear industry, which damaged itself with its arrogantdisregard for safety, they say they won’t let up until Japan is nuclear-free…..

Mayday for Japan’s nuclear industry BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT   The Australian April 21, “…… Japan will awake on the morning of May 6 a nation powered entirely by non-nuclear sources of energy.

This week, Industry Minister Yukio Edano admitted the government had lost its battle to find a municipality willing to restart reactors in time for the scheduled shutdown of the last plant to remain online, at Tomari in the northern island of Hokkaido. Continue reading

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A reminder that Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are neither clean nor safe

To fuel a reactor, thorium-232 must first be converted to uranium-233, which can be used as nuclear bomb fuel. In 1955, the US detonated a weapon fuelled with U-233.

the waste would have to be stored for around 300 years or so, compared to tens of thousands of years for current reactors.

Only in the world of nuclear technology could a requirement for 300 years of dangerous waste storage be seen as an advantage.

No one talks about safe nuclear power because it doesn’t exist, Canberra Times, Dr Sue Wareham 28 Apr, 2011 , Continue reading

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Financial folly – pipe-dream of Small Modular Reactors for Missouri

“what already is clear.. is that Ameren and Missouri are embarking on financial folly.”

“other electric utilities are using cheaper natural gas, which has made nuclear energy especially uneconomical. In addition, renewable energy and energy efficiency would be more inexpensive alternatives.”

Federal aid sought to build nuclear reactors in Missouri Reactors would be built in Missouri for Callaway plant and for export throughout the world. Kansas City Star, BY JASON HANCOCK AND STEVE EVERLY, 19 April 12,   JEFFERSON CITY– Westinghouse Electric Co. and Ameren Missouri announced Thursday they would seek federal funds to help build a new generation of smaller and safer nuclear reactors.

If Westinghouse wins some of up to $452 million in investment funds from the U.S. Energy Department, then St. Louis-based Ameren would apply for licenses to allow up to five 225-megawatt reactors to be built at the company’s nuclear power plant in Callaway County……
Missouri also could turn into a hub for manufacturing the new reactors — known as Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, or SMRs — to be exported around the world, Gov. Jay Nixon said…… Continue reading

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India’s Gujarit solar park- even bigger than China’s Golmud Solar Park.

Asia’s largest solar field switched on in India, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS April 19, 2012,   By KATY DAIGLE Bloomberg,  BUSINESSWEEK NEW DELHI The west Indian state of Gujarat is flipping the switch on Asia’s largest solar power field as part of its 600 megawatt solar energy addition to India’s power grid.

The Gujarat Solar Park, spread across a desolate 3,000-acre (1,200-hectare) swath of desert, can supply 214 megawatts of electricity, making it larger than China’s 200-megawatt Golmud Solar Park. Continue reading

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Another sort of “feed-in tariff” – UK’s sly subsidy for nuclear power

The “feed-in tariffs” referred to in the leaked submission are not the same as the feed-in tariffs by which households can gain extra income by installing solar panels. 

Ministers planning ‘hidden subsidies’ for nuclear power Lib Dem worries over leaked document revealing plans to subsidise nuclear through electricity bills Fiona Harvey and Terry Macalister,  20 April 2012 “……The leaked document, a submission to the European commission, which the government has confirmed as genuine, says: “Our reforms will put in place a regulatory framework based on feed-in tariffs for all low-carbon technologies, which will allow younger technologies to mature so that in the near- to mid-term future they will be able to compete in the open market … in time, we expect that this regulatory framework will enable different low-carbon technologies to compete against each other on a level playing field for their appropriate role in the energy mix.” Continue reading

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Call to close North Taiwan’s aging, degenerating, nuclear power plant

Activists call for shutdown of aging nuclear power plant  following a massive earthquake and tsunami.  Focus Taiwan, By Chen Ting-wei, Lin Meng-ju and Elizabeth Hsu  Taipei, April 20  Concerned about the safety of an aging nuclear power plant in northern Taiwan, environmentalists on Friday called for the suspension of operations at the facility.

Members of several environmental protection groups warned at a press conference that the No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant in Wanli, New Taipei, which began commercial operations three decades ago, “has entered the final stage of its life cycle.”

“The discovery of cracked anchor bolts at one of the power plant’s reactors is the final warning,” said Green Consumers’ Foundation Chairman Jay Fang.

Cracks indicate the degeneration of the nuclear power plant’s structure, operating systems, and parts and components. Allowing the aging plant to continue running would jeopardize the public’s safety, Fang said, urging that the plant be shut down.The reactor where damaged bolts were found has been turned off for repairs and safety checks, but the plant’s other reactor is still running.

To draw the government’s attention to the issue, the environmentalists said they will set up a warning device, called the “Taiwan Doomsday Clock,” in front of the Legislative Yuan …

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Nuclear power will make South African society even more unequal

The only conclusion is that there is an immense amount of money in the nuclear industry for those involved and in power. They will reap the financial benefits, not the majority of South Africans. This will exacerbate the poverty-wealth gap.

Nuclear power will worsen the wealth gap Bishop Geoff Davies:Mail & Guardian,  Apr 20 2012  “…..In the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, we believe we have to apply moral principles of justice and equity when making energy choices. We made this call at the COP17 climate talks in Durban in our Act Now for Climate Justice campaign — that is, justice for people and planet. ….

We are deeply concerned about the government’s nuclear plans because it is the wrong direction to take. Nuclear energy requires a centralised grid system and is extremely costly. Taking into account the mining of uranium, its transport and the construction of power plants, nuclear energy is certainly neither carbon-neutral nor “clean”. Continue reading

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Obama to renominate Kristine L. Svinicki to the nuclear panel

Obama plans to renominate GOP member of NRC, averting fight with Senate Republicans By Ed O’Keefe, HUFFINGTON POST,  04/19/2012,  The White House plans torenominate a Republican member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, forestalling a potential fight with Senate Republicans over whether she would be tapped to continue serving after raising concerns with the panel’s Democratic chairman.

White House aides said Thursday that President Obama plans to renominate Kristine L. Svinicki to the nuclear panel for another five-year term. Svinicki, a Republican member of the commission, is a former state and federal energy official who also once served as a Senate aide…..

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Dubious plan by Lynas to sell 300,000 tonnes of converted radioactive wastes

The anti-Lynas groups also questioned today whether the market “can fully absorb the colossal amount produced given that Lynas will be producing at least 300,000 tonnes of contaminated waste every year.”

Locals say market won’t buy Lynas’ recycled waste, The Malaysian Insider ,21 April,  By Shannon Teoh KUALA LUMPUR, — Lynas Corp’s plans to recycle waste from its controversial RM2.5 billion rare earth plant in Kuantan into a commercial product will not be accepted by the market, local residents opposed to the refinery said today.(Jan 26 ) Continue reading

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BHP Board might not approve development of world’s biggest uranium mine

Acting chief executive of the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy Nigel Long said the state’s mining industry was not solely reliant on the expansion of Olympic Dam because there were other “exciting opportunities” ahead, 

“The decision to press the pause button is a decision to be made by the BHP board, but we see a very good future for other projects in South Australia regardless…..

The BHP board will be considering whether to approve the project at a time when cost pressures in Australian mining are rising and profit margins are contracting.

BHP has Olympic hurdles to overcomeFinancial Review 17 APR 2012  The South Australian government says it is not inclined to grant BHP Billiton an extension on an approvals expiring in December that cover the $US20 billion expansion of the Olympic Dam mine at this stage. Jamie Freed and Lucille Keen Continue reading

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Half of Japan’s ruling Party against restarting nuclear reactors

Mayday for Japan’s nuclear industry BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT  The Australian April 21, 2012 “…….Teruyuki Mtasushita, head of a local group in the Oi area that is organising rallies to prevent the restart, said he was stunned the government was pushing ahead with new safety measures. “Anyone who stops and thinks about it finds it an absurd and impossible idea,” he said at a press conference in Tokyo.

“What locals are worried about is an earthquake. There are three faults on the east side of the Oi plant and those have not been evaluated, even though the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency was told to investigate.”

While the government is pushing all out for the Oi restart, Democratic Party of Japan insiders say it has deeply divided the ruling party. Mr Matsushita’s press conference was attended by five DPJ MPs opposed to the restart.

DPJ MP Kuniko Tanioka said the restart was “unforgivable” and showed that the government was unduly influenced by the nuclear industry. “Before we can talk about breaking with nuclear power generation, we need to break up the nuclear village in the parliament,” she said.

Another DPJ MP, Ben Hashimoto, said opposition within the party was growing. “I would say as many as half of us are against the idea of restart,” he said.

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