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Radioactive particles in ocean and atmosphere arriving at California

seaweed along California’s coastline is already measuring 500 times higher in radioactive iodine.

Fukushima Radiation Coming Soon to a Coastline Near You, Take Part, 9 April 12, “……. It turns out the Japanese are not the only ones worried about radiation exposure one year after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plants flooded and melted down. Californians are now number two on the list.

Such worries have pushed many in Japan into the arms of hucksters
pushing instant “cures,” so far debunked. A pair of new studies, from
the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Environmental
Science and Technology, question just how dangerous the radioactivity
is while simultaneously making clear that the impacts of the accident
on human and marine life are spreading across the Pacific Rim.

Highlights from the two studies:

1. Scientists now say that concentrations of radioactive cesium in
marine life are higher farther away from Japan’s coast than near it,
by as much 100 to 1,000 times.

2. At the same time seaweed along California’s coastline is already
measuring 500 times higher in radioactive iodine.

3. Government monitoring stations in Anaheim have recorded new highs
of airborne concentrations of the same element.

4. Since the Japanese have burned much of the materials made
radioactive by the meltdown, rather than disposing of or burying it,
“radioactive rain” is already falling across the Pacific……


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