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Terrorist trial. French nuclear physicist in court

French nuclear physicist in terror trial, ANGOP International, 30 March 12, France An Algerian-born former nuclear physicist accused of plotting with al-Qaida’s north African arm to attack a French military base or economic interests went on trial Thursday, insisting he never took any step toward carrying out terrorism — and simply exchanged ideas online.

Adlene Hicheur, 35, who used to work at Europe’s most prestigious particle accelerator, welcomed the chance to make his case: He’s been in prison for 2-1/2 years awaiting trial. But  his allies worry the timing could not be worse: it comes days after France’s biggest terror  attacks in years.

The case centers on about 35 emails between Hicheur and an alleged contact with Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb named Mustapha Debchi, who tried to convince him to carry out a suicide bombing. Hicheur declined, but in one response suggested striking at the barracks of a battalion of elite Alpine troops in the eastern town Cran-Gevrier…..,bc4864d4-15c9-4a41-9e39-1382e5d678b9.html

March 31, 2012 - Posted by | France, secrets,lies and civil liberties

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