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Sedition charges for anti nuclear hunger striker?

Locals Resume Anti-Nuclear Protest, WSJ, March 21, 2012,    “…….. protesters, mostly fishermen and villagers who live in coastal areas, are still worried that nuclear waste from the planned seaside nuclear power plant may damage the ecosystem and ruin their livelihoods.

S.P. Udaykumar of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy, a Tamil Nadu-based anti-nuclear power group that is spearheading the protest, is concerned the nuclear site could endanger those who live in close proximity to it. “People have not been given any disaster training…Both central and state government will be held responsible if
any untoward incident happens in the area,” Mr. Udaykumar told India Real Time Wednesday.

Mr. Udaykumar, who started an indefinite hunger strike on Monday in protest, is under investigation on charges that include sedition for his role in the agitation.

Local police officer Vijendra Bidari on Wednesday told India Real Time that more than 150 people have been arrested since Monday in Idinthakarai, the epicenter of protests against the proposed Kudankulam nuclear power plant…

Mr. Bidari said that, to maintain law and order in the state, further protests in the area have been banned.

The news was welcomed by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.,
which is building the plant in Kudankulam with Russian support….


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USA in a pickle – can’t afford to bury its dead nuclear reactors

Decommissioning a reactor is a painstaking and expensive process that
involves taking down huge structures and transporting the radioactive
materials to the few sites around the country that can bury them. 

The cost is projected at $400 million to $1 billion per reactor, which in some cases is more than what it cost to build the plants in the 1960s and ’70s.

As Reactors Age, the Money to Close Them Lags NYT, By MATTHEW L. WALD March 20, 2012 WASHINGTON — The operators of 20 of the nation’s aging nuclear reactors, including some whose licenses expire soon, have not saved nearly enough money for prompt and proper dismantling. Continue reading

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India’s anti nuclear protestors are determined despite police crackdown

Police crackdown fails to stop anti-nuclear protests Villagers oppose construction of power plant By Akhel Mathew, March 22, 2012 hiruvananthapuram: The villagers at Idinthakarai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, about 120 km from here, have continued their protest against commissioning of the nuclear power plant in their neighbourhood, despite a police crackdown on the protesters on Sunday night.

The villagers are agitating against the 2,000MW nuclear plant that is nearing commissioning by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. The project, named the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, was conceived in 1988 but has run into trouble on many occasions, and protests reached a crescendo last year, with villagers resorting to a
chain-fasting agitation…….

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Special bribes, no, I mean benefits, for living near nuclear reactor

DAE Secy moots cheap power sop for people near n-plants, The Indian Express, 22 March 12,   In a bid to prevent Koodankulam-like protests against nuclear power plants, the Department of Atomic Energy is pushing the government to ensure uninterrupted power supply at cheaper rates to people living near the sites.

DAE secretary Srikumar Banerjee told The Indian Express that local people needed to be given “preferential treatment” and special benefits so that they become stakeholders in the nuclear power plant…. We can get into providing healthcare services or education to the local populations. …

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Radiation risk is real, despite what Lynas and Malaysian government say

Let’s de-politicise the Lynas issue — Stop Lynas Coalition, The Malaysian Insider, March 21, 2012  The majority of us anti-Lynas people feel offended by the government’s unending insistence the issue is politicised. We feel belittled by a government that does not see us rakyat as capable of thinking for ourselves, and so easily hoodwinked by the opposition.

They insist on talking facts, which came to mean solely the IAEA review report, but completely ignored all other dissenting opinions, even if these dissenting opinions are voiced by esteemed professional bodies such as the Bar Council and the Malaysian Medical Association. Perhaps, their members are somehow misled too.

These opinions are raised over time in published articles and public feedback and they have either been poorly addressed, or completely ignored. I hope to raise 3 main ones in this article and request that the government gives them befitting consideration so that we can de-politicise this Lynas issue.

a) The radiation risk is greater than what Lynas and the Malaysian government are willing to admit Continue reading

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Candidate for USA Congress will work to stop nuclear slush funds

In Congress, I will work to ensure that none of us will be forced to bear the burden of nuclear energy by seeking to slash federal funding that nuclear depends on for research and development. 

America’s Reckless Nuclear Policies Have Got to End Huffington Post,  Tulsi Gabbard Candidate for Hawaii’s Second Congressional District; Member of the Hawaii National Guard 03/20/2012  “…… Less than a year on from this [Fukushima] tragedy, giant corporations have used their influence to get approval for opening a new nuclear power plant right here in the United States.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently signed off on two reactors to be
built in Georgia even though their safety mechanisms have never been tested on an active nuclear plant.

Even more worrying is the NRC’s continued approval of licenses for aging nuclear reactors — dozens of outdated facilities continue to receive approval to operate for the next 20 years despite their age and careless placement. The Indian Point Nuclear Plant is located just
38 miles from New York City and sits on a seismic fault. Its license expires in a few years and its operator has applied for a 20 year extension from the NRC. Continue reading

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Australian Aboriginal takes legal action against planned huge uranium mine

Environmental Defenders Office (SA) Inc, 22 March 12, Mr Kevin Buzzacott has filed an application in the Federal Court challenging the  Commonwealth Environment Minister’s approval of the Olympic Dam expansion. He is  represented by the Environmental Defender’s Office (SA) Inc (EDO) in those  proceedings.

Mr Buzzacott (known as Uncle Kevin) is an Aboriginal Elder of the Arabunna Nation in  Northern South Australia, who is concerned about the impacts of the mine on the  environment. Continue reading

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Court action over inadequate environmental assessment of nuclear reactor plans

They also note that the government didn’t select a specific type of nuclear reactor, making its possible impact difficult to assess.

Environmentalists challenge Ont. nuclear plan in court   The Canadian Press, Mar. 21, 2012  TORONTO — A group of environmentalists has gone to court to challenge Ontario’s plan to build new nuclear reactors, arguing the environmental risks and costs involved haven’t been properly assessed. Continue reading

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Malaysia rare earths plant, construction problems as well as political

the opposition had decided not to take part in the committee because the government was using the panel to try to quell public worries……. the government would allow the plant to go ahead regardless of the committee’s findings…..

Political and Construction Hurdles for Malaysia Rare Earths Plant NYT, By LIZ GOOCH and KEITH BRADSHER March 21, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A controversial rare earth metal refinery in Malaysia encountered further obstacles this week, with the country’s political opposition refusing to participate in a parliamentary committee set up to investigate the safety of the plant and with hints that the refinery could face further construction delays. Continue reading

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Confusing messages about where Lynas will put its rare earths radioactive wastes

Lynas had denied reports that the Western Australian government had refused to accept the radioactive waste from the miner’s RM2.5 billion rare earth plant in Malaysia.

“If the (Australian) government accepts waste, why not they (Lynas) stay in own country?” Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack asked. Wong said Lynas Corp was “clearly taking advantage” of Malaysia’s
“loose environmental laws” and “non-functioning administration”.

Australia: No request from Lynas to accept waste By Lisa J. Ariffin March KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 — Canberra
has yet to receive any request from Lynas Corp to accept radioactive waste from the Australian miner’s controversial rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan that will be ready this June.

“Australia has not received any request to import residues from the plant,” an Australian High Commission spokesman told The Malaysian Insider when contacted today. Continue reading

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Iran, North Korea, dominate concerns at nuclear summit

Obama to Discuss North Korea, Iran  By CAROL E. LEE and JAY SOLOMON, MIDDLE EAST NEWS   March 21, 2012,   WASHINGTON—North Korea and Iran are expected to dominate President Barack Obama’s trip to South Korea this weekend, as concerns mount about Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and Pyongyang’s preparations for a satellite launch the U.S. and its allies said they believe is largely for military purposes. Continue reading

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Easy to see why Australian company Lynas puts its rare earths plant in Malaysia

Let’s de-politicise the Lynas issue — Stop Lynas Coalition, The Malaysian Insider  March 21, 2012  “…….Lynas loves to boast that their project is approved in Australia also.  Given Australia’s high environmental standard, if it is approved in Australia, why would Malaysians reject it? However, Lynas hid from the public that the Australian proposal was approved under extremely stringent conditions.

The table shows the conditions under the Australian proposal [6] compared to LAMP.

Regardless of what justification the government gives, any person of general intellect can deduce that LAMP is shifted to our shores because Lynas wants to dump its waste here. How can our government inflict such indignity on the very people it is elected to protect?…

[6] “Proposed rare earths mining and beneficiation at Mt Weld, Laverton and secondary processing at Meenaar, near Northm”, Ashton Rare Earths Ltd, August 1992.

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Russia keen to make big money selling nuclear to India

Russia is keen to cash in on its nuclear know-how and has ambitious plans to triple nuclear exports to $50 billion a year by 2030. 

Russia says near deal on two new Indian reactors Work on Russian-built reactors resumed after protests

* Russia hopes to sign deal for 2 more reactors soon

* India plans to build 30 reactors by 2032 By Alexei Anishchuk
VOLGINSKY, Russia, March 21 (Reuters) Continue reading

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UK could save 84 billion pounds by scrapping Trident nuclear missiles

Scrapping Trident nuclear missiles ‘would save £83.5bn‘ Savings could be spread over years until 2062 and jobs created on other defence projects, study finds Richard Norton-Taylor,   21 March 2012  Scrapping the Trident nuclear missile system would save £83.5bn and many of the jobs at risk could be transferred to alternative defence projects, according to an authoritative study published on Wednesday.

An average annual saving of £1.86bn would be made until 2062, it says. The study, commissioned by senior figures from all three main parties, points out that the savings would not be available immediately because cancellation and decommissioning costs would have to be taken into account….

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Extreme weather events now convincing Americans on climate change

Extreme Weather Makes a Convincing Case for Climate Change Environmental News Network  (ENN)  21 March 12, The subject of extreme weather is of great importance because it provides a tangible illustration of climate change.

The average person understands that the increasing number of record-breaking heat waves and tornadoes are more than isolated weather events, they reflect a changing climate.
This point was born out in a recent study, which showed that more Americans are accepting the reality of climate change. According to a Brookings Institute poll, extreme weather is one of the most compelling reasons why more Americans are accepting climate change.

The poll indicated that of those who believe in global warming, almost half said that they were primarily convinced by personal observations of warmer temperature or weather changes.

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