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Protest against India deporting German tourist because he is anti nuclear

“I don’t know whether he was involved in raising funds for anti-KNPP protestors. But being anti-nuclear does not mean one is anti-national.” 

Foreign fund remark: Kudankulam protester sends legal notice to PM  Economic Times, 28 FEB, 2012,    German deported, anti-Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project activist cries foul Chennai: A German national was deported from India on Tuesday on grounds of raising funds for protests against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, prompting an anti-nuclear activist to say the move was anti-tourist. 

A police officer told reporters that Sonnteg Reiner Hermann’s visa was cancelled and he was put on a flight to Germany on Tuesday morning and deported. He was brought to Chennai Monday night.

“It is an unfortunate news. He is a genuine tourist and has been visiting various countries. It is a bad development for the country’s tourism,” activist R.S. Lal Mohan said.

In a joint operation by central intelligence agencies and Tamil Nadu police, Hermann who was staying at Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu on a tourist visa was Monday questioned about his involvement in raising funds for anti-KNPP protests. Nagercoil is 645 km from here.

According to police, based on the information from central intelligence agencies, Hermann’s room was checked and he was questioned.

Police said Hermann was in touch with Lal.  Confirming that he knows the German, Lal said: “I don’t know whether he was involved in raising funds for anti-KNPP protestors. But being anti-nuclear does not mean one is anti-national.”

The development comes days after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in an interview to the American Science magazine accused NGOs based in the US and Scandinavian countries of funding the protests.

The central government later said it has cancelled the licences of three NGOs without revealing their names.

India’s nuclear power plant operator, NPCIL, is building two 1,000 MW atomic power reactors with Russian collaboration at Kudankulam in Tirunelveli district, around 650 km from Chennai.

However, villagers in Kudankulam, Idinthakarai and nearby areas, fearing their safety in case of any accident, are dead set against the project.

Their agitation, led by the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), has put a stop to the project work, delaying the commissioning of the first unit slated for December 2011.


February 29, 2012 - Posted by | civil liberties, India

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  1. The Government is cancelling the licences of three NGOs without giving their names because obviously these NGOs don’t exist. Let’s see what they will cook up and who they will pay to be stooges for the government. It is not an impossible task for this extremely anti-democratic government to organize goons who will agree to be
    phony NGOs in their attempt to derail the Koodankulam protests. Sad this government had to stoop this low to make such a hue and cry about an innocent tourist and about non-existing foreign funding of the protests. We are however one hundred per cent sure the government is massively funded to promote foreign interests in our country. Now even Kuwait has cancelled it’s plans for nuclear plants and phony fairy tales are aired by
    U.S. about installing new nuclear plants in Georgia to give the impression that all is well with deadly and dangerous nuclear power. The actual truth of the matter is that nuclear is on it’s death throes world wide over
    and we Indians will have to shell out for it’s expensive funeral and for it’s even more expensive coffin. Wake up and smell the coffee and see how India the Garbage Capital of the World becomes the dumping ground for old
    nuclear plants soon to be closed down in the developed world and how these traitors of our soil will get rich
    with payments in Swiss banks as compensation for taking in these outdated old reactors of the 1940s which
    will only contaminate our people and destroy our economy. The West however will move on to becoming super
    powers with free fuel electricity leaving us as their slaves for ever. This is the extent of the betrayal of this
    foreign led government. Sooner than later our people will wake up and the perpetrators of this dead end
    nuclear madness will pay for their crimes against humanity.
    Please check the recent upload by GlobalClimateNews on youtube entitled Solar Power Revolution, Here Comes the Sun a documentary. It will open your eyes as to how India with it’s multi gigawatt solar availability could power the entire world with just solar and also use CSPs (concentrated solar panels) not only to generate electricity but since CSPs can drive up temperatures of 1600 degrees centigrade with cheap mirrors that focus
    the sun’s energy on a central focal point of a massive tower, it can also use this high temperature capacity of CSPs to desalinate water by creating steam out of sea water, also split hydrogen from sea water to provide hydrogen fuel for cars and also drive the turbines for generating electricity. This is a three in one bonanza and only a stupid government would ignore it or a government who has sold it’s soul to the nuclear devils. I cannot
    imagine we are ruled by such traitors of our soil and traitors of my countrymen. Shame on this government
    for riding on ignorance and stupidity.
    Solar is cheap cheap cheap today. It was 30 dollars per watt and today it has dropped down to 3 dollars per watt
    Nuclear is way way more expensive and will only leave our kids with a cancerous future and deadly waste forever

    Comment by angela alvares | February 29, 2012 | Reply

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