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Is a Saudi Arabian nuclear bomb a bigger danger than Iran’s?

Unsurprisingly, many US politicians are extremely worried about a Saudi bomb. As in the case of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia had what one might call ‘fluid’ ties to Islamist terrorists.

Never mind Iran, is Saudi Arabia about to acquire a nuclear bomb? Mail Online, By MICHAEL BURLEIGH, 24th February 2012 Both Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council maintain that they want a WMD-free Middle East. However, key members of the Saudi royal elite have recently signalled that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, then Saudi Arabia will get one too.
Speaking of signalling, they have also long indicated that if Israel were to overfly the desert kingdom to bomb Iranian nuclear sites, they would temporarily turn their radars off.
Saudi Arabia has signed nuclear technology agreements with several
states: China, France, Argentina and South Korea, in order to address
its need for research reactors, nuclear power plants and so forth. The
latter will help slow domestic oil consumption, while boosting the
amount of oil available for export. China alone is going to help build
sixteen nuclear reactors. Such projects would also enable the Saudis
to enrich uranium, while they could obtain knowledge of the bomb and
its relevant technologies from their Sunni allies in Pakistan.
Then there is the matter of delivery systems. The Saudi Air Force
could adapt its fighter jets (Typhoons and F15s) to carry nuclear
warheads. The Kingdom is also seeking to replace its existing Chinese
CSS-2 medium range missiles with the more accurate Donfeng-21, which
is launched from mobile trailers.
These weapons are already targeted on Iran’s major cities, notably
Tehran, home to a fifth of the entire population. It is worth noting
too that Russia decided not to supply Iran with $800 million worth of
S-300 PMU missiles, one of the most advanced anti-ballistic missile
defence systems.
Unsurprisingly, many US politicians are extremely worried about a
Saudi bomb. As in the case of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia had what one
might call ‘fluid’ ties to Islamist terrorists.
It is also pursuing its own anti-Iranian agenda in both Syria and
neighbouring Bahrai…….. Read more:


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