The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

UK government’s secret research on atomic test veterans

nuclear test veterans have been part of a continued experimental programme for the protection of nuclear industry.

Why Nuclear Veterans are Being Silenced, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 6 Jan 12 ”…..the public are overdue an explanation of why successive UK governments, ministers and Prime Ministers remain silent on this issue…. Nuclear test veterans and widows believe the press and the general public deserve to know why compensation for damage to health of UK nuclear test participants is beings so fiercely contested .

Based on political and scientific information obtained by CVFI associates and by individual nuclear test veterans over several decades and passed to the legal team acting on behalf of the AVCG the following provides the explanation .

The fierce contesting of litigation by the MoD results from the 1950’s cold war Prime Ministerial policy edict of Sir Anthony Eden which decided that scientific warnings of the danger of genetic damage in nuclear test veterans from exposure to radiation could be ignored as “ a pity , but it cannot be helped.”

This policy edict has been passed down from officials within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to all successive Prime Ministers and upheld for over fifty years . It explains the bizarre backward somersaulting
of countless Ministers from their previous firm support when in
opposition . Bizarre, because the only excuse offered is they have
become “ privy to new information on becoming a Minister” only they
never , ever explain the new information they have become privy to .
This report explains why ……..

The policy of successive governments since the cold war has been to
delay , block and prevent the nuclear test veterans from ever having
their say in an open court .This has been achieved by way of the
Official Secrets , Crown Proceedings and the Limitation Acts etc over
many decades . The MoD hoped these legal technicalities would delay
justice for sufficient time until all nuclear veterans and widows are
dead ….

We are being silenced, by political betrayal, for reasons deemed to be
in the national interest .We have no objection that Ministers believe
it is in the national interest to protect nuclear industry but we do
object that in order to do so persons potentially exposed to ionising
radiation in the past are not given regular annual health checks which
would include cytogenetic blood test for genetic damage …..

The Redfern Inquiry Report confirms the link between nuclear industry
workers and nuclear test veterans ….

Freedom of Information questions in the last two years have revealed
that surviving nuclear test veterans are still ‘ flagged’ for secret
Medical Research on death under medical research programme- MR 185 …..

nuclear test veterans have been part of a continued experimental
programme for the protection of nuclear industry….

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