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The coming cancer cost from Fukushma ionising radiation

Nuclear Expert: 1,000,000 cancers from Fukushima in Japan over next 20 years  ENE News — First thyroid, then lung, organ, brain, leukemia (VIDEO)  Title: Fukushima – Total Cost  Dec 21, 2011

Description: Arnie Gundersen of Fairwinds Associates (a leading nuclear expert) and Warren Pollock ( ) redefine the Fukushima nuclear incidents (meltdowns and explosions) in terms of human and total cost. […]

I think the 20 year cost from Fukushima will be about one million cancers

  • Based on Three Mile Island studies
  • About a 20% increase in lung cancer 3-5 years after TMI
  • And that was small compared to Fukushima
  • And in a much lower population density
  • First thyroid cancer
  • Then lung cancer
  • Then organ cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, things like that

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