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The International Energy Agency puts the case for falling use of nuclear energy!

The Low Nuclear Case is not a forecast but “is intended to illustrate what a pessimistic view of the prospects for the nuclear power industry might entail,” the report said.

IEA draft: Nuclear to fall as power demand  Reuters 5 Nov 11 – The Fukushima disaster could lead to a 15 percent fall in world nuclear power generation by 2035, while power demand at the same time could rise by 3.1 percent a year, according to a draft copy of the International Energy Agency’s 2011 World Energy Outlook.

Following the Japanese crisis, many countries put their nuclear power plans on hold or under review, and some, including Germany and Switzerland, opted out of the technology entirely.
The draft, obtained by Reuters ahead of its release next week, sai the IEA had developed a “Low Nuclear Case” that assesses possible implications for global energy balances of a much smaller role for nuclear power. Continue reading


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7 billion people can benefit from renewable energy

The 2011 Human Development Report will serve as a blueprint for action ahead of next year’s Earth Summit, the United Nations Conference on Regional Development, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. ….

Renewable Energy Vital To Provide Power For 7 Billion+ by Energy Matters, 5 Nov 11 This week saw the world’s population hit the seven billion mark and with it came increased anxiety over shortages of food and natural resources in developing nations. It’s fitting that in the same week the United Nations Development Programme has called on the international community in its 2011 Human Development Report to use renewable energy sources as a way to promote environmental sustainability and equity.  Continue reading

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The danger of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons situation

Which sinks the U.S. into the nadir of absurdity. It funds a terrorist-sponsoring state while conducting a massive undeclared war on part of that state’s territory. It wants that state’s assistance to end the Afghanistan war while that state’s soldiers help insurgents wage it. And seeking a world without nuclear weapons while its “Major Non-NATO Ally” drastically increases the probability that terrorists will acquire a the most dangerous weapon of all.

Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans, By Spencer Ackerman  November 4, 2011 Pakistan is taking nuclear paranoia to a horrifying new low. And it’s making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process. Continue reading

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The international nuclear war machine rolls on, costing $billions

still the warheads are engineered. Billions of dollars are found, are always found, for weapons. Is this a higher duty to a citizenry than the health, education and wellbeing of that citizenry?

There are far more people in the world now than in 1945 – 7 billion from this week – and you can’t do anything with a warhead but die from it.

World takes a step back under the clouds of nuclear gloom, SMH, Warwick McFadyen November 5, 2011 THERE comes a time when memory fails, when remembrance of things past fades into the ether. A decade into the 21st century we have arrived at that denuded place. How else to explain the recent disclosures that the world is embarking on a new era of spending on nuclear weapons? Continue reading

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Low security of Pakistan’s nukes

Pakistan’s nuclear weapons vulnerable to theft: report, Google News, 5 Nov 11 WASHINGTON — Pakistan has begun moving its nuclear weapons in low-security vans on congested roads to hide them from US spy agencies, making the weapons more vulnerable to theft by Islamist militants, two US magazines reported Friday.

The Atlantic and the National Journal, in a joint report citing unnamed sources, wrote that the US raid that killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in May at his Pakistani compound reinforced Islamabad’s longstanding fears that Washington could try to dismantle the country’s nuclear arsenal.

As a result, the head of the Strategic Plans Divisions (SPD), which is charged with safeguarding Pakistan’s atomic weapons, was ordered to take action to keep the location of nuclear weapons and components hidden from the United States, the report said. Khalid Kidwai, the retired general who leads the SPD, expanded his agency’s efforts to disperse components and sensitive materials to different facilities, it said.

But instead of transporting the nuclear parts in armored, well-defended convoys, the atomic bombs “capable of destroying entire cities are transported in delivery vans on congested and dangerous roads,” according to the report. The pace of the dispersal movements has increased, raising concerns at the Pentagon, it said…..

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Researchers show that Syria’s supposed nuclear site is a textile factory

That secret nuclear facility in Syria? It’s a textile factory, researchers say in new report, Washington Post By   4 Nov After a four-year search for hidden atomic facilities in Syria, U.N. officials appeared this week to have finally struck gold: News reports linked a large factory in eastern Syria to a suspected clandestine effort to spin uranium gas into fuel for nuclear bombs.

But after further probing by private researchers, Syria’s mystery plant is looking far less mysterious. A new reportconcludes that the facility and its thousands of fast-spinning machines were intended to make not uranium, but cloth — a very ordinary cotton-polyester.

“It is, and always has been, a textile factory,” said one of the researchers, Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear policy expert at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and publisher of the blog Arms Control Wonk…..

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