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Parallels between Wall St and Fukushima

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Have you seen the film “Inside Job”?

I was amazed at how the top guys responsible for the global financial crash in 2008 continued to prosper. They’re still in charge, in financial institutions, in universities, advising government,  – nothing’s changed.

Similarly, in Japan, apart from 3 token (and generously rewarded retirements) the same complex of nuclear industry, government, academia are still in charge of nuclear policy.

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India’s clash between democracy and nuclear power

The government is not able to comprehend the scale of challenge it’s facing at the moment..
Right now one big roadblock is the civilian liability bill that was passed by the Indian Parliament. It puts the majority of the onus of any disaster on the companies, an idea that is anathema to the Western companies who say the bill in its present form makes all investments unviable.
Is Democracy Thwarting India’s Nuclear Power Ambitions?, WSJ, By Megha Bahree, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011, India’s democratic process is changing the country’s nuclear energy program at startling speed.

First it was protests at the proposed nuclear power plant at Jaitapur in Maharashtra. Now it’s protests at the plant under construction at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu, and at practically every site across the country that has been designated for a new power plant. And at most places, people’s concerns about the risks of nuclear power are clashing with the government’s plans to power the country with nuclear energy….. Continue reading

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The catastrophic level of radiation to Japanese from Fukushima nuclear disaster

 In March, 2006, 20 years after the accident, the people whose health had been damaged in Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus numbered 7,000,000. 

excerpt from: Fukushima Meltdown: The World’s First Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster[Kindle Edition] Takashi Hirose

Japan’s Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster Syndrome: An Unprecedented Form of Catastrophe, Japan Focus 26 Sept 11, Hirose Takashi  “……From day one the situation had reached the highest level for nuclear accidents, Level 7, and from day one the government knew this, but it concealed that information from the people, thus causing far more people to be irradiated than otherwise would have been the case.

Continue reading

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Unguarded uranium – yellowcake for the taking, in Libya

post-Gaddafi Libya affords little or no protection to this vast haul of material which, if refined, is the essential element of a nuclear bomb.

‘Uranium’ stockpile uncovered in Libya
, SMH, Richard Spencer, September 27, 2011 SABHA:
International atomic agencies and Libya’s rebels say it will take weeks to safeguard at least 10,000 abandoned drums thought to contain uranium. Continue reading

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Collusion still, between Japanese government and nuclear industry

The collusive ties between government and industry were what undermined nuclear safety regulations. One would think that given the nuclear disaster, the practice of “amakudari” (literally “coming down from the heavens”), in which retiring bureaucrats acquire jobs in the industries that they formerly regulated, would have diminished, but that hasn’t been the case…..

Noda must make promoters of nuclear power take responsibility for disaster, Mainichi Daily News, By Takao Yamada, 26 Sept 11, “……..there’s something I want to ask Noda, and that is this: Haven’t you forgotten one very crucial issue? The big question that was on everyone’s minds just six months ago? That is, to clarify what responsibility the main promoters of nuclear power — also known as Japan’s “nuclear village” spanning industry, government and academia — have over the still ongoing disaster? Continue reading

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USA’s nuclear weapons program a bad investment

Expanding Nuclear Weapons Budget a Bad Investment
There is broad bipartisan agreement that few national security issues are as critical as how to deal with America’s crippling debt. Getting America’s fiscal house in order will require difficult budgetary choices. This means that we need to make smart decisions about what is most needed to safeguard U.S. national security in the 21st century.

A close look at the Pentagon budget reveals numerous programs that are more suitable to defeating the Cold War-era Soviet Union than to addressing current security threats, such as weak and failing states, cyberattacks and nuclear terrorism. A particularly egregious example is the budget for nuclear weapons programs. …

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New York Governor confident that nuclear reactor can be closed

“The replacement power issue is not a justification to keep Indian Point operating. And my point has always been safety first and the reward doesn’t justify the risk,” Cuomo said….

New York can replace Indian Point reactors: Governor Cuomo, by Scott DiSavino, 26 Sept 11, (Reuters) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is confident the state can replace the power generated by the giant Indian Point nuclear plant, Continue reading

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South Korea’s history of seeking nuclear weapons

CIA documents shed light on S Korea’s nuke ambition in 1970s, The Korea Herald/Asia News Network, Sep 26, 2011 As the international community continues to grapple with how best to thwart North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, a Seoul-based publication has revealed declassified US Central Intelligence Agency documents shedding light on South Korea’s own efforts to acquire nuclear weapons four decades ago.

Global Asia, a publication of the East Asia Foundation in Seoul, said the previously secret US documents show that South Korea continued to develop nuclear weapons at least two years after Washington thought it had ceased during the 1970s……..

Park’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons may have influenced North Korea’s own threat perception at the time, and fuelled the North’s desire to acquire its own nuclear weapons ? a fact that continues to be relevant today……

these historical documents illustrate that engaging North Korea from a position of political, economic and military strength ? not extended nuclear deterrence ? remains the best policy option…

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Three new Renewable Energy Laws in California

California Governor Signs Three Renewable Energy Bills Into Law, Solar Industry News  26 September 2011
Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr., D-Calif., says he has signed into law three bills that are designed to bolster the state’s commitment to clean energy. Continue reading

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Wind turbine project boosts employment in Ontario

Siemens Wind Turbine Expansion to Create 600 Jobs in Ontario, Business Facilities, 26 Sept 11, Pattern Energy Group LP and Samsung Renewable Energy have announced the completion of an expanded agreement with Siemens to supply turbines for four wind energy projects totaling 870 megawatts (MW). Up to 600 jobs will be created from CS Wind’s tower and Siemens’ blade factories in Windsor and Tillsonburg, Ontario, respectively. Together, the four projects will provide enough clean energy to power more than 300,000 local homes in Ontario each year.

“By committing to Ontario-made turbines, we are focused on bringing new jobs and revenue to the province, along with clean energy,” said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Energy. “The creation of up to 600 new jobs is direct evidence of the successful framework established by the Green Energy Act and Green Energy Investment Agreement. Together, these initiatives have created a vibrant green energy economy in Ontario, developing wind power projects, building factories, and putting thousands of Ontarians to work throughout the province.”….

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USA – Ukraine deal on enriched uranium

 US and Ukraine sign deal to remove Soviet-era stockpile of bomb-grade uranium, Washington Post, By Associated Press,  September 26, NEW YORK The United States and Ukraine signed a deal Monday to remove the former Soviet country’s stockpile of weapons-grade uranium by early next year.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko represented their nations in signing the agreement to remove the stockpile, which could provide enough material to build several nuclear weapons.

The deal was announced last year at an international nuclear security conference hosted by President Barack Obama but was not formalized until Monday….

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