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Cancer and birth deformities in city near to 456 nuclear bomb tests

City that suffered most calls for an end to nuclear testing, Telegraph, By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent, Semipalatinsk, 29 Aug 2011, The people of Semey will gather for a strange celebration today. Under a huge statue of a mushroom cloud they will commemorate the end of a chilling experiment on their own people and call for a complete ban on nuclear testing.

Between 1949 and 1989 this area of eastern Kazakhstan was used by the former Soviet Union to test 456 nuclear bombs. The local population was not told about the risks to their lives – or indeed the health of their grandchildren.

It is estimated some 1.5 million people were affected by the fallout and decades on doctors blame high rates of cancer and birth deformity on the continuing effects of radiation. Continue reading


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Japan’s crisis of ionising radiation is only just beginning

Slowly, steadily, and often well behind the curve, the government has worsened its prognosis of the disaster. …. sceptics  note a consistent pattern of official lying, foot-dragging and concealment. …

 areas northwest of the plant have become atomic ghost towns after being ordered to evacuate – too late, say many residents, who believe they absorbed dangerous quantities of radiation in the weeks after the accident…….

 many experts warn that the crisis is just beginning

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl, Japan has been slow to admit the scale of the meltdown. But now the truth is coming out. David McNeill reports from Soma City, The Independent Asia, 29 August 2011

“…….it is the triple meltdown and its aftermath at the Fukushima nuclear power plant 40km down the coast from Soma that has elevated Japan into unknown, and unknowable, terrain. Across the northeast, millions of people are living with its consequences and searching for a consensus on a safe radiation level that does not exist…. Continue reading

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New York’s electricity power down, nuclear reactors’ reaction to Hurricane Irene

Power Disruptions Rise as a Weakening Irene Rakes New York, Bloomberg, By Julie Johnsson – Aug 28, 2011 More than 3 million homes and businesses along the U.S. East Coast were without power today as a weakening Hurricane Irene lashed New York with winds and rain…. Exelon Corp. (EXC)’s Oyster Creek nuclear plant in New Jersey shut down its reactor as a precaution ahead of the storm, and other reactors reduced power.

One of the nuclear reactors at Constellation Energy Group Inc. (CEG)’s Calvert Cliffs nuclear station in Lusby, Maryland, shut down automatically after the plant’s main transformer was hit by wind-driven debris, the company said in a statement. The plant remains safe, the company said…..

Nuclear reactors near the coast in New Jersey and Connecticut began powering down as a precaution, said David McIntyre, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Reducing power will allow the plants to shut down faster and more efficiently if it becomes necessary…..

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Illinois hospitals using smart ways to limit patients’ radiation exposure

One way area hospitals are working together to help reduce overall radiation exposure is by transferring their patients’ diagnostic images electronically to Carle when patients are transferred there — so doctors can view the images that have already been done when the patients arrive, 

Hospitals working to limit radiation exposure, Central Illinois News gazette, 08/28/2011 –   Debra Pressey  URBANA — Annual dental check-ups, mammograms, CT scans … the radiation Americans are exposed to while trying to stay healthy can gradually add up. Continue reading

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Varying opinions on nuclear power, as Japan’s political candidates line up

Top contenders for Japan premier post face nuclear issues, Gulf News, 29 Aug 11 Japan’s next premier set to be burdened with low public confidence and party problems Tokyo: Japan’s former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara who is vying to become Japan’s next prime minister says the country should stop building nuclear power plants.

Maehara appeared to take the clearest stand against nuclear power at a news conference on Saturday where five ruling party members aiming to replace Prime Minister Naoto Kan outlined their policy goals.Another top contender for the job is Economy Minister Banri Kaieda. He says he plans to decommission aging nuclear plants found to have problems during stress tests.

Atomic energy is a key topic in Japan following the tsunami which caused a nuclear accident in March……

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USA taxpayer’s money going to set up nuclear power plants on the moon

 Fission power technology can be applied on Earth’s Moon, on Mars, or wherever NASA sees the need for continuous power,

Nuclear power plants for settlements on the Moon and Mars, ZDNet By Chris Jablonski | August 28, 2011  The first nuclear power plant being considered for production of electricity for manned or unmanned bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets “may really look like it came from outer space.” Continue reading

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Envoy says that Iran showed U.N. all its nuclear sites

Iran shows U.N. official all nuclear sites: envoy, By Fredrik Dahl, VIENNA  Aug 23, 2011 (Reuters) – Iran allowed a senior U.N. nuclear inspector rare access to a facility for developing advanced uranium enrichment machines during a tour of all of the country’s main atomic sites, an Iranian envoy said on Tuesday. Continue reading

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UK local councils oppose nuclear waste transport to Sellafield

 Nuclear-Free Local Authorities” a local government group, which describes itself as the “local government voice on nuclear issues” has condemned the plan for breaching important environmental principles. There are seven member councils, all in Scotland, through which the nuclear material could travel by rail, depending on the route it takes. They are Perth & Kinross, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, West Dumbartonshire and Dundee.

The group says the plan fails to ensure that radioactive waste is managed as close as possible to the site where it was produced. It would also lead to increased radioactive discharges into the environment from Sellafield during reprocessing, the councils argue. 

Nuclear train route to Sellafield runs into opposition from local councils, Trains transporting radioactive uranium and plutonium could become target for terrorists, authorities warn,,  26 August 2011 20 A plan to transport 44 tonnes of radioactive uranium and plutonium by train has run into opposition from councils worried about accidents and terrorist attacks. Continue reading

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Precautions and shutdowns of nuclear reactors due to Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene shuts down US nuclear reactors, Maryland plant damaged by hurricane winds as other US nuclear sites take precautionary measures, US environment correspondent,,  28 August 2011. A nuclear reactor in Maryland has been shut down because of wind damage, while others were either taken offline or operating at reduced capacity as precautionary measures before the arrival of hurricane Irene on Sunday…….

In addition to the two shutdowns, some plants powered down as a safety measure – which also contributed to widespread power cuts. Progress Energy powered down its reactors in Brunswick, North Carolina, and Dominion Resources cut production at one reactor at its Millstone plant in New London, Connecticut, by 70%. Another Dominion plant in Virginia, which had gone down because of last week’s earthquake, remained offline for Irene….

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Uranium mine closed in 1966, still emitting ionising radiation

Firm begins cleanup at Stanislaus National Forest uranium mine site, The Modesto Bee, Aug. 27, 2011, By John Holland KENNEDY MEADOWS — A crew has started cleanup at a uranium mine that operated in the Stanislaus National Forest from 1956 to 1966.The site, about three miles west of Kennedy Meadows, has emitted radiation that exceeded health standards, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said.

forest spokesman Jerry Snyder, in an e-mail Friday, noted “concerns that hunters may camp on waste piles and contaminated sediment might migrate down Red Rock Creek.”
The cleanup is funded by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, better known as the Superfund…

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Pentagon’s lack of transparency about China’s nuclear weapons

What the numbers we’re allowed to see indicate is that China’s missile force has been largely stagnant over the past year …. China does not appear to have any operational sea-launched ballistic missiles at this point……
 within the past 12 months it has become a great deal harder for the international community to monitor the development of the offensive nuclear missile forces of the United States, Russia and China.
 Pentagon’s 2011 China Report: Reducing Nuclear Transparency, FAS Security Blog, By Hans M. Kristensen, 25 Aug 11,  The Pentagon has published its annual assessment of China’s military power (the official title is Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China).…..Land-Based Nuclear Missiles

The most noticeable new development compared with last year’s report is that the Pentagon this year has decided to significantly reduce the transparency of China’s land-based nuclear missile force. Continue reading

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Nuclear plant near Lake Erie violated safety regulations

Ohio nuke plant radiation prompts more oversight, Bloomberg, By JOHN SEEWER TOLEDO, OHIO, 28 Aug 11 Nuclear regulators plan to significantly increase inspections at a reactor near Cleveland where four contractors were exposed to radiation last spring. The plant along Lake Erie violated several safety regulations and failed to provide sufficient instructions to the workers, leading to low to moderate safety concerns, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Friday.

The plant’s staff didn’t do enough to protect the contractors from being exposed to higher levels of radiation than are normal, said Mark Satorius, an NRC official who oversees plants in the Great Lakes area…..

The nuclear plant, about 30 miles northeast of Cleveland, had several safety problems several years ago, which led the NRC to monitor its safety operations every three months in 2005, when the plant was forced to shut down briefly because of problems with pumps that circulate coolant through the reactor’s core…

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Death sentence for man convicted of killing Iranian nuclear scientist

‘Mossad assassin handed death penalty’ PRESS TV 28 Aug 11, Iran’s judiciary spokesman says the man convicted of assassinating Iranian nuclear physicist Masoud Ali-Mohammadi in 2010 has been handed the death sentence.

“According to the verdict of the Islamic Revolution Court the death verdict of terrorist Majid Jamali Fashi, who assassinated martyr Masoud Ali-Mohammadi, has been announced,” IRNA quoted Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei as saying on Sunday.  He said that Jamali Fashi has been found guilty of Moharebeh (waging war against god) and Fesad fel Arz (spread of corruption on earth).

The prosecution session of the defendant was held on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolution Court during which the defendant confessed to having been funded and supported by Israeli agents in assassinating the Iranian professor.

Professor Ali-Mohammadi, a lecturer at Tehran University, was killed when an explosive-laden motorbike was detonated with a remote-controlled device near his home in the Qeytariyeh neighborhood of northern Tehran on January 12, 2010.

Upon comprehensive investigations, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said it had dismantled an Israeli network comprising of Israeli-trained spies and terrorists, and arrested the main perpetrators in connection with the assassination of Ali-Mohammadi. …….

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