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Nuclear Power – the battle for hearts and minds – public opinion, Sept 11

 So far, the nuclear lobby has bought the hearts and minds of governments, but has not won the hearts and minds of the people. In a propaganda war, as in all wars, truth is the first victim. But there are many journalists and others out there who will counter the lies of the nuclear industry.

Today, across the world, the nuclear industry is unpopular. It is particularly unpopular with women, and with indigenous peoples.  It’s unpopular with those who have suffered from it, such as the veterans who attended nuclear bomb tests, and the ‘downwinders’ who suffered from those same tests. It’s unpopular with families afflicted with cancer from uranium mining. It’s unpopular with Ukrainians and Japanese whose lives have been disrupted by nuclear disasters.

The nuclear industry is also unpopular higher up in the social food chain. Many academics, economists, scientists, and doctors  are concerned about the dangers of all kinds that are intrinsic to the nuclear industry.

So who does like the nuclear industry?     –  careerists in the nuclear industry, careerists in politics, academia, careerists in the Murdoch media, highly paid uranium workers, communities that exist only because of mining, – (the latter can’t really afford not to support it).

The nuclear industry, following in the footsteps of the tobacco and asbestos industries will now blanket its servant mass media, and any other possible avenues – such as education, and politics,  – with propaganda.

The main focus of the nuclear lobby’s propaganda?   This will be RADIATION.   Right from 1945 onwards, the nuclear lobby has obscured the truth about the health effects of ionising radiation.  Now they are stepping this up -even funding dodgy research to portray “low level radiation” as “good for you”

They’re spending an awful lot of money on this.  Despite this huge investment in deception, the nuclear lobby is not winning.


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Radiation evacuees from Fukushima not to return home, ever?

The government is expected to tell many of these residents that they will not be permitted to return to their homes for an indefinite period.

Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits,, By MARTIN FACKLER August 21, 2011 TOKYO — Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.
The formal announcement, expected from the government in coming days, would be the first official recognition that the March accident could force the long-term depopulation of communities near the plant, an eventuality that scientists and some officials have been warning about for months. Continue reading

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Science and Climate Change action under attack from Republican presidential candidates

Rick Perry denounces the concept of man-made global warming as “one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight”..

..poll found that 98 per cent of scientists accepted the idea [of globalwarming]…..

GOP presidential hopefuls rush to deny climate change  The Australian, Catherine Philp, Washington  August 23, 2011 “…..In the past week, the Environmental Protection Agency has become the new target for Republican hopefuls, with conservative candidates scrambling to outdo each other over how quickly they would abolish it. The attacks have exposed a sharp split in the field between those who accept the scientific basis of climate change and those who do not.

Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party insurgent, said that on the first day of her presidency, “the EPA will have the doors locked and lights turned off”. Continue reading

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Vermont Yankee – nuclear plant’s lawyers trying to suppress witnesses in court action

Entergy tries to block Vt. witnesses in nuke trial  Houston Chronicle, August 22, 2011, BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) — Lawyers for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant’s owners are trying to block three witnesses for the state of Vermont from testifying at the upcoming trial that could determine the fate of the plant.

Entergy Corp. is suing Vermont to block the state’s efforts to shut Vermont Yankee down when the plant’s initial 40-year license expires next March. The plant has won federal approval for a 20-year license extension, but Vermont is moving to shut the reactor down.

The Brattleboro Reformer ( ) says Entergy has asked Judge J. Garvan Murtha to bar former federal regulator Peter Bradford, consultant Bruce Hinkley and former Vermont regulator William Steinhurst from offering testimony about the preemptive scope of the Atomic Energy Act, the federal law governing nuclear power….Entergy tries to block Vt. witnesses in nuke trial – Houston Chronicle

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Despite Fukushima, AREVA still touting nuclear power as “clean”

AREVA sponsors Nuclear Clean Air Energy team as Simona prepares for Infineon RacewayAugust 22, 2011 PennEnergy Indianapolis, IN – HVM Racing and Entergy are seeing continued success in spreading the ‘Nuclear Clean Air Energy’ message on the 2011 IndyCar season as AREVA – ranked first in the global nuclear energy industry – has come on board for the Baltimore Grand Prix…..
“As the global leader in clean energy production, AREVA understands the importance of raising awareness about the benefits of nuclear energy,” said Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA Inc.

“Partnering with Simona and the Nuclear Clean Air Energy team offers us a unique way to talk about our energy challenges and nuclear energy as safe, reliable and clean electricity that is powering one of five American households.”
AREVA sponsors Nuclear Clean Air Energy team as Simona prepares for Infineon Raceway

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General Atomics trying to avoid uranium mine cleanup

General Atomics Faces Yet Another Uranium Cleanup Fight, By Matt Potter, San Diego Reader August 22, 2011,  The New York Times has reported via the Greenwire news service that Rio Grande Resources Corp., a subsidiary of La Jolla-based General Atomics is stirring opposition in New Mexico with its plans to delay cleanup of its Mount Taylor uranium mine, which has been closed since 1990.

The mountain, which contains the nation’s largest single deposit of the radioactive ore, is said to be viewed as sacred land by surrounding Native American tribes, the story says.

“More than 8 million pounds of “yellow cake” were produced from the mine before it was closed more than two decades ago due to plummeting uranium prices,” according to the report…….

Rio Grande critics testified at a hearing on the application to keep the mine in “standby status” held by the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division that a five year delay in remediation risked further contamination of the site, but backers said it would help the mine get back into operation.

As we’ve previously reported, General Atomics, operated by San Diego brothers Neal and Linden Blue, also faces a fight in Colorado over the cleanup of an old uranium mill in that state….San Diego Reader | “General Atomics Faces Yet Another Uranium Cleanup Fight” by mpotter

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With gas power more likely, why should Florida residents pay upfront for new nuclear power?

Nuclear power Florida: Progress Energy customers are being asked to pay more in upfront costs for nuclear power plants that are becoming much iffier propositions. –, 22 Aug 11…….the new nuclear industry is beginning to look a lot like the old nuclear industry.Progress announced a new price tag in 2008: $17 billion.The next update was $22.5 billion.And the first plant will not be operational until 2021. The Public Counsel’s Office thinks the real year may be 2027, if at all.Those “single-digit dollars” could hit $50 a month by 2020.Customers will be shelling out more money for an iffy proposition…..

There are other issues.

New drilling technology is producing an abundant supply of natural gas, which should stabilize prices. Natural-gas plants can be built much more cheaply and faster, and they release half the carbon as a coal plant. This makes them a lot more competitive with nuclear plants….

Our pre-payments are a form of loan guarantee. And we have little control over the risks Progress takes with them…


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35 years of Seabrook activism in continuing fight against nuclear energy

Seabrook Station is currently seeking an extension of its operating license from 2030 to 2050. Twenty-five groups, including SAPL, have filed multiple legal challenges to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in an effort to delay nuclear plant licensing.

Nuclear protesters celebrate 35 years of activism with Seabrook march,, By Joey Cresta, August 22, 2011  SEABROOK — The past, present and future in the fight against the use of nuclear power converged Sunday at the site where battle lines were drawn on the Seacoast 35 years ago. Continue reading

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Silex laser uranium enrichment process classified secret under Atomic Energy Act

Some New Wrinkles in Nuclear Weapons Secrecy, Secrecy News, August 22nd, 2011 by Steven Aftergood  “………At this late date in the nuclear era, there are still other “innovations” in nuclear technology and nuclear secrecy.  The New York Times reported last weekend on an apparent breakthrough in the use of lasers to enrich uranium.  This laser enrichment process, known as SILEX (Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation), also poses new proliferation issues.  See “Laser Advances in Nuclear Fuel Stir Terror Fear” by William J. Broad, August 21.

Though the Times story did not mention it, the SILEX process is also a unique case in which information that was privately generated was nevertheless classified by the government. …..
As far as could be determined, the decision to classify this non-governmental information under the Atomic Energy Act is the first and only time that such authority has been exercised.  See this 2001 “Record of Decision to Classify Certain Elements of the SILEX Process as Privately Generated Restricted Data.”  (See also “A Glimpse of the SILEX Uranium Enrichment Process,” Secrecy News, August 22, 2007.)   Some New Wrinkles in Nuclear Weapons Secrecy | Secrecy News

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Among the sinking uranium stocks, Uranium Resources one of the worst

URANIUM RESOURCES DOWN 4.4%, SHARES SLIDE INTO THE RED (URRE) – Zacks Investment Research Aug 22, 2011 Uranium Resources  is one of today’s worst performing low-priced stocks, down 4.4% to $1.08 on 0.4x average daily volume. Approximately 504,000 shares have traded hands today vs. 30-day average volume of 1.3 million shares.

High volume often signals a change in trends. Shares of Uranium Resources are currently trading below their 50-day moving average (MA) of $1.52 and below their 200-day MA of $2.26

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Doubts about the safety of India’s nuclear energy programme

How safe is India’s nuclear energy programme?A. Gopalakrishnan in his recent article said, “DAE management classified the audit reports as ‘top secret’ and shelved them. No action was taken on the committee’s findings.,23 Aug 11,”M. P. Ram Mohan Continue reading

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Death of anti nuclear activist,Nora Bredes

Nora Bredes, Long Island nuclear plant foe, dies –, AUGUST 22, 2011,  Nora Bredes, Long Island nuclear plant foe, dies  ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Nora Bredes, an advocate for women’s leadership, environmental protection and public health who led the fight to keep a nuclear plant from opening on Long Island 25 years ago, has died at age 60.

Bredes died Thursday after a lengthy battle with breast cancer, her family said…..

In the 1980s, Bredes led the push to derail Long Island’s Shoreham nuclear power station. The plant was completed in 1984 for $6 billion but never went into operation due to community opposition.

As a chief organizer of the Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Bredes enlisted New York state in a high-stakes regulatory battle revolving around potential safety concerns, such as how quickly the plant’s heavily populated surroundings could be evacuated in a crisis.

The Long Island Lighting Co., which had drawn backing for the plant from President George H.W. Bush, agreed in 1989 to shut down the plant, which was fully decommissioned in 1994…..Nora Bredes, Long Island nuclear plant foe, dies –

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Belarus freezes plan to give upits enriched uranium

Belarus hangs on to enriched uranium cache, Detroit Free Press |Aug 20, 2011, Belarus has frozen a plan aimed at getting the country to give up its Soviet-era stockpile of highly enriched uranium with U.S. assistance in response to new U.S. sanctions, the government said Friday.

The U.S. conducted a longtime effort to secure nuclear materials in former Soviet nations to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

The U.S. and the European Union introduced sanctions against President Alexander Lukashenko’s government for its crackdown on a political opposition group……  Belarus hangs on to enriched uranium cache | Detroit Free Press |

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