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Ground is cracking underneath Fukushima nuclear power plant

Fukushima ‘alarm’: Ground cracking, radioactive steam    , Human Rights ExaminerAugust 17, 2011  Doomed to cripple before quake and tsunami As Canadians learned about dangerous radiation falling on them in rain on Tuesday as far east as Toronto registered at 20,000 CPMequivalent to the highly targeted dose of radiation for cancer radiotherapy,  the Fukushima catastrophe escalated even higher Wednesday with evidence that the ground is cracking under the crippled nuclear power plant, causing radioactive steam to escape, “very serious and alarming” according to Anissa Naouai’s guest on Russia Today, Dr. Robert Jacobs, Professor of nuclear history at Hiroshima Peace Institute

Fukushima nuclear plant workers have reported that the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is already escaping through the cracks that Dr. Jacobs says is very serious and alarming development because it has happened after two large earthquakes over the past few weeks according to Russia Today…….

Now it is known that radioactive material, the melted core, is moving under the ground away from where it the measuring was being done according to Dr. Jacobs.

He said that the reactors were not safe for earthquakes and there is evidence that Reactor #1 was melting down when the tsunami hit, putting reliability in question.

There are continual aftershocks at the level of a 6.0, so when you have a fragile structure and what we have now, the radioactive core has melted down into the basement, into the bottom of the containment vessel.

Canadians receiving extreme radiation in Tuesday rainout

The Agora National in Canada reported that, after the nation’s rainout Tuesday, using a technique described by nuclear energy specialist Arnie Gundersen to collect valuable radiation data, a Toronto resident recorded evidence of radiation falling on Canada in the rain at a level of 20,000 CPM, equivalent to a highly targeted dose of radiation used for cancer radiotherapy………


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