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No end in sight to Fukushima radiation crisis

A lot of radioactive water has already made it into the ocean, contaminating seawater and wildlife and probably destroying the fishing industry of northeastern Japan for decades……..This situation is nowhere near being “under control”, and there’s really no end in sight.

Fukushima radioactivity highest in three months, Red Green and Blue, Jeremy Bloom, 6 Jun  11 It’s been three months since the crisis began at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactor complex, and they’re no closer to cleaning up the radioactive mess. In fact, things may be getting worse. Continue reading

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Depleted uranium and other nasty secrets about Libya battle

There have been reports of depleted uranium, cluster bombs and other illegal substances in the capital city Tripoli, despite NATOs denial of depleted uranium used in its humanitarian efforts in Libya. ……..The American people are not told the truth about what happens in the Middle East, we are not told the truth about all these wars.

West uses depleted uranium in Libya, Press TV Jun 5, 2011  Interview with Randy Short, a human rights activist in TripoliThere is a “significant difference” between what is being covered on the Libyan intervention by Western media outlets and what is happening in the North African country, human right activist says. Continue reading

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French Green coalition party pledge to end nuclear power in France

French Greens prepare presidential poll with no-nuclear call By RFI   6 June 11 French Greens pledged to fight to rid France of nuclear energy in the next 20 years at their conference this weekend. The demand is part of the party’s programme for next year’s presidential elections……With support growing for their traditional opposition to nuclear power traditional boosted by the Japanese nuclear disaster, they called for no more nuclear in France within 20 years…..Whoever wins is likely to play a decisive role in the election, as the Socialists may have to turn to them for support in winning the presidency from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing UMP.

The party in its present form, which goes by the initials EELV, was formed by the fusion of the Green Party (Les Verts) and another party called Europe Ecologie……

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Political parties, public opinion, say NO to nuclear in Thailand

Rivals say no to nuclear Democrats, Pheu Thai agree on nuke policy, Bangkok Post,: 6/06/2011 Amid the differences, arch-rivals the Democrat and Pheu Thai parties share one policy _ to indefinitely suspend plans for nuclear power in Thailand. They both announced their no-nuke stance at a forum on political parties’ environmental policies held by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) in Bangkok yesterday.

As well as the two major parties, Bhumjaithai, Chartthaipattana and Chart Pattana Puea Pandin have also ruled out building nuclear power plants…….According to the results of a Nida poll conducted on June 1-2 and released yesterday, about 72% of the 1,230 respondents disagree with the plan to construct nuclear power plants……..

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Nuclear chain reactions may be ongoing at Fukushima

re Nuclear Chain Reactions Still Occurring at Fukushima?

 Zero Hedge  by George Washington on 06/04/2011 You know that Fukushima reactors 1, 2 and 3 all melted downwithin hours of the Japanese earthquake.You also know that at least some of the subsequent explosions could have been caused by small-scale nuclear reactions called “prompt moderated criticalities”.

But you might not know that nuclear reactions may still be ongoing. Specifically, it is well-known by nuclear scientists that the ratio of iodine 131 to cesium 137 tells a lot about when nuclear reactions have stopped…

Today, Tetsuo Matsui at the University of Tokyo, says the limited data from Fukushima indicates that nuclear chain reactions must have reignited at Fuksuhima up to 12 days after the accident.

Matsui says the evidence comes from measurements of the ratio of cesium-137 and iodine-131 at several points around the facility and in the seawater nearby. He has calculated what the starting ratio must have been by assuming the reactors had been operating for between 7 and 12 months……

The data from the drain near reactor 2 and from the cooling pond at reactor 4, where spent fuel rods are stored, indicate that the reactions must have been burning much later….



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Senator Blakeslee condemns NRC’s decision on relicensing Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

The Bay Citizen, By JOHN UPTON|June 3, 2011 Sen. Sam Blakeslee (R-San Lius Obispo) criticized the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for refusing to suspend the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant’s relicensing process…….“The vague assurances that supplemental reports might be filed at a later date demonstrates the NRC has learned nothing in the aftermath of the Japanese nuclear disaster,” Blakeslee said in a statement…..


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Nuclear ionising radiation the top cancer causer

Top Cancer Doc: Nuclear radiation is the most carcinogenic thing that exists

ENE News June 5th, 2011 From the ASCO congress in Chicago, the world’s most important oncology summit, AIOM (Italian association of medical oncology) […]

“Nuclear radiation is the most carcinogenic thing that exists – said AIOM president Carmelo Iacono – and it cannot be kept under control, as the Fukushima tragedy proved. […]“…

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Radiation over-exposure of medical and other workers

Some workers overexposed to radiation, fed data shows doses above safe limits Google News By Steve Rennie, The Canadian Press – 6 June 11 OTTAWA — Some medical specialists and other workers have been overexposed to radiation, a few getting doses high enough to change their blood chemistry and even cause radiation sickness, The Canadian Press has learned.

An analysis of an internal government database shows instances in which workers were exposed to doses of radiation well beyond regulatory limits…… analysis of government dose records found more than 100 instances in the last decade where workers were exposed to more radiation than provinces set out in their yearly limits — sometimes far beyond what is considered safe.

Last year, an office worker in Ontario was exposed to 2,768 mSv of radiation over the month of May. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that’s enough of a dose to cause changes in blood chemistry, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea and hemorrhaging…. …

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TEPCO’s 570 billion Yen loss – then trillions in compensation

It is expected to become necessary for TEPCO to seek further loans from banks and support from the government to cover the nuclear crisis-related compensation, which is said to reach several trillion yen

TEPCO to see Y570 bil net loss, excluding nuclear compensation   Japan Today  06  June, :Tokyo Electric Power Co is expected to post a parent-only net loss of 570 billion yen for the business year to March 2012, excluding compensation to those affected by the ongoing crisis at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, according to an internal document. Continue reading

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