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Our inter-connected world

Worldshift: We Are Learning to Live In a Living Universe, Forum on science and Spirituality, by DUANE ELGIN on MAY 30, 2011 The most fundamental question facing humanity is this: At its foundations, is the universe dead or alive? In short, was Plato correct when, more than two thousand years ago, he said: “The universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.” ….

… Where a dead-universe perspective generates alienation, environmental destruction and despair, a living-universe perspective generates feelings of communion, stewardship, and the promise of a higher pathway for humanity. Although the idea of a living universe has ancient roots in human experience, it is now radically new as the frontiers of modern science cut away superstition and reveal the authentic mystery, subtlety, and aliveness of our cosmic home….



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Studying the effects of Fukushima radiation in the ocean

The scientists say the effects of radioactive contamination in ocean waters, sediments and fish is not well understood. The Japanese nuclear disaster is the worst release of radioactive materials into an ocean.

Scientific voyage to study Japanese nuclear impact on ocean,, By RENEE SCHOOF, McClatchy Newspapers, WASHINGTON, 4 June 11 — A team of scientists will set out Saturday from Hawaii on a research expedition to study how radioactive contamination from the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan has spread in the Pacific Ocean and what effects it will have on marine life, the food chain and human health. Continue reading

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Rise in radioactive water at Fukushima threatens the sea

Radioactive water about to overflow at FukushimaNature News Blog June 02, 2011 Radioactive water being used to cool the shattered Fukushima nuclear reactors is rising worryingly quickly, according to an analysis of the latest data from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the plant’s operator.

Bloomberg reports that the water could overflow from basements and service trenches as soon as Monday 6 June, pouring isotopes into the sea.

“Solving the problem of contaminated water is critical,” Tetsuo Ito, the head of the Atomic Energy Research Institute at Kinki University, told Bloomberg…….Nature News Blog: Radioactive water about to overflow at Fukushima

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Silence of Australian,and other, media on the extent of Fukushima nuclear crisis

Something similar is going on in Japan and the US. In Japan, the nuclear industry has been actively promoted by the Government since inception in the interests of Japanese nuclear security.  The nuclear regulator is almost entirely made up for former Tepco employees and is described as being almost an arm of the power company. Criticism of nuclear power has long been strongly suppressed in Japan.

Independent Australia has reported before about plans for the world’s  nuclear waste to be shipped to Australia and the fact this agreement with the US was actively suppressed by the Australian media, perhaps because some media proprietors have strong vested interests in the nuclear industry. It seems that Australia’s overly concentrated media industry is not only a crisis for our democracy, but can potentially even threaten our children’s health.

(VIDEOS) Fukushima: Caldicott says Japan may become uninhabitable – media silent |Dr Helen Caldicott says that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has the potential to make Japan “uninhabitable”, yet the mainstream media in Australia continue to ignore the crisis Independent Australia, David Donovan May 31

Yesterday – the same day Germany announced it would close all its nuclear plants because of Fukushima, and dangerous levels of radiation were reported in Japanese clean-up workers – Independent Australia did a straw poll of 50 random people at a metropolitan shopping centre in Queensland. Each of them was asked: “were you aware that there had been a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in Japan”. Almost all of these respondents recognised the name Fukushima but only 4 of the 50 – a mere 8 per cent – said they had heard of any meltdown. Continue reading

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A big conflict of interest in the International Atomic Energy Agency

…it controls research on health issues surrounding radiation that should then feed into its safety standards.

.. it promotes nuclear power. According to the statutes of the agency, the objective of the IAEA is to ‘accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy’.

Can you begin to see the conflicts of interest here? An organisation charged with promoting nuclear power around the world also controls nuclear safety and health standards. It’s like expecting a tobacco company to prevent lung cancer.

No confidence in the International Atomic Energy Agency, Greenpeace International  by Justin – June 3, 2011 The IAEA was at Fukushima to assess the situation at the disaster site in its role as the global nuclear watchdog and regulator. The problem is that that’s not the organisations only role. The IAEA is a four-headed beast: Continue reading

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Inadequate safety monitoring of China’s nuclear power plants

Minister: China needs to step up nuclear oversight,  The Nuclear N-Former: June 3, 2011  Beijing (AP) — China must increase oversight of its nuclear power plants after Japan’s disaster, a senior Chinese official said Friday, as the country advances an ambitious program to build more reactors.The ongoing crisis caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan laid bare a “host of problems” with how nuclear power is handled, Vice Environment Minister Li Ganjie said.“Some of them are technical, some are at a managerial level, some are unavoidable caused by natural disasters, while some are caused by manmade factors and can be prevented,” Li said at a news conference.China needs to raise industry safety standards, make information more accessible and put in place a strong team of independent regulators to supervise nuclear safety, he said……
Even before the Japanese crisis, Li’s ministry had urged the government for more funds to monitor the rapidly growing nuclear power industry.
Minister: China needs to step up nuclear oversight | The Nuclear N-Former: Breaking Nuclear Energy News, Videos, Photos, Commentary & More

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Close down Indian Point Nuclear Reactor -say hundreds of New Yorkers

Hundreds of New Yorkers tell the NRC: Shut Down Indian Point! | Greenpeace USA, 4 June 11,”.……At the meeting, NRC officials were evasive and refused to give specific answers to the public’s questions about the lack of an evacuation plan, the impacts from an earthquake, on-going leaks from Indian Point, and more. Representatives of New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Eliot Engel underlined the need to involve the public in the evaluation process. Many speakers who took the stage last night called the regulatory agency’s credibility into question and underlined its close ties to the nuclear industry. Indeed, the NRC has never denied a nuclear company’s request for a license extension; it’s nothing more than a radioactive rubberstamp for the dangerous old reactors that threaten millions of Americans.
Hundreds of New Yorkers tell the NRC: Shut Down Indian Point! | Greenpeace USA

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Nuclear issues weigh heavily in Northern Japan election

giving up the perks that come with nuclear-power plants is a difficult decision for people

Japan Poll Hinges On Nuclear Policy, By YUKA HAYASHI 4 June 11, HIGASHIDORI, Japan—Japan’s troubled nuclear-energy industry faces its first major ballot-box test since the Fukushima Daiichi accident, in the northern prefecture of Aomori on Sunday, when voters choose between a conservative pronuclear governor seeking a third term and a challenger who wants to freeze all existing plans for new facilities……. Continue reading

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End nuclear loans guarantee – say millions of USA residents

WASHINGTON, DC, June 2, 2011 (ENS) More than 180 organizations and small businesses representing millions of Americans are urging members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to reject President Barack Obama’s request for $36 billion more for the U.S. Title 17 nuclear loan program, and instead to end the program entirely. Continue reading

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Tepco controls information release on Fukushima radiation: is this right?

It is easy to see why controlling radiation readings and reports of leakage of radioactive water in to the sea is to TEPCO’s advantage

Report From Tokyo: How Long Should TEPCO Call the Shots? THE HUFFINGTON POST, David Wagner: 4 June 11 Since the tragic March 11th earthquake in Japan, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has been allowed to manage information flow related to the nuclear crisis at Fukushima. And ever since that date, there have been multiple examples of inaccurate information being released to the public.

So one has to wonder how long TEPCO should call the shots. There is something inherently wrong with allowing the hen to rule the hen house. Yet that is what is happening…….. Continue reading

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Germany’s nuclear shutdown policy is good news for solar company

Germany Shuns Nuclear, Could Boost First Solar, Forbes, Jun. 2 2011   by Trefis Team First Solar has reason to rejoice after the German government announced it plans to phase out all its nuclear power plants by the year 2022. [1] The resulting deficit in power will be addressed by expanding the use of renewable sources. Continue reading

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Anger at Nuclear Regulatory Commission at Indian Point meeting

The problem I have with Entergy is that they have never been honest about any problems with the plant

Federal Officials Heckled at Meeting on Indian Point Nuclear Plant, WYNC News Blog June 03, 2011 Audience members at a raucous public meeting on safety at Indian Point nuclear plant Thursday night heckled officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission — calling the federal officials “Liars!” and “lap dogs!”….The meeting was the first opportunity for public comment on the agency’s regulation of the nuclear facility since the crisis at the reactor in Japan began to unfold in March. Continue reading

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Germany’splan for clear,gradual,exit from nuclear power

Merkel:German Nuclear Exit Gradual; 2022 Irreversible End-date-,3 June 11By Bernd Radowitz, BERLIN (Dow Jones)-Germany’s nuclear exit will take place in several steps, with the end of 2022 as an irreversible final date for the switch-off of the last nuclear power station, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday after meeting the premiers of German states. Continue reading

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