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Cores of 3 Fukushima reactors are leaking radioactive water

that’s just the start of the bad news because the reactors themselves appear to be leaking as well. TEPCO initially hoped that the leaks were largely coming from pipes that could be repaired, but they now concede that both the reactors’ pressure vessels and primary containment vessels, which are designed to contain an accident, are probably leaking water.

Fukushima nuclear plant is leaking like a sieve –Nature News Blog: May 26, 2011 As more details leak out about the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, it’s become clear that something else is leaking—radioactive water from the cores of three damaged reactors. Continue reading

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Malaysia fight against Australian company dumping radioactive waste

Crucial questions remain unanswered especially regarding the safe disposal of radioactive waste…… officials from the nuclear watchdog would be pro-nuclear and therefore fail to produce a fair assessment of the Lynas plant.

Calls for local and environmental groups to be represented in the monitoring team have also gone unheeded…’Whatever their findings, our final agenda – which is our ultimate goal – is to stop Lynas.’..

Malaysia’s new rare earth plant provokes radiation fearsMonsters and Critics, By Julia Yeow May 29, 2011,Kuala Lumpur – In the quiet town of Gebeng in Malaysia’s central state of Pahang, a new rare earth plant has evoked fears of radiation contamination as residents desperately seek to stop the construction of the world’s largest such refinery. The 700-million-ringgit (233 million dollars) refinery is being constructed by Australia’s Lynas Corp, which plans to ship rare earth ore mined from Western Australia’s Mount Weld to the Gebeng plant by September. ……

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Full severity of Fukushima nuclear disaster now slowly being revealed

 Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday. “The situation continues to be very serious.”.

Fukushima plant probably began spewing radiation within hours of earthquake: data National Post, Peter Goodspeed 21 May 11,  Data released for the first time this week show three of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors probably began spewing radiation within a few hours of Japan’s devastating earthquake and at least one may have gone into a full meltdown within about 15 hours of the tsunami striking the plant and shutting off its cooling systems. Continue reading

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Many thousands of anti nuclear protestors across Germany

25,000 attend anti-nuclear demo in Berlin, Tehran Times, 30 May 11, Tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating in 21 cities in Germany against the government’s energy policy, calling for an end to nuclear power.Around 25,000 anti-nuclear activists protested in the German capital of Berlin on Saturday. Similar rallies were also held in Dresden, Munich, Hamburg, Gottingen and other cities, where the protesters called for a swift exit from nuclear power, a Press TV correspondent reported.“We want to clear an indefinite decision that as many nuclear reactors as possible will close and that for others at least we get a precise date for the shutdown,” Thorben Becker of Friends of The Earth told Press TV……
A study by the German environment ministry has suggested that a phase-out by 2017 would be possible without causing blackouts. …..
Experts say it is crucial that Merkel and her CDU present a plan and a date for the nuclear phase-out as soon as possible, as the protests have sent a clear signal to the government that the majority of Germans oppose nuclear energy. …
tehran times : 25,000 attend anti-nuclear demo in Berlin

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Doubts about Fukushima’s full impact cast gloom on nuclear industry

While debates on who or what was at fault will no doubt continue, the nuclear industry has clearly suffered a major blow, with nuclear looking to be unreliable and costly….Nobuo Tanaka, the chief executive of the International Energy Agency, has warned that the role of nuclear power in global energy supply may be less than previously forecast, following the events in Japan. “Building nuclear power or expanding nuclear power may mean more costs or more delay. That means the nuclear option may not play as big a role as we predicted….”

What happened at Fukushima? – environmentalresearchweb, 30 May 11, More information has begun to emerge as to actually what happened at Fukushima, with it now being clear that full fuel melt-down did occur, perhaps even starting before the tsunami hit, although we are still some way off knowing what the longer term impacts will be, Continue reading

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Fears of terrorist nuclear jihad, following Taliban raid on Pakistan naval base

Signalling the launch of nuclear jihad!, The Pioneer , May 30, 2011  Kanchan Gupta After the Taliban’s daring raid on PNS Mehran, a heavily guarded naval base in Karachi, the world, and not only the US, has reason to worry, if not be alarmed. This is not just another incident of radical Islamists demonstrating their ability to strike terror with the help of brainwashed young men desperate to die in the hope of frolicking with 72 nubile nymphets in the other world; it signals enhanced capability on part of Pakistan’s terrorists to attack high security targets. Continue reading

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Syria pledges to cooperate with UN on matters nuclear

Syria says it will cooperate on nuclear probe but US pushes for UN referral  The Washington Post 29 May  11,  NEW YORK — In a major turnaround, Syria is pledging full cooperation with U.N. attempts to probe strong evidence that it secretly built a reactor that could have been used to make nuclear arms, according to a confidential document shared with The Associated Press on Sunday.

If Syria fulfills its promise, the move would end three years of stonewalling by Damascus of the International Atomic Energy. Since 2008, the agency has tried in vain to follow up on strong evidence that a target bombed in 2007 by Israeli warplanes was a nearly built nuclear reactor that would have produced plutonium once active……AP Exclusive: Syria says it will cooperate on nuclear probe but US pushes for UN referral – The Washington Post

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Wikileaks reveal France’s fears about safety of Pakistan’s nukes

France unsure about Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent: WikiLeaks  | The Times of India May 29, 2011, ISLAMABAD: France, not sure about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, has decided against supplying nuclear energy technology to it, according to a secret US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks. Continue reading

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Tropical deluge might spread Fukushima nuclear radiation

Deluge could spread Fukushima radiation ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy  30 may 11, There are fears a tropical storm off the coast of Japan could wash radioactive material from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the air and sea.

Now downgraded to a tropical storm, former Typhoon Songda is still expected to bring strong winds and torrential rain to Tokyo later this morning, with the Fukushima area also forecast to experience a deluge.

The plant’s operator, Tepco, has apologised for not being prepared for the bad weather. The company has been pouring synthetic resins over the facility to stop radioactive material from being swept away, but the job is far from complete. Tepco and the Japanese government both fear contamination could be washed out of the uncovered reactor buildings. Deluge could spread Fukushima radiation – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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TEPCO does not know how long it will take to stabilise Fukushima nuclear plant

“Unless we understand the extent of the damage, we don’t even know how long that work alone would take,” noting the need for one or two months more than previously thought to establish an entirely new cooling system…….”

TEPCO can’t stabilise reactors by year end: report , May 29, 2011,   TOKYO (MarketWatch) — Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501.TO) is coming to the view that it will be impossible to stabilize the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant by the end of this year, possibly affecting the timing for the government to consider the return of evacuees to their homes near the plant, Kyodo News reported, citing senior company officials. Continue reading

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Airport scanning radiation “acceptable” in USA, not so sure in Europe

US clears naked scanners … Europe not so sure , MICEBTN  26 May 2011USA authorities have cleared full-body scanners deployed at airports, saying the radiation they emit is within acceptable levels.The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said: “The latest reports confirm previous testing and show that every backscatter unit currently used for passenger screening in US airports is operating well within applicable national safety standards.”There are some 486 full-body scanners in 78 airports in the United States, of which 247 are so-called backscatter machines.Across the pond, the EU says body scanning should be voluntary for passengers at EU airports.If scanners are used, health and fundamental rights must be safeguarded along with personal data, dignity and privacy.No body images should be seen and, for health reasons, no X-ray-based scanners should be allowed at EU airports, say ministers at the European parliament, who also have confirmed they want the current ban on carrying liquids on planes lifted by 2013…. MICEBTN – US clears naked scanners … Europe not so sure

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