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Switzerland’s decision another blow to the nuclear industry

In Switzerland’s Decision to Phase Out Nuclear Power, a Glimpse of the Future? Forbes, by Parmy OlsonMay. 25 2011  The political fallout from Japan’s nuclear crisis has reached Switzerland. On Sunday, 20,000 people participated in the country’s largest anti-nuclear demonstration in a generation. Today, the Swiss cabinet decided to phase out nuclear power through attrition over the next few decades. “The existing reactors will operate for as long as they’re safe,” Swiss Energy Minister Doris Leuthard said, but no new nuclear plants will be built. The decision was seen as a compromise between those who support a quick halt to nuclear power generation and others who want to build more plants…….The Swiss phase out raises more doubts about the future of the nuclear power industryIn Switzerland’s Decision to Phase Out Nuclear Power, a Glimpse of the Future? – Osha Gray Davidson – Edison 2.0 – Forbes

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At long last, cleanup begins on uranium contaminated Navajo land

…The Navajo have borne a deeply unfair burden. Four million tons of uranium have been pulled from beneath their land in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, mostly for use in nuclear weapons. Federal compensation for miners can’t make up for the disease they now suffer.

Uranium cleanup begins on Navajo Nation High Country News,  Jodi Peterson | May 25, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency is finally starting to haul away the toxic remnants of decades of uranium mining in Utah’s Monument Valley. “I hear the trucks,” resident Elsie Mae Begay told the Salt Lake Tribune. “When they start cleaning up, it’s OK for us.” Continue reading

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“Allowable” radiation levels for children in Japan and the anger of parents

“Do you really care about our children’s health?” one parent shouted. “Why have you acted so late?” said another. Among other concerns: isn’t radiation still raining down on Fukushima? Shouldn’t the entire school building be decontaminated? The entire city? Can we trust you?

Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels,,By ,  May 25, 2011 FUKUSHIMA CITY, Japan  — The accusations flew on Wednesday at the local school board meeting, packed with parents worried and angry about radiation levels in this city at the heart of Japan’s nuclear crisis.  Continue reading

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UK and France manage to water down European nuclear safety tests

The UK, with the backing of France and the Czech Republic, managed to have terror attacks excluded from a series of new nuclear safety tests

Europe divided over nuclear power after Fukushima disaster, The Guardian, 25 may 11, UK and France lobby to have safety checks watered down, while Switzerland moves to phase out its nuclear power plants Europe‘s nuclear power faultlines in the wake of the Fukushima disaster were exposed on Wednesday as Switzerland moved to phase out its nuclear power plants and the extent of British and French lobbying to water down nuclear safety checks was revealed. Continue reading

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Tokyo Electric Power Company dishonestly meters out Fukushima news

Today in news reports we have another carefully metered dose of the truth seeping out from the corrupt, incompetent and totally dishonest Tokyo Electric Power Company, that apart from conceding that a meltdown occurred in the Number 1 reactor there ‘appeared to have been partial meltdowns in reactors Number 2 and Number 3′, and that the pressure vessels in one or more of the reactors ‘appear’ to have been damaged .

Some plain talking about nuclear lies, Crikey , May 24, 2011 –, by Ben Sandiland When the Tohoku earthquake struck Japan on March 11 it was covered here because the first indication of the massive consequences of the following tsunami was the inundation of Sendai Airport. Continue reading

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Japanese buying Geiger counters, don’t trust govt information on radiation

Demand for personal Geiger counters soars in Japan, Reuters, By Chiaki Kawase, TOKYO  May 25, 2011  – With a nuclear plant just 240 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo still leaking radiation, demand for personal Geiger counters has skyrocketed in the Japanese capital and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand…..With many people unsure of who to trust for their information, some buy Geiger counters to check for themselves……

plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) confirmed on Tuesday that the fuel rods at three reactors at the plant had melted down. Radioactive traces exceeding national safety standards have been found in various foods grown in areas around the plant as well as in tap water in places as far away as Tokyo, keeping residents on edge.

“I don’t think that the information you got are the real information in Japan. That’s the problem,” said restaurant chef Bruno Menard, noting that a French company he had checked with that morning for radiation levels had said levels were very high around Fukushima.

“Especially when it’s raining we have to be concerned.”….Demand for personal Geiger counters soars in Japan | Reuters

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Switzerland to phase out nuclear power

Switzerland Decides on Nuclear Phase-Out by James Kanter, 25 may  ,, BRUSSELS — The Swiss government decided Wednesday to abandon plans to build new nuclear reactors, while European Union regulators agreed on a framework for stress-testing theirs, as repercussions from the disaster in Japan continue to ripple across Europe. Continue reading

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission faces lawsuit from Vermont

Vermont, nuclear watchdog group file lawsuit against NRC,, State, group file suit against NRC May 25, 2011, By Kyle Jarvis Vermont state officials are asking a federal court to have the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant’s recently renewed operating license temporarily revoked and reviewed by the court, according to court documents filed by state officials last week.

The state and the New England Coalition, a nuclear watchdog group, are suing the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in federal court for what they say was a mishandling of the Vermont Yankee renewal process in March. n the lawsuit, Vermont Department of Public Service officials said the commission “acted arbitrarily, abused its discretion, and violated the clear mandate of the Clean Water Act.”State officials argue the commission should not have granted the 20-year license renewal without also requiring a new water quality certification, which they say the Clean Water Act mandates, according to court documents…….. Vermont, nuclear watchdog group file lawsuit against NRC – Local News

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Indian scientists contradict nuclear lobby’s propaganda

Unlike the pro-nuclear propaganda that tries to project nuclear power as a scientifically-proven energy option that is both efficient and environment-friendly, there are scores of scientists who have been against nuclear energy but their voice got drowned in the clamor of powerful lobbyists,”

Scientists enroll students into anti-nuke lobby – The Times of India, 26 May,”……………….The scientists, gathered under the umbrella of Poromanu Shakti Birodhi Mancha or Anti-Nuclear Power Front, have already given a talk to students of La Martinere, Lakshmipat Singhania, Don Bosco, Mitra Institution and Loreto Day School. After the summer vacation, more talks are lined up in at least nine more schools in the city. Continue reading

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France’s nuclear weapons program secretly was helped by USA

US secretly helped French nuclear program: documents, Google News By Shaun Tandon (AFP) – 26 May 11, WASHINGTON — The United States secretly helped France develop advanced nuclear weapons in the 1970s as part of a bid by the Nixon administration to sow divisions in Europe, declassified US documents showed. Continue reading

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Beyond Nuclear grows: New England Coalition joins up

New England Coalition Joins With National Organizations in Urging In Depth N-Plant Review Following Japan Disaster,, 25 May 11, On May 19th, NEC joined the Maryland-based national organization, Beyond Nuclear, and an unknown number of regional organizations, in an enforcement petition with the NRC that would have that agency undertake a precautionary shutdown of 24 US “boiling water” nuclear reactors, including in New England, Entergy Pilgrim and Entergy Vermont Yankee, until basic design flaws that became evident at Fukushima are fixed and the remedies independently verified as technically sound and workable. Continue reading

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Wikileaks reveal global concerns about Pakistan’s nukes

VIDEO WikiLeaks: US raised concerns about safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets, NDTV   May 26, 2011 New Delhi Defence Minister AK Antony voiced India’s apprehension on Wednesday about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and said it was a matter of global concern. “Naturally, it is a concern not only for us but for everybody,” Antony said in response to reporters’ questions on whether the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was under threat in the wake of terror strikes such as the one at the Mehran naval air base in Karachi on Sunday night. (Watch – India’s new worry: Are Pak’s N-weapons safe?)

US cables, accessed exclusively by NDTV through WikiLeaks, show that this concern is indeed a global one and has been voiced by several countries since the present government took over in 2008. Several cables between US embassies and Washington during in a year-long period between mid 2008 and mid 2009, reveal that the US had raised concerns about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal with Pakistan and China and had sought to reassure a worried Russia……
WikiLeaks: US raised concerns about safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets

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IAEA concerned about nuclear developments in Iran and Syria

AUDIO Nuclear Watchdog Details Concerns In Iran, Syria : NPR, 26 May 11, The International Atomic Energy Agency has released troubling new reports on the nuclear activities of Iran and Syria.The Iran report indicates the production of enriched uranium there is increasing and raises more questions about Iran’s possible research into the military applications of nuclear technology. Continue reading

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European Union’s new nuclear power safety tests won’t be independent

Switzerland Decides on Nuclear Phase-Out –, 25 May,11“………national regulators from across the 27-nation European Union are planning new safety tests for the 143 operating nuclear reactors in their territories…..The E.U. energy commissioner, Günther Oettinger, said at a news conference in Brussels that the tests would be robust……

Greenpeace, an environmental group that opposes nuclear power, strongly disagreed.

The tests “won’t be independent, won’t cover plans for emergencies and won’t always tell us whether some of Europe’s most obvious terrorist targets are protected or not,” said Jan Haverkamp, a nuclear policy adviser at Greenpeace.

Britain, France and the Czech Republic were among countries that had fought hardest to water down the tests, Mr. Haverkamp said……Switzerland Decides on Nuclear Phase-Out –

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