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The illusion that coal and nuclear are “clean” – don’t buy it!

Don’t Buy the Clean Energy Illusion Triple Pundit, By Jeff Siegel | February 2nd 2011 President Obama told us last week he wants 80 percent of the nation’s electricity coming from clean energy sources by 2035.The illusion here is not the number; but rather what the definition of “clean” should be.Is “clean coal” clean? Not by a long shot!
This is a myth created by lobbyists and bureaucrats. , it’s analogous to “being almost pregnant.”

Spending a fortune to capture and sequester CO2 emissions doesn’t make coal clean; it just makes it more expensive for rate payers.

…….until the waste issue is properly addressed, nuclear isn’t really all that “clean”…

The whole point of subsidies is that they provide a kick-start for emerging industries that will pay off down the road.

But the last time I checked, oil, gas, and coal were not “emerging” industries…

It’s all a very slippery and dishonest move that does little to address the realities of peak oil, , and the liquidation of natural capital.

The painful truth is simple: if we don’t get serious about investing in new, cost-cutting clean energy technologies that help alleviate the pressures of peak oil, peak coal, and natural capital liquidation. . .

We’re done.

Don’t Buy the Clean Energy Illusion


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