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Nuclear politics and propaganda in USA this week

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Christina Macpherson As a non American, I often puzzle over President Barack Obama’s statements and actions – especially his latest pronouncement of nuclear energy as “clean”, when we all know that it’s dirty.

However, many non Americans must be coming to realise the strange state of USA politics. With a Democrat controlled Senate, and a Republican controlled Congress – well, America could be facing an endless stalemate.

Somehow, some Republicans think it is their job to stop anything Obama does, regardless of whether Obama’s action is good or bad.

So – Obama is twisting around, and in the process, alas, twisting the meaning of words like “clean”, in a effort to get through this illogical opposition, and to actually get American politicians to work together.  It is painful to watch –  but it might just work.

Today’s posts include an article along those lines Renewable Energy a Priority in President Obama’s State of the Union Address – Business News – Energy Digital

Also included is some information on Patrick Moore, co-chairman of the pro-nuclear “Clean & Safe Energy Coalition. “, and paid salesman for the nuclear industry. Moore was at Plant Vogtle this week, trying to drum up public support for a proposed  new nuclear plant.

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Obama and the art of the possible, with renewable energy

In spite of the media backlash Obama is taking for his newfound interest and sleight shift to the right, the fact of the matter is that this is the smartest thing the president could do at this conjecture. He may even be able to accomplish more in the second-half of his term than the first by understanding his conservative counterparts and working together to create tangible solutions to the problems facing the United States and the world at-large—because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about American politics in the last 20 years, its that republicans, more-so than democrats, tend to get their way. When they don’t, they often refuse to collaboratively participate in the congressional process. So Obama may as well start learning how to work with them, otherwise it’s going to be an utterly wasted second-half of his presidential term.

Renewable Energy a Priority in President Obama’s State of the Union Address On renewable energy, President Obama appealed to businesses and a republican congress in his State of the Union Address, Energy Digital Business News,  BY: John Shimkus Jan 26, 2011 Continue reading

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Oh dear! Obama – Nuclear Power is not CLEAN!

Ironically, Obama’s “handing out money” from hardworking American taxpayers to the filthy rich nuclear power industry, in the form of current and impending U.S. taxpayer-backed loan guarantee offers, would benefit foreign firms and governments……..Numerous anti-nuclear groups responded immediately to Obama’s “Nukespeak,” including Friends of the Earth, Chicago-based Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS), Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), and the Sierra Club of Connecticut’s Anti-Nuclear Committee.

Continue reading

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China beating USA in wind energy

News bites: China’s wind energy sails ahead of U.S., scientists link extreme weather to climate change, and more THE HILL, By Ben Geman – 01/25/11 Continue reading

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Patrick Moore and the “Clean and Safe Energy Coalition”

The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, and its co-chairman, Patrick Moore -not clean, not safe, not honest.

nuclear  plants are acknowledged by the federal government’s own National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States – commonly referred to as the 9/11 Commission – as terrorist targets.

Patrick Moore has recently begun touting the “safety” of nuclear energy at the behest of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), which is being bankrolled by the nuclear industry to promote nuclear energy as clean and safe energy. Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear liability Law greatly worrying the nuclear industry

[India] recently bowled the global nuclear power industry – and possibly itself – an unexpected googly by adopting a civil nuclear liability law that will hold suppliers liable for any accident for up to 80 years after a plant’s construction…..Many countries with nuclear power industries channel potential liability in case of an accident to operators. India’s very different law has sent nuclear companies into a spin.

Nuclear industry: Government bowls sector a surprise googly, By Amy Kazmin   New Delhi  January 26 2011 “…..International suppliers – including GE, Westinghouse, Bechtel, Russia’s Rosatom, France’s Areva, and Japan’s Toshiba, Hitachi and Mitsubishi – are all eyeing lucrative opportunities, …… Continue reading

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British MPs cast doubt on nuclear power plans

The MPs’ report also cast doubt on current plans to make sure there is a deep hole for disposing of radioactive waste within 110 years. It called on the Government to insist that there are sufficient interim ways of storing the material before allowing new plants to be built…….. it argued Britain remains unlikely to get the £200bn of investment in new generation that it needs…

MPs ‘sceptical’ that nuclear power stations will be built on time,  Telegraph UK, 26 Jan 2011, Energy companies are unlikely to build all the UK’s planned nuclear power stations on time, according to an influential committee of MPs. By Rowena Mason Continue reading

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Pro nuclear Patrick Moore – a fake environmentalist

he is a paid spokesperson for polluting companies.

Greenpeace Statement On Patrick Moore Patrick Moore often misrepresents himself in the media as an environmental “expert” or even an “environmentalist,” while offering anti-environmental opinions on a wide range of issues and taking a distinctly anti-environmental stance. He also exploits long-gone ties with Greenpeace to sell himself as a speaker and pro-corporate spokesperson, usually taking positions that Greenpeace opposes. Continue reading

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Rising financial problems face nuclear industry in UK

Full insurance cover for the consequences of nuclear accidents is generally impossible to obtain because of the potential liabilities. The government said it might be prepared to provide reinsurance under these circumstances.

Nuclear clean-up costs face big rise, / UK , By David Blair,   January 24 2011 Companies operating nuclear power stations in Britain could be liable for clean-up costs of up to €1.2bn (£1.01bn) in the event of an accident – a seven-fold increase on the present maximum. Continue reading

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French nuclear company EDF faces risky investment in UK plants

In the UK the coalition wants energy companies to spend some £40bn on constructing nuclear generators at eight sites in England – and to do so without any direct public subsidy. Moreover, no nuclear power plant in Britain has been completed on time and on budget.

(UK) Uncharted waters entice French group,, By David Blair,   January 26 2011 The coalition must make 2011 the “year of delivery” for its electricity market reforms if new nuclear power stations are to go ahead, according to the leader of a joint venture aiming to complete the first reactor. Continue reading

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Minnesota lawmakers putting the state at risk of nuclear waste dumping

Make no mistake: Minnesota’s nuclear expansion moratorium is not about the future of nuclear power in this state.

The moratorium is unquestionably about nuclear waste and the understandable fear Minnesotans have about nuclear waste storage in their back yards.

Victoria Winfrey: Lawmakers seem happy to embrace nuclear waste. Minnesotans shouldn’t be., By VICTORIA WINFREY  January 25, 2011 In a strange display of priorities when facing an historic state budget deficit, the 2011 Legislature is fast-tracking a bill that would repeal the state’s moratorium on construction of new nuclear power plants or new reactors at existing plants. Continue reading

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Don’t muddy the word “clean” by including nuclear

Sklar’s advice to lawmakers has been not to accept the dilution of clean energy with nuclear energy ..

Obama Calls for 80% “Clean Energy” by 2035 By   January 26, 2011 Clean energy advocates applauded the bold initiative, but cautioned against the inclusion of nuclear, clean coal and natural gas in a “clean energy standard.” Continue reading

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Strong case for keeping Wisconsin’s law on safeguards and nuclear power

Signers include: Citizens Utility Board, Clean Wisconsin, Sierra Club John Muir Chapter, Wisconsin Environment, Midwest Environmental Advocates, WISPIRG, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin, Wisconsin Resources Protection Council, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Nukewatch, Coulee Progressives, One Wisconsin Now, and Town and Country Resource Conservation and Development.

15 environmental, public interest groups: Expand renewable energy, not nuclear, 15 organizations urge,  Charlie Higley, Fifteen environmental and other public interest groups have asked the legislature and governor to focus on expanding renewable energy in the state instead of relaxing or repealing state laws to make it easier to build new nuclear power plants. Continue reading

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Obama’s misleading message on “clean” energy

“Coal, nuclear power, biofuels and natural gas are inherently dirty,” said Erich Pica, president of the Friends of the Earth. “Telling Americans anything else is misleading.”……

Obama touts “clean” energy, skips climate change  Baltimore Sun, January 26, 2011President Obama heartened environmentalists when he set a new national goal last night of Americans getting 80 percent of their electricity from “clean energy” by 2035, but he then dismayed some by including nuclear power and coal in his definition of what’s clean.  Continue reading

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Synchrotron for medical isotopes – no need for nuclear reactor

The NRC says the new method doesn’t pose any security or nuclear proliferation concerns because, unlike a nuclear reactor, it requires no weapons-grade uranium.

Sask. synchrotron to make medical isotopes, CBC News -, 24 Jan 2011, Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking at using the synchrotron to develop medical isotopes without a nuclear reactor. Continue reading

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