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More jobs in wind power for UK

Britain had moved to the world’s leading position in installed offshore wind capacity at 1,341 megawatts (MW), followed by Denmark and the Netherlands…

Wind power firms plan UK sites, to create jobs | Reuters, By Karolin Schaps LONDON Jan 20, 2011 – Three global wind farm companies stepped up their commitment to Britain’s growing renewable energy industry on Thursday by announcing plans to build factories and research centers, creating up to 1,400 jobs. Continue reading


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France’s farmers turn to renewable energy for economic reasons

Solar, wind and biomass energy are taking off in France in the wake of national and European energy targets. Farmers see them as a potential source of steady income amid erratic commodity prices, a way of cutting costs

Analysis: French farmers turning to renewable energy Jan 21, 2011 ESTIGNEY, France (Reuters) – An increasing number of farmers will try to claim a share of France’s renewable energy sector to help cope with farm price volatility and counter environmental criticism that has tarnished their rural image. Continue reading

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USA tried to build a nuclear plant under frozen Greenland

The immense heat from a nuclear plant and everything it powers, combined with walls of snow?.……it’s a reminder of the lengths to which the Cold War spurred, to such a radical extent, a manic desire to outdo the enemy. Enough to build a nuclear power plant in a block of ice.

The Army’s Underground Nuclear Ice Village | Gizmodo Australia, By Sam Biddle on January 21, 2011 In 1959, the US Army began building an immense complex underneath the frozen surface of Greenland. It would be a centre of research, to the benefit of mankind! It would also be a great place to launch Cold War nukes. ….. Continue reading

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Fire in old nuclear power station in Britain

Bradwell nuclear power station hit by fire, BBC News -21 January 2011 Bradwell nuclear power station hit by fireA fire has broken out at a disused nuclear power station in Essex.Twelve fire crews were called to the blaze in a condenser unit, measuring four by six metres, at Bradwell Power Station at about 1230 GMT. Assistant Divisional Officer Neil Fenwick, of the Essex Fire and Rescue Service, said titanium rods were being broken down and caught fire.An Essex fire service spokesman said the blaze was brought under control by 1430 GMT.A spokeswoman from Bradwell Power Station said: “The immediate vicinity was made safe and evacuated and the emergency services called who then promptly extinguished the fire….. BBC News – Bradwell nuclear power station hit by fire

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Understanding how Stuxnet computer worm was used to sabotage nuclear facility

In summary, the Stuxnet payload is a highly sophisticated, precise sabateur, that only a team of advanced programmers could have created, with access to expensive and restricted equipment.

How Stuxnet works: what the forensic evidence reveals, Telegraph, 21 Jan 2011. British security researcher Tom Parker has found evidence of two different clandestine teams of software developers at work inside the Stuxnet code. Here we detail what he found:…….. Continue reading

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Ruling again postponed on plan to ship radioactive materials through the Great Lakes

municipal politicians, First Nations and nuclear safety advocates .. worried an accident in the Great Lakes would harm the fresh water supply to 40 million people. Critics also said it would set a precedent for shipping radioactive waste through the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes nuclear shipment ruling delayed, CBC News, 21 Jan 2011, The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission says it needs more time to decide whether Bruce Power can ship radioactive steam generators through the Great Lakes. Continue reading

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IEA hears presentation on plan for Australia to have 100% renewable energy

zero carbon emissions by 2020 is achievable using technology that is already ‘on the shelf’ and currently available.

IEA: Australia could run entirely on renewable energy within a decade, expert claims | Beyond Zero Emissions , 22 Jan 2011, Ambitious blueprint to cut out carbon emissions is presented at the Agency’s Paris-based headquartersAustralia could shred all reliance on oil, coal and gas and become entirely dependent on renewable energy sources by the end of the decade, experts at a think-tank and an Australian university claim in a report presented at the IEA’s headquarters. Continue reading

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Paladin uranium company troubled by disruptions in Malawi

Paladin cuts uranium production forecast at Kayelekera The Australian, Ross Kelly  Dow Jones Newswires * January 21, 2011 URANIUM miner Paladin Energy today downgraded its annual production guidance after disruptions at its Kayelekera mine in Malawi……Paladin cuts uranium production forecast at Kayelekera | The Australian

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Investment bankers predict rise in renewable energy

Clean Energy Acquisitions May Come From Strategic Backers, Bankers Say,  Bloomberg, By Andrew Herndon – Jan 22, 2011 Large companies that have already made small, strategic investments in renewable energy startups may soon start buying them outright, according to investment bankers. Continue reading

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India meets “brick wall” on buying uranium from Australia

Australia, India Continue Jousting on Uranium Sales, NTI: Global Security Newswire, Jan. 21, 2011 India yesterday again ran into a brick wall in its efforts to procure uranium from Australia, the Indo-Asian News Service reported (see GSN, Jan. 19).Canberra refuses to sell the material to any nation that has not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, including nuclear-armed antagonists India and Pakistan (see GSN, Jan. 20). Uranium can be used to power atomic energy plants or enriched further for use in nuclear weapons….. NTI: Global Security Newswire – Australia, India Continue Jousting on Uranium Sales

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