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Indian government misrepresenting the facts on Jaitapur nuclear plant plan?

The report noted that notification of the region from high severity earthquake zone to moderate seismic severity zone had led to the perception that the government was hiding and misrepresenting facts…….

Study calls for nuke plant pause SATISH NANDGAONKAR, The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) Mumbai, Dec. 28: A social impact assessment report has slammed the 9900MW Jaitapur nuclear power park proposed in coastal Konkan, saying it would have a negative social and environmental impact on nearby villages. Continue reading


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USA renewable energy nearly equal with nuclear – so why keep funding the nuclear black hole?

“Members of the incoming Congress are proposing to slash cost-effective funding for rapidly expanding renewable energy technologies while foolishly plowing ever-more federal dollars into the nuclear power black hole,”

Renewable Energy Almost Equals Nuclear Energy in USA, December 28, 2010, Cleantech News, by John Addison, According to the most recent issue of the “Monthly Energy Review” by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), “nuclear electric power accounted for 11% of primary energy production and renewable energy accounted for 11% of primary energy production” during the first nine months of 2010 (the most recent period for which data have been released). Continue reading

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UK govt urged to GENUINELY promote renewable energy through Feed-In tariffs

The government proposals are inspired by e.on and EDF to benefit nuclear power, which will crowd out renewable energy. This flies in the face of all independent opinion polls which show that the public wants its electricity payments to be reserved for renewable energy, not nuclear power.

Wrong policy on renewable energy The Guardian, Monday 27 December 2010 We urge support for real feed-in tariffs for renewable energy and not nuclear power. British policymakers are poised yet again to ignore the dominant and most effective mechanism for promoting renewable energy across the world (feed-in tariffs) in favour of an auction system Continue reading

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Malaysia clearly does not need nuclear energy

There is a strong consensus in the energy industry and among analysts that green technologies such as solar, wind, tidal and wave will become considerably cheaper in the near future as economies of scale of manufacturing is achieved and the technologies mature.

The case against nuclear energy, The Star (Malaysia) December 28, 2010The case against nuclear energyBEFORE the Malaysian government takes the country down the path towards nuclear energy, every citizen must decide if nuclear power is the right choice for the nation……..

Why the rush into nuclear now? Malaysia has more than 50% in reserve margin or excess power at the moment. Continue reading

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Scotland’s energy now 25% from renewables

Climate Change Minister Roseanna Cunningham said that while Scotland’s renewable energy future looks very promising, the next decade will be “..decisive for determining the pace of the renewable revolution and the transition to a low carbon future. We need a fairer transmission charging regime and we need the UK Government’s proposals to reform the electricity market to help, not hinder Scotland.”

25% Of Scotland’s Electricity From Renewable Energy Renewable Energy News,  29 Dec 10, According to a report from Scotland’s government, over a quarter of the country’s electricity needs now come from renewable energy sources. Continue reading

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Political demand for review of approval for AREVA’s Jaitapur nuclear plant

BJP seeks review of nod given to Jaitapur nuclear project – The Economic Times, 29 Dec 10, NEW DELHI: The BJP on Tuesday demanded a review of the conditional environmental clearance given to the Jaitapur nuclear power project in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. Continue reading

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Indian villagers’ civil rights trampled on for Jaitapur nuclear plant

“People who have faced the effects of a nuclear power project in their vicinity told us that this is a devastating project. They said that our next generation will have nothing to live and survive on…There is a sense of mistrust against the government. People here say they were not taken into confidence regarding the project, their lands were forcefully taken away, and their democratic protests were illegally thwarted.

Villagers protest against Jaitapur nuclear power plant, NDTV (India) , Ketki Angre, Prachi Jawadekar Wagh, 28 Dec 10, Ratnagiri: As farmers’ protests boil over in Ratnagiri, threatening to delay the 9,900 megawatt Jaitapur nuclear power plant – said to be the world’s largest – a concerned Maharashtra government dispatched a Congress team to Ground Zero………. Continue reading

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Moves by USA to stop international production of weapons grade plutonium and uranium

Assuming the U.S. signed the accord, …..enough political pressure could be put on India and Pakistan to join other nuclear powers in ratifying the treaty…..the U.S. administration planned to work harder to persuade China to exert more pressure on North Korea to end its nuclear and missile programmes

U.S. plans push for nuclear material ban: official, Reuters US Online, by Christiaan Hetzner; Dec 28, BERLIN – The United States plans to revive diplomatic efforts next year to halt production of weapons-grade plutonium and uranium, a special adviser to President Barack Obama told a German newspaper. Continue reading

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Third shutdown this year for a Brown’s Ferry nuclear plant

Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit Shut Down Again « Chattanooga Pulseby Gary PooleDecember 28, 2010 – Officials at the Brown’s Ferry nuclear power station in North Alabama were forced to shut down on of their units for the third time this year. TVA workers noticed an unusual vibration in the third unit on Sunday.They immediately lowered the output to the nuclear reactor, and when the vibrations continued proceeded to shutdown the entire unit.The unit will remain offline until it can be completely checked out by TVA and NRC officials.This is the third time units at Browns Ferry have been taken offline this year, first in June and then again in August…. Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit Shut Down Again « Chattanooga Pulse

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Showdown at the ole Texas nuclear waste dump

a proposed rule change commissioners could vote on Jan. 4 would allow importation of waste from elsewhere. Critics of the plan say the timing is meant to ensure it passes before Shumlin has a say.

Vermont’s nuclear waste showdown in Texas Burlington free Press, 28 Dec 10, Gov.-elect Peter Shumlin’s inauguration is causing a stir in Texas that’s reverberating back here to Vermont.That’s where a commission will meet two days before Shumlin takes office to vote on whether to allow radioactive waste from states to be dumped in a long-planned Texas site that was going to be strictly for Texas and Vermont. Continue reading

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Wikileaks reveals bombing of Syrian nuclear reactor by Israel

Israel bombed Syria nuclear reactor: cable  – IOL, 28 Dec 10, Israel destroyed a secret Syrian nuclear reactor in September 2007, according to a US diplomatic cable cited Friday in the Israeli Yediot Ahronoth daily.The cable, which the Israeli paper said it had obtained ahead of its publication by WikiLeaks, was written on April 25, 2008, by then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and stated that “on September 6 2007, Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor built by Syria secretly, apparently with North Korea’s help.”Yediot said the cable provided the first official confirmation of the attack…..Israel bombed Syria nuclear reactor: cable – World – IOL | Breaking News | South Africa News | World News | Sport | Business | Entertainment |

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