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What IS wrong with education in America?

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The USA has just elected a majority of Republicans to their House of Representatives. Many were apparently swept up by the Tea Party movement, in a billionaire funded “peoples’ revolt”.

From outside USA, it seems incomprehensible that such a’ revolt’ could take place. With 10% unemployment, and many unable to pay mortgage debts –  why on Earth would struggling people want to support policies that mean less taxes for the very wealthy, and less health care cover for the poorer citizens?

Are Americans, by and large, stupid?   Or, more likely, is their education system failing very many of them, so that, in general knowledge, many are simply less well informed than citizens of other countries?

This is  a worry when it comes to  important issues – including global warming, and nuclear power. It seems that Americans are sitting ducks for the well-funded spin of polluting corporations. – Christina Macpherson, 3 Nov 2010




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  1. It’s typical for the left to label the people who vote for them as “enlightened” and the ones who do not “stupid” or “ignorant”.

    it’s a bit of a problem, tho, that a good 20% of the people who are supposedly now failed by the education system did in fact vote for the democrats barely 2 years ago and for teh democrats over the last 6 years.

    Several million cases of re-lapse in illiteracy or perhaps American voters just don’t like hard left policies, especially the ones leading to the bankrupcy of the coutry?

    Comment by GC | November 9, 2010 | Reply

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