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Germany wants old U.S. nukes removed from Europe

Germany demands Nato show greater commitment to nuclear disarmament France opposed to Berlin’s efforts to link support for new missile defence system with removal of ageing US nuclear weapons   Ian Traynor in Brussels *,  14 October 2010 Germany today demanded greater Nato commitment to nuclear disarmament, seeking to link support for a new system of missile defence in Europe to the removal of some 200 ageing tactical nuclear bombs around the continent…….

There are some 20 old nuclear B61 gravity bombs at US air bases in Germany, and around 200 across Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.

The German government has been campaigning for their removal, arguing that the expected agreement next month to push ahead with a missile shield protecting Europe against ballistic rocket attack also means that the tactical nuclear bombs are not needed…….

Germany demands Nato show greater commitment to nuclear disarmament | World news | The Guardian

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