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In (muted) praise of USA

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This website is so often showing the bad side of USA ‘s  nuclear history and current affairs. And – it’s such a shame to see USA’s brilliant President Barack Obama kow towing to the nuclear lobby – even to the extent of not having the solar panels back on the White House.

BUT – I am reminded –  by today’s news of THREE nuclear plant shut-downs in USA – that at least we get to hear of these incidents in the USA.

Do you think for a moment that Russia, China, France, even Britain – let the media know when there are incidents at nuclear installations?

Amidst the global nuclear lobby’s well funded hype about nuclear power’s “success’ – it’s a sobering thought that any negative economic news about nuclear just doesn’t get out, in most countries.

It might take a bit of hunting to find stuff, but at least USA has freedom of speech, freedom of the press. – Christina Macpherson

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World Bank taking up challenge of global warming

The position was created amid unprecedented demand from developing countries for support to address development and climate change as interlinked challenges,

World Bank Appoints Clean Energy “Czar” – Planet Ark, : 10-Sep-10, USA, Timothy Gardner The World Bank on Thursday said it has appointed a California professor to lead its efforts to foster growth of alternative energy programs in developing countries. Continue reading

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Barack Obama too scared to allow even symbolic support for climate change action?

campaigners had hoped that the White House would embrace at least the symbolism of going solar – much like Michelle Obama kicked off her healthy food movement by planting a vegetable garden.

Barack Obama says ‘no’ to solar panels on the White House roof | Suzanne Goldenberg | 10 Sept 10 Campaigner Bill McKibben says solar panels would demonstrate presidential leadership on climate change. Continue reading

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China the ideal choice for renewable energy investors

Government backing, a growing market and flowing capital make China the ideal choice,

China Named Best Place To Invest In Green Energy NuWire INVESTOR  September 10, 2010 by:Kerri Shannon China has taken over the top spot on the latest list of top countries for green energy investment, beating out the US, Germany and India. Continue reading

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65% of Germans not happy with Merkel pandering to nuclear lobby

65 percent of respondents agree with the charge leveled by many in the German opposition that Merkel’s center-right coalition mainly took account of nuclear plant operators’ interests in drawing up its energy concept.

Poll: Germans oppose nuclear power extension – BusinessWeek, 10 sept 10, A majority of Germans oppose government plans to put off a shutdown of the country’s nuclear power plants by an average 12 years, according to a poll released Friday.The poll for ZDF television found that 61 percent opposed the plan announced earlier this week to undo a previous government’s decade-old decision to shut down all German nuclear plants by 2021. Continue reading

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India refusing to be a stooge for USA nuclear salesmen

Coming in the backdrop of the recent judgment of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the events thereafter, Indian opposition parties, and in many cases, even the Indian intelligentsia, is putting pressure on the government to make sure that the country is not seen as a ‘U.S. stooge’ within or outside the country.

Civil Nuclear Bill – The slip is showing – International Business Times, 10 Sept 10, It was meant to be a quid-pro-quo in return for the Bush administration-led efforts to get India into the global nuclear league. In return, the U.S. expected India to return the favor by ensuring that the U.S. industry benefits the most from the country’s civil nuclear effort. However, the bill, as passed by the India parliament last fortnight is anything but satisfactory to the U.S. industry. Continue reading

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Church groups, businessmen, youth, join German anti-nuclear movement

bolstered the current protests beyond the traditional activist base to reach different age groups, church bodies and small businesses specialized in renewable-energy technologies who see their livelihoods at risk.

“The protests are much broader now — they include a lot of young people who now know that nuclear power doesn’t create jobs, but eliminates jobs,”

Merkel Faces `New Dimension’ of Anti-Nuclear Protests, Green Leader Says,  Bloomberg, By Patrick Donahue – Sep 10, 2010 German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces “massive” public protests this fall as demonstrators attempt to derail her plan to prolong the use of nuclear power, Continue reading

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