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British govt sent compensation to Australia, but not to British nuclear veterans

Veterans are betrayed by double standards, This Is Derbyshire, 14 July 2010, A document discreetly entitled The Australian Treaty Series 1993 No.40 hides a huge untold human story of military service, international diplomacy and, some say, betrayal. Continue reading

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Canada’s uranium to India – a recipe for nuclear weapons proliferation

In a contortion worthy of Houdini, Prime Minister Harper claims Canada can prevent a repeat of the 1974 nuclear betrayal because India has solemnly promised to specify which facilities are military or civilian, and to keep them strictly segregated.

But this is akin to keeping a bucket of water divided in half — fissile materials, knowledge, and budgets are notoriously porous, hidden in secrecy, and immune to meaningful inspection or policing.

Canada courts calamity with India nuclear deal Selling Candus in South Asia only heightens local arms race. Straight Goods -, July 13, 2010by Paul McKay Ten days before Canada inked a nuclear sales pact with India at the G20 summit, the Indian government invited global investors to help finance its $70 billion plan to develop 20,000 Megawatts of solar power plants in that sun-rich country by 2022.That followed an official Indian government estimate that its long windy coastlines and interior deserts can host nearly 50,000 Mw of wind generation. Continue reading

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