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Climate Change the opportunity to sell off nuclear to developing countries

The farce in the name of climate change Promoting business interest by other means! Organiser By MD Nalapat -Dec 2009 ………………What is the actual agenda of key delegations to the Copenhagen Conference? The first is the sale of expensive technologies to developing countries, primarily nuclear energy…………A handful of countries that have developed advanced technology for nuclear power production are hoping for a windfall of several hundred billion dollars in sales of nuclear reactors. India is one of the countries that have developed such technologies, yet decision-makers there are committing more than $20 billion to the purchase of nuclear power plants from foreign countries, including from the US, a country that has not built a single new nuclear plant in three decades………..

…India needs to spend the bulk of its allocated resources on its own (much lower-cost) technologies, and thereafter market these around the world, so that countries around the world will have the option of choosing Indian lower-cost systems rather than the hyper-expensive systems that are being offered to them by some countries…….

……..The poorer nations need to ensure that climate change is not used as an excuse for the protection of high-cost industries in the developed world. The G-77 and other groupings such as India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) need to prevent climate from serving as a cover for the protection of inefficient industrial and other units.

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