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Kyrgyzstan: Soviet-Era Boom Town – radioactive pollution


EURASIANET David Trilling 9/22/09

“…………The town Min Kush bore another, more troubled, legacy: it was one of the Soviet Union’s leading sources of uranium. Workers were paid well in part so that they would keep secrets and ignore the health hazards, including the high rates of cancer experienced by miners…………….
The harmful side of the town’s mining past continues to be felt today. Uranium tailings, a radioactive byproduct, are often found underground, in side valleys along streams. “Uranium tailings are dangerous due to the high risk of landslides in this area. The tailings are located right near the rivers.  If all of that were to get washed into the Naryn River, which flows into the Syr Darya [and Uzbekistan], it might cause a regional catastrophe,” said Mayor Toktobubu Madieva

EurasiaNet Eurasia Insight – Kyrgyzstan: Soviet-Era Boom Town Literally Being Sold for Scrap

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  1. An interesting piece, but sacurfipiel. A more revealing perspective would be from a Putin-Medvedev “Tandem” angle, and how that relates to Russia-US interaction. There seems to be a “good cop, bad cop” dynamic going on which does not get explored sufficiently.

    Comment by Nicolle | March 12, 2014 | Reply

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