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Australia taking planet’s nuclear waste

AUSTRALIA CLOSER TO TAKING PLANET’S NUCLEAR WASTE Talking Headlines, by Bill Green June 2nd 2009 07:21A new clue that Australia is to become the nuclear dumping ground for the planet. US energy secretary, Steven Chu, has eliminated funding to build a nuclear waste store. This is strange because their waste storage in Washington State is leaking into the Columbia river and cannot be stopped. They have tried single-skin steel containers, double skin containers, ceramics, removal of the radio pollution from the water flowing into the river, all to no avail.Chu says he will back the building of fast neutron reactors that may burn long-lived waste. He has no idea if it will or not and neither does anyone else. This is all very cavalier when addressing the nuclear waste problem. While here in Australia a former prime minister has advocated that we (Australia) takes the planet’s nuclear waste, as did a former trade union leader who is now the minister for power. It’s most unusual for a a politician to get a cabinet posting that controls the very thing he is promoting.

Australia taking planet’s nuclear waste – Talking Headlines

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