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PETITION: Kick Big Polluters out of Climate Policy

sign-thisKick Big Polluters out of Climate Policy We are committed to stopping life-threatening abuses by global corporations and increasing their accountability to public institutions and people around the world. As global corporations have grown richer and more powerful than many nations, they increasingly operate without limits on their power or influence. Around the world, global corporations drive government policies, unchecked by strong global policies to protect public health, human rights and the environment.

about the petition

Today, we are facing the prospect of the destruction of life as we know it and irreversible damage to our planet due to climate change. Scientists are telling us with ever more urgency that we must act quickly to stop extracting fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a global problem that needs global action. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change can be a major part of the global solution that the people of the world are urgently calling for.

But the world’s largest polluters have prevented progress on bold climate action for far too long. The time has come to make a change. Take action to kick big polluters out of the most important climate policy negotiations.  …….

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USA research shows that Israel has 115 Nuclear Warheads

du_roundsflag-IsraelIsrael Has 115 Nuclear Warheads, U.S. Research Institute Says, Haaretz, 22 Nov 15 
According to a report issued by the Institute for Science and International Security, Israel has amassed between 400 to 915 Kg of fissile material since 1963.
Amir Oren Nov 21, 2015
The nuclear reactor near Dimona.AFP
Israel’s atomic arsenal could fall victim to a new U.S. nuclear policy
How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S.
Israel’s nuclear ambiguity no longer serves a purpose
Israel produced 660 Kg of plutonium in its nuclear reactor in Dimona, and used it to make 115 nuclear warheads, which it holds in its arsenal today, a study by the Washington D.C.-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) published Friday alleges………..

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Arms race to speed up, if Australia supplies uranium to India

India-uranium1India-Australia nuclear agreement: supplying uranium to a nuclear flashpoint  AUSTRALIA/INDIA U-DEAL SELLS URANIUM DIRECTLY INTO SUBCONTINENTAL NUCLEAR ARMS RACE, John Hallam Nuclear Weapons Campaigner PND-NSW

The India-Australia uranium deal, whereby Australia agrees to sell uranium to India in spite of India’s not being a signatory of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, and in spite of the fact that a vigorous nuclear arms race is in progress on the subcontinent, beggars belief for anyone who has been involved for decades as I have, in questions of nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, and nuclear safety.

A vigorous nuclear arms race is taking place right now on the Indian subcontinent between India and Pakistan, with Pakistan now having some 130 nuclear warheads, and India not far behind with between 110 and 120.

Pakistan has deployed short-range, war-fighting ‘mini nukes’ to repel Indian tank attacks. India has said that their use will lead to full-scale nuclear war.

India and Pakistan are poised on a nuclear knife-edge. While we can say all we like that Australian uranium will only ever be used to ‘civil’ uses, the fact is that because India has limited uranium supplies of its own (mined under appalling conditions at Jharsguda in Bihar with catastrophic effects on the health of local people) – the fact is that use of Australian uranium will ‘free up’ un-safeguarded Indian uranium for weapons use. It can be no other way, there is simply no avoiding the brute facts of arithmetic. Uranium that has been replaced by imported (Australian) uranium for nuclear power use is now available for use in nuclear weapons.

Australia has chosen to sell its uranium into the worlds most dangerous nuclear flashpoint. It has done so against the recommendations of a parliamentary joint committee.

This is a mindbogglingly foolish decision.


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Japan to step up radiation protection, as worker’s leukaemia attributed to radiation

radiation-warningLeukemia case recognized  Last month, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry acknowledged a man in his 40s who developed leukemia after working at the Fukushima plant as a sufferer of work-related illness. He was the first decommissioning worker to be recognized as such.

Appropriate radiation control vital for Fukushima decommissioning, November 22, 2015 The Yomiuri Shimbun It will take about 40 years to decommission reactors at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. To secure the personnel necessary for that task, it is important to thoroughly safeguard the health of such personnel.

TEPCO has started stepping up its safety measures. The utility has established a consultative body in cooperation with subcontracting firms that dispatch personnel to the plant, thereby increasing the frequency of visits and inspections at their work sites. Measures also include expanding worker safety education. These steps are in keeping with a set of safety guidelines laid down by the government in late August.

An average of about 7,000 personnel work at the Fukushima facility every day, and not a small number of accidents tied to construction and other work have occurred. We hope TEPCO will comprehensively improve the work environment of these personnel.

It is particularly important to reduce the workers’ radioactive exposure. Continue reading

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Iran helped by world powers to redesign reactor as part of nuclear deal

flag-IranWorld powers to help Iran redesign reactor as part of nuclear deal, REUTERS, 21 Nov 15 DUBAI | BY BOZORGMEHR SHARAFEDIN Six world powers will help Iran redesign its Arak heavy water reactor so that it cannot produce weapons-grade plutonium, according to a document released by the state news agency IRNA on Saturday.

The document was signed separately on Nov. 13, 17 and 18 by the foreign ministers of Iran and the P5+1 (the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany) as well as EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. It became effective on the date it was signed by all states.

The fate of the Arak reactor in central Iran was one of the toughest sticking points in the long nuclear negotiations that led to an agreement in July. Removing the core of the heavy water reactor to produce less plutonium is a crucial step before the relief from sanctions starts…….

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Londan Mayor Boris Johnson scathing about £18bn cost of Hinkley nuclear plan

scrutiny-on-costsflag-UKBoris Johnson attacks ‘disgraceful’ spending on Hinkley – just a month after David Cameron hailed the ‘flagship’ deal, Independent 21 Nov 15
Mayor of London said the estimated £18bn cost of Britain’s first nuclear power station in two decades was an ‘extraordinary amount of money’ 
Boris Johnson has attacked the £18bn cost of Britain’s first nuclear power station in two decades as “a disgrace” – just one month after David Cameron announced the deal and hailed it as a “flagship project of cooperation” between China and the UK.

In a surprisingly scathing criticism of the Government, Mr Johnson – who attends Mr Cameron’s political cabinet meetings and is George Osborne’s main rival to be next Tory leader – said their pledge to underwrite the deal with £2bn of taxpayers’ money was an “extraordinary amount of money to spend”.

Work on the Hinkley Point C in Somerset is set to begin within weeks after Mr Cameron announced that a deal had been struck between French firm EDF and state-owned China General Nuclear Power (CGN) in October.

China pledged £6bn investment – a third of the total cost, with EDF funding the remaining £12bn, while the Government has agreed a “strike price” – a guaranteed price paid for electricity generated by Hinkley Point of £92.50 per megawatt hour for 35 years.

However the huge cost of the plant will ultimately be paid for by consumers through their bills.

Asked by Baroness Jones, a Green party London Assembly member who is fiercely opposed to nuclear power, whether he supported the building of Hinkley Point C despite its cost, Mr Johnson said: “I’m totally with you on that one – it’s a disgrace……

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Tennessee unhappy about new radioactive trash plans for Oakridge.

Tennessee raises concerns about proposed Oak Ridge nuclear landfill November 22nd, 2015by Associated Press OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — Tennessee officials are raising concerns about the U.S. Department of Energy’s plans for a new nuclear landfill at Oak Ridge.

Oakridge, Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is pushing DOE to consider other Oak Ridge sites beyond the agency’s preferred one, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

The federal agency’s preferred site is adjacent to an existing landfill on the government reservation and only 650 yards from the city boundary.

“We are continuing to work with the DOE and EPA on this issue and taking the matter very seriously,” Kelly Brockman, communications chief for TDEC, said in an email response to questions.

The Department of Energy’s current landfill for cleanup wastes is approaching capacity. That’s largely due to the mountains of hazardous and radioactive debris generated by the demolition of K-25 and other former uranium-processing facilities in Oak Ridge. Continue reading

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France still keen to market nukes to South Africa

Hollande-salesFRANCE STILL KEEN ON SA’S NUCLEAR POWER DEAL French Foreign Minister says France named a special envoy to make the pitch to supply SA’s needs. Jean-Jacques Cornish | about 13 hours ago

PRETORIA – French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says his country is still willing to take part in South Africa’s nuclear power project despite reports of a deal being made with Russia.

He told President Jacob Zuma France has named a special envoy to make the pitch to supply South Africa’s needs. Fabius says the purpose of his talks with Zuma yesterday was to ensure South African participation in the climate change summit in Paris at the end of this month.

But he took the opportunity in their Pretoria meeting to assure the South African president that France has the competency to supply and install the nuclear power station it’s looking for.

Despite reports that Russia has already clinched the deal with South Africa, France does not regard this as a fair accomplishment. (Edited by Winnie Theletsane)

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Sale of nuclear reactors to Egypt entails big debt to Russia

Russian-BearRussia to finance Egypt’s nuclear power plant, Utilities, by Baset Asaba on Nov 22, 2015 Moscow and Cairo signed an agreement for Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Egypt, with Russia extending a loan to Egypt to cover the cost of construction. 

A spokesman for Russia’s state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom said the plant, Egypt’s first, would be built at Dabaa in the north of the country and was expected to be completed by 2022, reported Reuters.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, speaking on state TV, gave few details but said the project would involve the building of a ‘third-generation’ plant with four reactors.

It is not clear how much the deal is worth but Sisi said the loan from Russia would be paid off over 35 years………

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Hillary Clinton promises, if elected, renewable energy power enough for all homes

Clinton promises ‘enough clean energy to power every home in America’ The Hill, By Bradford Richardson – 11/21/15 If elected president, Democrat Hillary Clinton says she can create enough green energy to power every home in America by the end of her second term.

“By the end of my first term, we will have installed a half a billion more solar panels, and by the end of my second term, enough clean energy to power every home in America,” Clinton said at the Blue Jamboree in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday.

The Democratic presidential front-runner said her plan to subsidize alternative sources of energy would not entail a middle-class tax hike…….

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November 22 Energy News

Originally posted on geoharvey:


Good news: Big companies are using a record amount of clean energy • In the United States, clean energy is already a booming business. Solar is the fastest-growing energy source in the country, and in 2015, total investment in renewable energy projects here reached nearly $40 billion. And big companies are getting involved. [Grist]

Shutterstock image. Shutterstock image.

The broken promises, politics of corn ethanol • The federal corn ethanol mandate, also known as the Renewable Fuel Standard, exemplifies how national politics play into an issue that makes absolutely no sense. The case against it is so strong that groups ranging from the Sierra Club to Americans for Tax Reform agree on it. [Modesto Bee]


¶ With just a week to go until a crucial global warming summit begins, 170 countries have submitted pledges for greenhouse gas curbs to underpin a 195-nation climate pact…

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Confirming the Toshihide Tsuda Thyroid study findings in Fukushima – Answering the nuclear lobby’s questions!

arclight-SmBelow you will find a most interesting question and answers session. Screenshot_2015-11-22_11-00-59The controversy began at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan where the allowed Prof. Toshihide Tsuda MD and PhD to make some claims concerning the stunning rates of cancer being found in childrens thyroids after an extensive study of over 300,000 children after the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear disaster, following the huge Earthquake and resultant Tsunami. Amongst the casualties of this disaster in Japan, were an unknown number of radiological victims.

Publised on  on 22nd November 2015

Published by

Published by Shaun McGee
For some 3 years the Fukushima Medical University has been compiling data but even though the UN rapponteur was asking for evacuation of children from some areas, no one was doing anything with the data to find out if the UN rapponteurs fears were correct or wether the Science Media Centre UK`s “expert” Geraldine Thomas and friends, was correct with her claim of “No Health Effects”?
Following the claims of Prof Toshihide Tsuda, the press and health indutries have remained silent. The real battle ground is being fought on the comments sections of blogs and newspapers throughout the globe! People have questions!.
I was challenged by Sam McGill to ask Tsuda San to answer some questions regarding his claim of;

“I am surprised Tsuda’s study even got published, it’s that bad. It looks possibly to have been a political decision to “get discussion going” as it were. It was accompanied by a piece in the same journal quietly trashing it.”

Of course, this is the only riteous opinion being made and many bloggers feel ill equiped to deal with someone of Sam McGill`s eloquence and knowledge.

Below are the questions from Sam McGill and answers from Prof Toshihide Tsuda in full. Please share parts or all of these questions and answers because it will be unlikely that the Japan Times or similar would be allowed to print this discussion (though I live in hope) owing to the new Japanese Secrets Law that helps to keep the press in their place. I thank JT for keeping the comments open so we could interact with one another and try to find the truth amongst the untruths. Regards Shaun McGee

Answer to Mr Shaun McGee from Toshide Tsude concerning
issues on the recent thyroid Study in Japan

Q1. Why did he ignore the age profile of tumour sufferers? If the headline rate of tumours were caused by radiation, then it should be the very youngest in the screening programme with tumours. Yet the Fukushima group tumours are concentrated in the highest age group.

A1. Our paper was based on the data within 3 years after the accident (2011-2014). In Chernobyl, age distribution of thyroid cancer cases within 3 years after the accident (1986-1989) was also mainly teenagers (see the below pasted table). You can obtain same data in the URL (, which was written in Japanese, but its figures can be read by non-Japanese. The table was created by Professor Shunichi Yamashita (Nagasaki University) using cancer registry in Gomel Voblast in Belarus. Its columes express from 0 to 17 indicate “age in the accident”. And, its rows express from 1985 to 1998 indicate “year at diagnosis of thyroid cancer”. You can find 10 thyroid cancer cases among 13 within 3 years after the accident (1986-1989) were 10 years old and higher age at diagnosis. This age distribution is quite similar to the finding in Fukushima within 3 years after the accident (2011-2014). Furthermore, during 1986-1989 in Chernobyl, any screening program was not conducted at all. Therefore, some thyroid cancer induced by the accident would be detected within one yeas after the accident by screening program in Fukushima.


Q2. When he did his internal comparison, why did he exclude west Fukushima? If West Fukushima is included, the relationship between distance from the plant and rate of tumours seems to disappear.

A2. As everyone knows, most of Fukushima Prefecture was contaminated after March 11, 2011. Since afternoon on March 14, especially, larger and wider contamination occurred. Western least contaminated district was also contaminated especially Aizu-Wakamatsu City and its neighboring towns. These city and towns have highest population density in the district. In other words, the most of population in the district were included in the city and the towns although the district has very wide area. Radioactive plume from the power plant flowed to the city and the towns through the Koriyama City district. But, southeastern district may be relatively avoided by the radioactive plume, which indicated in the below figure. A volcano expert, Professor Hayakawa (Gunma University) made the figure. You can obtain the figure in the URL ( ).

Q3. Why did he assume a very low latency period for thyroid cancer? His paper assumes a latency period of 4 years, but the literature shows a latency period of between four and thirty years. A longer latency period means a much bigger screening effect. (And evidence from Korea indicates it can be a very large effect).

A3. First, we should share findings on excess thyroid cancer cases around Chernobyl between 1987 and 1989. In both Belarus and Ukraine, statistically significant excesses of thyroid cancer cases were observed as indicated in references 28 and 29 in our paper. 28. Malko MV. 19. Chernobyl radiation-induced thyroid cancers in Belarus. In: Imanaka T, ed. Recent Research Activities about the Chernobyl NPP Accident in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia; 2002, pp. 240–55. Available at: . Accessed March 29, 2015. 29. Ministry of Ukraine of Emergencies and Affairs of population protection from the consequences of Chornobyl Catastrophe and All Ukrainian Research Institute of Population and Territories Civil Defense from Technogenic and Natural Emergencies. 5. Medical aspects. 20 years after Chernobyl catastrophe future outlook -National report of Ukraine-. K.: Atika, Kyiv; 2006, pp. 68–88. Available at: . Accessed March 29, 2015. You wrote, “The literature shows a latency period of between four and thirty years”. But, minimum latency of childhood thyroid cancer is shorter than four years as indicated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and as observed in Chernobyl between 1987 and 1989 (ref. 28 and 29).

Second, we assigned 4 years as latent duration (latency: mean years duration), but actual mean latency since the accident among subjects was about 2 years. On the other hand, possible latency among them may be about 20 years. When assigning 1 year to several ten years as a sensitivity analysis, anyone can notice that significant excess of thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima Prefecture except the northeastern district does not change. Third, what report do you want to indicate as “Evidence from Korea”? Is it the article by Ahn et al. in New England Journal of Medicine in 2014? If so, the finding is among adults who received cancer screenings, not for childhood or adolescents. Furthermore, as the article wrote, “Despite guidelines recommending against evaluation and surgery for tumors less than 0.5 cm in diameter, one quarter of surgical patients now have tumors that fall into this category”, its diagnostic criteria of thyroid screening was quite different from that of the Fukushima screening program. Ahn HS, Kim HJ and Welch HG: Korea’s thyroid-cancer “Epidemic” – Screening and overdiagnosis. N Engl J Med 2014; 371: 1765-1767.

Q4. Why did he ignore the evidence from analyses of tumours that show no signs of the markers of radiogenic thyroid cancer, and most show the markers of regular adult thyroid cancer?

A4. What kinds of markers did you indicate? Even if such marker may be useful to detect “radiogenic thyroid cancer”, when the high relative risks indicated in our paper were observed, I think that the result and the conclusion would not so change.

Q5. Why does he think Gerry Thomas, the head of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank, described his study as “not a good study to base opinions on”?

A5. I do not know Dr Gerry Thomas. May be, he is not an epidemiologist because he is a head of the Tissue Bank. If he is not an epidemiologist, he cannot validly evaluate an epidemiological study written by us.

[EDITORS NOTE; Prof. G Thomas did not contact  Prof Toshihide Tsude

but made her claim that she cast doubt on the study? [Sam McGill said on JT comments (link below)  “…In any case, Gerry Thomas – who doesn’t work for the SMC – isn’t a nuclear engineer anyway. She focuses on health and radiation. So you’ve got that criticism wrong too. And it’s not just Gerry Thomas who’s cast doubt on Tsuda’s study…..]]

Q6. How far does he see his work as contradicting current mainstream scientific opinion on the relationship between dose and response in radiogenic thyroid cancer?

A6. We do not think that our results contradict current mainstream scientific opinion on the relationship between dose and response in radiogenic thyroid cancer. Why do you think so? The result indicates the radiation burden to thyroid organ of children and adolescents in Fukushima after March 2011.

Original Sources and correspondents below;

Continue reading

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Corporations and climate change

Hear-This-way Radio National, Ockhams Razor 22 Nov 15   In the lead-up to the Paris Climate Talks, Christopher Wright, examines how environmental destruction became a business opportunity.  He explores the complex relationship between the corporate world and climate change, and the central role of corporations in shaping political and social responses to the climate crisis………

Christopher Wright:Global businesses, many of them now larger and more powerful than nation states, exhibit enormous sway on humanity’s response to the climate crisis. Indeed, in the lead-up to the Paris climate talks later this month there is growing media focus on so-called business “leadership” on climate change. For instance, just last month Royal Dutch Shell, General Electric, BHP Billiton and management consultancy McKinsey & Co. announced the establishment of a committee to advise governments on how to combat global warming while strengthening economic growth. This follows other announcements such as Unilever’s chief executive officer, Paul Polman, emphasising the need for private sector mobilization to close the shortfall in emission commitments made by governments, as well as Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson who has argued that “our only hope to stop climate change is for industry to make money from it.”

These proclamations need to be viewed in the broader context of business opposition to the fundamental economic change necessary to avoid dangerous climate change. A good example of the duality of this corporate engagement has been the recent revelation that oil-giant Exxon, for decades a leading opponent of carbon regulation and funder of climate change denial, has since the mid-1980s been well aware of the disastrous implications of fossil fuel use for the Earth’s climate. This self-serving logic parallels other well-known examples of business obfuscation such as BP’s infamous ‘Beyond Petroleum’ greenwashing in the early 2000s, and more recently Peabody Energy’s marketing of coal as a response to “energy poverty” in the developing world.

How then to make sense of the mixed messages from corporations on climate change?

Book Climate Capitalism Corporations

In our new book, Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction, Daniel Nyberg and I explore the role of corporations and corporate capitalism within the climate crisis. We argue that while many global businesses promote a message of “action” and “leadership”, this ignores the deeper problem 0f how corporate capitalism is locked into a cycle of promoting ever more creative ways of exploiting nature and destroying a habitable climate……..

In our book we argue that global capitalism is now locked into a process of what we term “creative self-destruction”…….

sparkling image of corporate environmentalism and business sustainability falsely promises no conflicts and no trade-offs. Here, it is seen as possible to address climate change while continuing the current global expansion of consumption. In contrast to the blinding evidence of ever-escalating greenhouse gas emissions, this comforting political myth promises no contradiction between material affluence and environmental well-being. We can have it all and, according to the myth of corporate environmentalism, avoid climate catastrophe!……..

Ultimately the “success” or otherwise of the Paris climate talks are unlikely to threaten the fundamental dynamics underlying the climate crisis. Dramatic decarbonisation based around mandatory limits upon consumption, economic growth, and corporate influence are not on the agenda nor open for discussion. Rather, global elites have framed the response to climate change around an accentuation of the very causes of the crisis.

In essence, the prevailing corporate view is that capitalism should be seen not as a cause of climate change but as an answer to it. Thus a problem brought about by overconsumption, the logic goes, should be addressed through more consumption………

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Scott Porter – The BP oil disaster – Current studies and observations of the animal and coral species in the Gulf


WPP LLC “managed” the Fukushima disaster for the Japanese nuclear cartel in 2011 and helped BP with the Gulf Oil disaster in 2010, So what were they trying to hide? How did they accomplish such a huge cover up? Also, see the Maureen Dauphinee interview link at the bottom of the article for more information PR and security operations and tactics against local communities in the Gulf region!

Originally posted on European News Weekly podcast links page;:

“…Its now turned into the dustbowl of the 1930`s …. Its literaly dead .. contaminated by marine snow…”

Scott said when referring to what he was seeing while diving in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years.

“..about 80 – 90% of the corals I would normally have harvested were gone and dead due to contaminated marine snow….”


In light of the recent finds by Samantha Joye (U of Georgia, Athens), we wanted to establish that the corexit did NOT break up the oil but only sunk it and killed the microbial community that would normally clean the oil from the water.

So, we introduce Scott Porter who was told to dive by the NOAA (2 weeks past a notice sent by the EPA telling NOAA to keep its divers out of the water) to dive in contaminated water. There is good evidence that scott was badly advised (Following FOI…

View original 1,437 more words

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Nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANSAFETY ISSUES. Despite airplane bombing , and Egypt’s lax security, Russia to provide nuclear reactors to Egypt!  Indonesia will block its waters to nuclear waste ship travelling to Australia.  Japan ramps up its evacuation rules for nuclear ship accidents.

NUCLEAR LOBBY CLIMATE SPIN “The Third Way” – front group for new nuclear spinning hard for Paris Climate Conference. “NuclearMatters” lobby group revs up its spin ahead of Paris climate conference. Nuclear lobby predominates at Wisconsin public hearing.

US NRC Proposes 100% Cancer Rate; Ignores Taxpayer Funded BEIR Report; Ignores ICRP; Ignores New Study of US, UK and French Nuclear Workers.   17 year delay before USA govt even starts cleanup of Hanford radioactive waste.

EUROPE/UK Legal challenge to UK’s Hinkley nuclear plan is joined by Luxembourg.  European regulators start legal action against Hungary’s Paks nuclear power project.

Europe’s nuclear companies face multi $billion burden in disposing of dead nuclear reactors.

UK’s Hunterston nuclear reactor has cracks in bricks at core.

AFRICA. Report from Nuclearisation of Africa Symposium highlights harmful effects of uranium mining.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Investment Bank Lazar  finds wind and solar beat coal and nuclear on costs.

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