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April 20 Energy News — geoharvey

Opinion:  ¶ “How Cars Can Help Us Undermine Putin’s Power” • But there is something that we can all do to weaken Putin’s very ability to wage war: Cut the quarter of a billion dollars that we send him daily for oil (at least twice the amount we send for gas even at current prices). […]

April 20 Energy News — geoharvey

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Why are nature-based solutions on climate being overlooked?

Why are nature-based solutions on climate being overlooked?

Nature-based initiatives have proven effective in making communities more resilient to climate change. But international funding has shortchanged such solutions in favor of more costly and less efficient engineering projects.

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Grannies For The Future glue themselves to table in protest during nuclear power debate

 Grannies glue themselves to table in protest during nuclear power debate.
The pair, ‘Grannies for the future’, took action as a speech was given in
praise of nuclear energy. Campaigning grandmothers glued themselves to a
table in a protest over climate change. The two women carried out the
demonstration during a Dorset Council meeting.

Councillors booed and
heckled the pair as they read out a statement criticising the authority for
its lack of action over the environmental issue. One later claimed she had
her statement ripped from her hand and the other alleged she had been
“rough handled”. Filming of the the meeting was stopped as the two, who
call themselves “Grannies for the Future”, entered the council chamber.

It meant the protest was not broadcast with the public not told what was
happening during the meeting on Thursday. The two, who had the word glue
written on their hands, acted as Weymouth councillor Louie O’Leary was
speaking in praise of nuclear power. It came as a motion by Conservative
leader Cllr Spencer Flower was about to be debated – a move which
protestors feared could have led to a more lenient approach to fossil fuel
and nuclear planning applications in the county.

 Stoke on Trent Live 19th April 2022

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Bechtel and Westinghouse will be big on talk but short on delivery for UK’s nuclear projects – Nuclear Free Local Authorities

 The Conservative Welsh Secretary Simon Hart MP has recently visited the
Vogtle nuclear project in Georgia, USA, but the Nuclear Free Local
Authorities believe that Bechtel and Westinghouse will be big on talk but
short on delivery if they are selected as Britain’s commercial partners
to build a new power plant at Wylfa.

If there are two certainties with anynuclear power project, they are that it will be delivered way beyond budgetand that it will be delivered very late. At present, the sole new nuclear
project under construction at Hinkley Point C in Somerset is costing £23
billion and is ten years behind schedule; and operator, French-state owned
EDF Energy, has announced that it will again be revising the final budget
upwards and the end-date backwards, over the summer.

The Vogtle project,
being built by engineering firm Bechtel with two AP-1000 Westinghouse
light-water reactors, has so far cost US $30 billion, ironically around the
same price tag as Hinkley Point C, with this monstrous boondoggle being
bankrolled from the deep pockets of its eventual operator Georgia Power and
backed by US $12 billion in loans from the US Department of Energy. The
other AP-1000 project at VC Summer in South Carolina was abruptly
terminated in July 2017 after limping along for nine years and at a cost of
US $9 billion. This decision contributed to Westinghouse declaring Chapter
11 bankruptcy and subsequently several former Westinghouse officials,
including a Senior Vice-President, have been charged with a range of
serious offences relating to the company’s fraudulent actions.

 NFLA 19th April 2022

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