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Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm for UK nuclear power should raise huge red flags for Scotland

Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm for UK nuclear power should raise huge red flags for Scotland, 
 BY DOUGLAS CHAPMAN, 27th March  ONLY last week we had the UK Government Energy Minister Greg Hands use the suffering of the Ukrainian people to encourage the Scottish Government to reconsider their opposition to nuclear power as a way of bolstering our UK energy security.

Hands must have missed the memo entitled “Scotland Has Options” detailing the far safer and cheaper alternatives than nuclear power that we have. We are not dependent on Russian gas because we are already self-sufficient in domestic gas. In fact, we supply the rest of the UK with gas from the North Sea. Then there’s the not so small matter of the pillaging of oil and the vast profits that we have lost as Scots thanks to Tory policy. And now, as we accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels, we also produce almost 100% of our own electricity from renewables…. (subscribers only)

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Dalai Lama, Other Nobel Winners Demand Explicit Vow Not to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

“It is either the end of nuclear weapons, or the end of us,” the peace prize winners say in an open letter.

JON QUEALLY, March 26, 2022   The Dalai Lama is

 among 16 Nobel Peace Prize laureates who jointly issued an open letter Saturday calling for the immediate end of the attack on Ukraine and an explicit vow from both Russia and NATO forces that nuclear weapons of any kind will not be used as part of this conflict or any other.

“We reject war and nuclear weapons,” the letter declares. “We call on all our fellow citizens of the world to join us in protecting our planet, home for all of us, from those who threaten to destroy it.” 

Backed by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which won the Nobel in 1985, and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), awarded the prize for similar advocacy in 2017, the letter was also signed by ten other individual winners—including Jody Williams, Kailash Satyarthi, and Óscar Arias Sánchez—as well as the International Peace Bureau, which won the award in 1910, the American Friends Service Committee (1947), and the Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1995)……………………………………   The full text of the letter and the list of lead signatories— can be endorsed by anyone on the Avaaz page – follows more

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Australian Radioactive Waste Agency – a couple of English nuclear waste officials conning the Australian public?

This should send shivers up any Australian’s spine! Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch Australia, Kazzi Jai 28 Mar 22

This has scary echoes of Maralinga…..

We have the newly appointed CEO of Australian Radioactive Waste Agency – Sam Usher – who comes from the UK after working at Dounreay and Sellafield, and is now appointed to the newly created role of the CEO of ARWA in Australia, but has returned back to the UK to come back mid year…..doing a Memorandum of Understanding….. with the CEO David Peattie of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Cumbria!

Sellafield is in Cumbria UK by the way…..

Despite the Memorandum of Understanding NOT being released to the Australian Public….we have an English man from Cumbria, doing a deal with an English man from Cumbria regarding AUSTRALIA’S INTERESTS!


NO, NO, NO! ….They say – The nuclear dump won’t take nuclear waste generated from overseas!

Really? Then what is the SUBSTITUTED NUCLEAR WASTE or what they now call RADIOACTIVELY EQUIVALENT NUCLEAR WASTE called which landed in Port Kembla a couple of weekends ago in a second TN-81 CASK!

Whatever name you want to call it – it IS Nuclear Waste generated from overseas – from nuclear power and nuclear weapons generation from overseas! It is not our nuclear waste – it is overseas generated waste!

As much as ARWA wants to appear “established” it isn’t. It still remains bluff and bravado – acting as if everything is going as it should…..but it isn’t, and may never get there.

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Warning on effect of Russian force’s attack on nuclear research facility

 Russian forces have been firing at a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv,
the Ukrainian parliament has said. The nation’s parliament said it is
currently not possible to determine the scale of the damage of the attack.
“It is currently impossible to estimate the extent of damage due to
hostilities that do not stop in the area of the nuclear installation,”
quoted the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate as saying.

Russian forces
last fired on a nuclear reactor facility in the city over two weeks ago,
hitting a building where there is equipment that officials warned could
release radiation if damaged. The research facility is a part of the
Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, which reportedly produces
radioactive materials for medical and industrial usage. The Security
Service of Ukraine (SBU) previously warned that potential destruction of
the facility would lead to a large-scale environmental disaster.

 Independent 27th March 2022

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Over 1000 tonnes of steel drums full of nuclear waste dumped at Drigg, Cumbria

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority trumpet their latest “success”
– the dumping of more than 1000 tonnes of steel drums filled with nuclear
wastes at the “Low Level Waste Repository in Drigg, Cumbria – from the
redundant Magnox site at Winfrith, Dorset. This is their triumphant
announcement…..“A major project to dispose of more than 1,000 stainless
steel drums of waste has successfully completed its initial rail transfer.
From: Nuclear Waste Services, Magnox Ltd, and Nuclear Decommissioning
Authority Published 25 March 2022.

 Radiation Free Lakeland 26th March 2022

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Campaigners lose legal challenge to stop Hinkley Point C mud being dumped in the Bristol Channel

Campaigners have lost a legal challenge to stop mud from alongside Hinkley
Point C being dumped in the Severn Estuary. The nuclear plant’s
developers, EDF, were using a licensed disposal site near Cardiff but this
led to extensive protests. The campaigners argued a marine licence for the
work was unlawfully amended, without proper scrutiny. But a High Court
judge has this week dismissed their case on all grounds.

EDF dubbed the decision “good news” for thousands of workers at the site. It was
granted permission for the latest mud dumping by England’s Marine
Management Organisation (MMO) in August. The switch from Cardiff to
Portishead, on the English side of the estuary, was challenged by activists
who argued the company should not have been able to vary an existing
licence it had for work at sea.

At a two-day hearing this month, judge Mr
Justice Holgate said he considered the claimant’s approach “to involve
an impermissible gloss” on the relevant legislation and that “there was
nothing unlawful in the MMO’s decision”. An EDF spokesman told “The decision is good news for people who care about
the environment and climate change.” “It will enable thousands of
workers to get ahead building a project that will protect the environment
from climate change and provide Britain with reliable low carbon
electricity for decades to come.”

The previous dumping proved
controversial because of fears the mud could be contaminated with nuclear
waste from the Hinkley A and B reactors, which used to be on the site. But
those claims were dismissed by the company, Welsh and English environmental
authorities and the Welsh government as tests showed the sediment was
similar to that found elsewhere in the Bristol Channel. 26th March 2022

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Chinese analysts: U.S. hopes to bleed Russia, collapse it like USSR — Anti-bellum

Global TimesMarch 27, 2022 Biden makes US tensions with Russia ‘personal’; calling for ‘regime change’ in a nuclear power dangerous: expertBy Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi Edited The Biden administration’s real and desperate intention in the Ukraine crisis has been exposed – to turn Ukraine into a mire so that Russia keeps bleeding, and to […]

Chinese analysts: U.S. hopes to bleed Russia, collapse it like USSR — Anti-bellum

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Brutal, horrible, criminal, inhuman attack on a small country: Serbs commemorate victims of NATO’s war — Anti-bellum

Feature: Serbia marks anniversary of NATO aggression Xinhua News AgencyMarch 26, 2022    People attend the ceremony of the Remembrance Day for the Victims of the NATO Aggression, in Kraljevo, Serbia, March 24, 2022. Thousands of Serbian people with lit candles and tear-stained eyes marked the 23rd anniversary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia at a […]

Brutal, horrible, criminal, inhuman attack on a small country: Serbs commemorate victims of NATO’s war — Anti-bellum

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NATO grooming yet another new member: Ireland — Anti-bellum

PoliticoMarch 27, 2022 Poll: More Irish want to join NATO in wake of Ukraine invasion ==== Also see: Europe without neutrals: NATO lures Ireland into global military network Europe under the NATO aegis: Alliance official visits Irish partners Interoperability in the cyber domain: NATO completes exercise with “defenders from all NATO Allies, as well as […]

NATO grooming yet another new member: Ireland — Anti-bellum

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