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Waste Isolation Pilot Plant adds space for nuclear waste disposal near Carlsbad

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant adds space for nuclear waste disposal near Carlsbad
Adrian Hedden, Carlsbad Current-Argus, 12 Oct 21
, An eighth panel to store nuclear waste at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s underground repository near Carlsbad was completed with waste expected to go in next year .

At WIPP, low-level transuranic (TRU) nuclear waste made up of clothing materials and equipment irradiated during nuclear activities, is stored in an underground salt deposit about 2,000 feet underground.The facility stores the waste in panels, with each panel containing seven rooms where workers emplace drums of it and allow the salt to gradually collapse in for permanent disposal.WIPP has emplaced waste in seven panels so far but lost some capacity due to contamination from an accidental radiological release in 2014 that also disrupted mining and emplacement activities during a three-year shutdown of the WIPP’s core operations.

But seven years since mining Panel 8 began, WIPP officials reported the work was complete in Tuesday announcement.Panel 7 was expected to be full by April 2022, per the announcement, and Panel 8 will be ready to accept waste immediately………………

The utility shaft project was paused last year when the New Mexico Environment Department denied extending a temporary authorization for construction ahead of a modification to WIPP’s permit to allow its use, citing concerns with COVID-19 infections at the site.The permit modification is under review by NMED.Also under review by NMED was a proposal by WIPP to construct two additional panels needed to restore the facility’s capacity from losses associated with the 2014 incident……….

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UK Climate denialist group rebrands itself as ”Net Zero Watch (NZW)”

THE Scottish Greens have called on Boris Johnson to remove “dangerous
Trumpian extremism” from his party if he is to have any credibility with
world leaders ahead of COP26.

It comes as a climate change denial group
recently changed its name and main focus – while counting a long-serving
Tory MP amongst its biggest backers. There are indications that more are
likely to join. The new Net Zero Watch (NZW) website was unveiled yesterday
(October 11) with the stated aim of talking about the “serious implications
of expensive and poorly considered climate change policies”.

The group isa rebranding of the campaigning arm of the climate change sceptical lobby
group Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) with the Global Warming
Policy Forum disappearing from the internet on Monday with the URL
redirecting to the NZW website. NZW has chosen to align itself with public
anxiety over the costs of net-zero emissions goals to the taxpayer at a
time when the UK is experiencing fuel shortages. One of the group’s main
proponents is former Brexit minister and Conservative MP Steve Baker
(below) who has been taking aim at UK Government experts for their plans to
move towards renewables as the main source of energy.

 The National 12th Oct 2021

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Lincolnshire nuclear waste burial can go ahead only if the local community suports it

Plans to dispose of nuclear waste from across the UK in Lincolnshire can
only go ahead with the support of a “willing community”, officials have
said. Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), a government agency, has
identified a potential site at a former gas terminal in Theddlethorpe, near
Mablethorpe. However, opponents said the move would impact tourism and
lower house prices in the area. A working group has now been formed to
examine the proposals.

 BBC 12th Oct 2021

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They don’t even know if the geology of Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire is suitable for nuclear waste burial

The mining engineer in charge of the multi-billion pound scheme to bury
nuclear waste deep under the sea bed off the Lincolnshire coast has
admitted it is not known if the site is even suitable.

Government agency Radioactive Waste Management wants to build a plant at the old gas terminal
at Theddlethorpe to receive “high-level” material for storage at a
“geological disposal facility” (GDF) in clay rock 500 metres below the
North Sea. A GDF contains solid radioactive waste encapsulated in concrete
or glass and packaged in a concrete or metal container which is stored in
underground tunnels and vaults.

If Theddlethorpe went ahead, vaults would
be constructed and rubbish dumped over the plant’s 100-year operational
life before the site is finally sealed off. Local talks and the process of
identifying a search area for the facility can now begin following the
launch of a working group on Tuesday, October 12, after the county council
agreed to join the group. But the site would probably not receive its first
trainloads of waste until the 2040s at the earliest, even if the numerous
planning hurdles were successfully cleared and the public gives its
consent. Head of siting Steve Reece said that RWM is not entirely certain
at this stage if Lincolnshire even has the right geology.

 Lincolnshire Live 12th Oct 2021

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October 13 Energy News — geoharvey

Opinion:  ¶ “Should Australia Build Nuclear Power Plants To Combat The Climate Crisis?” • While Australia holds 31% of the world’s supply of uranium, it has always been cheaper to rely on less expensive sources of power, fueled by coal and gas. That situation has not improved for nuclear power. Also, many Australians simply will […]

October 13 Energy News — geoharvey

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