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 Wales should be “sceptical” about nuclear power – Welsh Labour leadership candidate

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How workers inadvertently contributed to Westinghouse nuclear factory’s radiation leak

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Dumping of Hinkley nuclear station mud closed – for now

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A nuclear bomb explosion in space – what if?

What if the most powerful nuclear bomb exploded in space, Business Insider GENE KIM, SHIRA POLAN

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Are there any real solutions to escalated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

Do We Really Have the Time and the Tools to Fix Climate Change?  BY Rachel Smolker, Truthout, October 11, 2018 

As part of the Paris agreement, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was asked “to provide a special report in 2018 on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 [degrees Celsius] above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways.” That report was released on October 8.

The report’s “Headline Statements” are divided into four main sections: 1.) “Understanding Global Warming of 1.5 [Degrees Celsius]”; 2.) “Projected Climate Change, Potential Impacts and Associated Risks”; 3.) “Emission Pathways and System Transitions Consistent with 1.5 [Degrees Celsius] Global Warming”; and 4.) “Strengthening the Global Response in the Context of Sustainable Development and Efforts to Eradicate Poverty.”

What the Report Says and Does Not Say

In the first chapter, the IPCC points out that human activities have already caused about 1 degree Celsius (1°C) of warming, and that we will reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 at the current pace. They state that what has already been emitted into the atmosphere will result in ongoing warming, sea-level rise and other effects for “centuries to millennia” (even in the absence of ongoing and future emissions), but that the emissions to date on their own will not raise temperatures to 1.5°C. So, the good news then is that reaching and sustaining net zero emissions, even at this late stage in the game, would “halt warming on a multi-decadal time scale.” The IPCC also concludes that impacts generally would be less at a 1.5°C stabilization than a 2°C stabilization.

These numbers are convenient for discussion, but realistically, the atmosphere is not like the thermostat in our living room, where we can simply dial and set in order to heat the house to some desired level. We are not in control for the most part. It is also worth keeping in mind that the IPCC has consistently underestimated the pace and magnitude of global warming. It is probably safe to say that this is still the case. Feedbacks and “tipping points” are not some distant thing to avoid, they are already happening, and their trajectory is impossible to predict. They include things like soil respirationmelting permafrost, warming and acidification of the oceans and loss of ice. The IPCC has shifted its assessments of the warming potential of methane to consistently use the 20-year timeframe comparison with CO2 [carbon dioxide], and revised upward the quantity of methane released by livestock, just as one example. There are most likely some major sources of emissions we are not even aware of. Further, there are some major sources of emissions we are aware of, but have been granted exclusion from consideration, such as the vast quantity of emissions from military activities. ……….

Can We Overshoot the Target and Clean Excess Carbon Out of the Atmosphere?  The IPCC uses “integrated assessment models” for their analyses. Those models plug in a suite of assumptions about changes in energy production and use, land use change and other factors, and then use those to provide trajectories (pathways) to a goal — in this report, either 1.5°C or 2°C of warming. Those trajectories are not always straight lines from here to there. Many — in fact, most of them — involve exceeding thresholds for greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere in the near term, with the intention of somehow later removing the excess. This is called “overshoot.” It is an extremely risky proposition. Earlier drafts of the report did not even evaluate models that did not include overshoot to some degree. Fortunately, the final draft does evaluate pathways without or with limited overshoot.

Enabling overshoot is especially problematic because there is currently no technology available for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere…………

Ultimately, it is increasingly clear that the real solutions to climate change are not global-scale techno-fixes, but rather the locally adapted and locally controlled solutions that people have been pushing for decades, including preventing buildout of fossil fuel infrastructure, protection of lands, respect for rights of humans and nature. The ruthless pursuit of corporate wealth and power and economic growth at all costs stifles those local, grassroots solutions from reaching fruition. ……….

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ExxonMobil CEO Depressed After Realizing Earth Could End Before They Finish Extracting All The Oil

10 Oct 18   IRVING, TX—In the wake of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that projected the planet had only a decade to prevent catastrophic global warming, ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods was reportedly feeling depressed Wednesday after realizing the Earth could end before they finished extracting all the oil.
“When I read about the report, it just hit me like a ton of bricks—we could all die and leave billions of barrels of petroleum trapped in the ground forever,” said Woods, wiping away a tear as he added that the entire oil industry was heartbroken by the thought that they might not have the decades they needed to extract all the oil from the planet as they had originally thought. “We’ve already laid out plans for gas production by future generations of ExxonMobil employees, so it’s just very traumatic for me to consider the idea that they might never get the chance to enjoy the same profits we do now. Just think, one day soon, we’ll all be gone and that oil will still be there in the Earth, never to be removed. It’s a travesty.” At press time, Woods announced ExxonMobil’s plans to quadruple its oil production in an effort to extract it all from the Earth while there was still time.

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USA restricts nuclear technology exports to China

US curbs China nuclear exports as Trump warns that Americans are not ‘stupid’

US ‘cannot ignore national security implications’ of supplying China with nuclear technology any longer, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said, SCMP, 12 October, 2018, The United States said Thursday that it will increasingly restrict civilian nuclear exports to China as President Donald Trump vowed a hard line on trade, bluntly warning not to think Americans are “stupid”……..

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said that there were “national security implications” to continuing the trade, but an insider said that the government is concerned by Beijing’s strategy “to acquire nuclear technology to gain economic advantage”………

The Energy Department said it would not end exports to China but would show greater scrutiny and that there “will be a presumption of denial” for new licences related to the state-owned China General Nuclear Power Corp.

The company was indicted last year along with a naturalised US citizen on charges of conspiring to develop sensitive nuclear material with US know-how without going through the required approval process……
The United States last year shipped US$170 million in nuclear exports to China, according to official figures. A 2017 Commerce Department report ranked China as the second largest market for US nuclear exporters, second only to Britain……….

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France to defend lawsuit over its Pacific nuclear tests- “accepted its nuclear legacy with serenity” (whatever that means!)

France to defend itself against nuclear tests complaint,  France says it will defend itself against allegations of crimes against humanity for its nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific. The overseas minister, Annick Girardin, made the comment in the senate two days after French Polynesian opposition politician Oscar Temaru told a UN meeting in New York that a complaint had been lodged in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Ms Girardin said France would defend itself and restate the facts, adding that it accepted its nuclear legacy with serenity……..

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Community unsure about merger of companies, after failure of V.C. Summer nuclear project

Opinions mixed during hearing about failed nuclear power project, Aiken Standard, By Dede Biles, Oct 11, 2018    Not many people had something they wanted to say about an abandoned nuclear construction project in Fairfield County during the S.C. Public Service Commission’s hearing Monday.

More than 80 people showed up at the Aiken County Government Center, but only 12 testified before the panel, which is considering whether to approve a pending merger between Virginia-based Dominion Energy and SCANA, which is the parent company of SCE&G.

The commission also is trying to decide how much, if anything, SCE&G customers can be charged in the future to help pay for the failed venture’s billions of dollars in cost.

SCE&G and state-owned Santee Cooper were building a new generation of nuclear reactors at the V.C. Summer facility.

Monday’s hearing lasted less than an hour, and the opinions expressed were mixed about the merger.

“I’m kind of against the merger,” said Eric Savage of Aiken. “We hear all the things that Dominion says about how they are going to provide (an average refund of) $1,000 to customers and better things for our community, but what about the money that people have already lost (because of rate increases)? We want to know who is standing behind the South Carolina residents who have already paid out so much? Some of them are on fixed incomes.”……..

Chris Hall of Aiken described the situation with the abandoned nuclear project as “a fiscal nightmare.” He also complained that “rate payers have been asked to bear the burden (through rate hikes)” while SCE&G’s “senior-level executives have gone on with their highly-compensated bonuses and salaries.”……..

The Public Service Commission also held a hearing about the abandoned nuclear power project Monday in Columbia and another is scheduled for North Charleston on Oct. 15

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Candidates for Fukushima governor: Kazushi Machida calls for abolition of nuclear reactors

Campaign begins for Fukushima governor race with reconstruction in focus, Oct. 12

Official campaigning started Thursday for the gubernatorial election in Fukushima Prefecture, with the incumbent governor’s policies on reconstruction work following the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster seen as a main issue.

In the governor election which will be held on Oct 28, incumbent Masao Uchibori, 54, is challenged by three candidates — Jun Kanayama, a 78-year-old self-employed worker, Sho Takahashi, a 30-year-old IT company owner, and Kazushi Machida, a 42-year-old prefectural chairman of the Japanese Communist Party.

Although all of the four candidates are running as independents, Uchibori, currently in his first term, gets support from the ruling and opposition parties except for the communist party.

The eastern Japan prefecture is still on the road to recovery from the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi power plant, which was crippled by the earthquake-tsunami on March 11, 2011.

“Taking the important missions of the prefecture’s reconstruction and revitalization into consideration, I’ll challenge,” said Uchibori in Fukushima city after filing his candidacy.

Kanayama said he seeks a prefectural administration which “children can be proud of,” while Takahashi appealed for assistance for start-up businesses. Machida called for the complete abolition of all nuclear power plants in Japan.

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Anniversary of UK’s Windscale nuclear accident

Radiation Free Lakeland 10th Oct 2018 Today folk from Radiation Free Lakeland and Close Capenhurst remembered the 61st anniversary of the Windscale Fire. During 10–11th October, 1957 A
serious fire developed in the core of a nuclear reactor at Windscale Works,
Sellafield, northwest England, which led to the release of significant
quantities of radioactive material into the environment over a wide area
including but not exclusively Cumbria. This release of radioactive
materials including polonium, led to an increase in radiation linked
diseases and conditions from cancers to Downs Syndrome.

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France’s nuclear regulator delays ruling on extending reactors’ life

Reuters 10th Oct 2018 France’s ASN nuclear regulator will issue by the end of 2020 its
long-awaited and much-delayed generic ruling on the life span extension of
utility EDF’s nuclear plants, said the French government’s nominee to
head the ASN. “Based on the information at my disposal, the generic
ruling should be issued at the end of 2020,” Bernard Doroszczuk said at a
French senate committee hearing about his nomination. The ruling, which is
crucial for EDF, has been repeatedly delayed, most recently by outgoing ASN
chief Pierre-Franck Chevet.

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