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Hungarian nuclear plant spent 7.2 million euros on advertising itself in two years.

Atlatszo 5th July 2018

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Britain should clean up its fleet of decaying cold war nuclear-powered submarines

 New Statesman 4th July 2018 ,Since the 1960s, the Navy has put 30 nuclear-powered submarines into
action, and 20 of these have since been retired, yet none of these 20 have
been dismantled.

HMS Dreadnought, Britain’s first ever nuclear submarine,
has been de-fuelled but is still waiting for scrapping – despite being
taken out of service in 1980. It is one of the 11 submarines retired beforethe turn of the century that are still inexplicably moored in British
ports. Given

Theresa May’s recently announced £600m boost to submarine
funding, one can’t help looking at the 20 decaying subs and wondering if
potential savings are being missed. Between 2010-16 alone, £16m was spent
on upkeep costs for subs that will never sail again. In a time when
efficiency is the watchword for the MOD, perhaps we should begin by dealing
with our fleet of Cold War relics.

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£19.6bn Hinkley Point project’s main purpose is to subsidise Trident nuclear submarines.

 Guardian 5th July 2018 , Alicia Hull: If tidal energy cannot be allowed without the
possibility and costs of storage being certain, how is it that nuclear has
been allowed when the costs and feasibility of storing the used fuel for
countless lifetimes is equally unknown and likely to be much higher?

He describes tidal energy as intermittent, when it is regular and very
suitable as a base power source. In contrast, he describes nuclear power as
consistent when this is far from the truth.

Quite apart from their hopeless record on delivery dates, rising costs and concern that they will work,
they’re also offline from time to time. The station at Sizewell is offline
for maintenance for five to six weeks every 18 months. By November last
year there had been 16 planned outages.

But there had also been unplanned
outages when dangerous faults have been identified. The most likely, it
seems the only, motivation for using nuclear power is its link to Trident.

Electricity customers will be subsiding its cost. Prof Andy Stirling and Dr
Phil Johnstone from the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University
write that the £19.6bn Hinkley Point project will “maintain a largescale
national base of nuclear-specific skills” without which there is concern
“that the costs of UK nuclear submarine capabilities could be

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Smart householders don’t just switch energy providers, they go solar

Guardian 5th July 2018 , Emeritus Professor Sue Roaf: You should talk to people in the solar
industry about the future for domestic solar power rather than just relying
on “predictions”. As a non-executive director of AES Solar Ltd in Forres,
Scotland, I can tell you that our order books are healthy, despite the
government’s solarcoaster tariffs.

We are seeing real, steady growth
because, for instance, where better to spend a small part of a pension pot
than to put in a solar water heater, PV electrics and a battery system,
thus decoupling the household budget from soaring energy prices from the

Smart householders don’t just switch energy providers, they go solar,
not least those looking for a financially safer old age. That is the sort
of compelling reason why solar has a brilliant future in the UK, not a dark

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Nevada wants official removed from Yucca Mountain process. 

  Geoff Dornan Nevada Appeal, 6 July 18

Nevada’s office of Nuclear Projects has called on David Wright to recuse himself from any further proceedings involving the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump.

Wright is a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. But Bob Halstead, executive director of the Governor’s Agency for Nuclear Projects, says he’s biased.

“Your participation in the Yucca Mountain licensing process would violate Nevada’s due process right to a neutral and unbiased decision-maker,” Halstead wrote in his formal request for Wright’s removal.

He cited Wright’s participation as an adviser to South Carolina as a member of that state’s Public Service Commission and support for the move by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to force the Department of Energy to continue with the licensing process, which DoE shut down after the budget for licensing was cut by the Obama administration.

Halstead pointed to Wright’s “frequent and long-standing expressions of opinion that a repository at Yucca Mountain is necessary and will be safe, your criticism of Nevada for daring to oppose the Yucca Mountain repository and your formation of and active participation in at least one organization whose sole focus was the advancement and completion of the Yucca Mountain repository.” …….

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Connecticut nuclear station wants tax-payer subsidy

Nuclear plant pushes for state assistance, Ledger Enquirer The Associated Press  July 06, 2018 

Owners of a Connecticut nuclear plant say the facility faces closure unless the state reverses course and fully considers the plant’s benefits to the environment and regional grid in an upcoming electricity auction.

The Day reports that Dominion Energy is urging state regulators to give the Millstone Power Station an “at risk” of closing distinction in an electricity auction. Dominion Energy claims rising expenses and competition from natural gas have weakened the plant.

“At risk” facilities have an advantage because they’re evaluated on their price as well as environmental benefits and grid reliability.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says facilities won’t be considered for their risk status until 2023.

NRG spokesman David Gaier says Dominion’s “threat” is empty and that there’s no evidence Millstone needs state assistance.

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