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June 6 Energy News



¶ “How Climate Change Will Disrupt Markets” • Renewable energy and climate change are often discussed in ideological terms, but there are worthwhile opportunities in companies that provide climate change mitigation and adaptation, including renewable power, batteries, energy efficiency, pollution control, and water treatment. [U.S. News & World Report]

Fossil-fuels facing disruption (Getty Images)


¶ The UK is to become home to Europe’s largest battery flywheel system. It will provide fast acting frequency response services and aid the integration of renewables. The €4 million ($4.51 million) project will be connected to the Irish and UK grids to help respond to energy demand to stabilize the electric grid. [Energy Storage News]

¶ Swedish developer Waves4Power has delivered power for the Norwegian grid from its 250-kW WaveEL device redeployed off Runde island. The company said the full-scale demonstration installation is the first step towards commercial serial…

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